Dont make these 10 mistakes when hiring your dev team

Don’t make these 10 mistakes when hiring your dev team

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10 Mistakes You Should Never Make When Hiring Dedicated Developers

When it comes to hiring dedicated developers, there are ten mistakes you should never make. 

Hiring a specialized development team from an offshore location is becoming more common, and businesses are reaping the benefits by saving time and money. Rarely do entrepreneurs establish a business and grow it from the ground up on their own. Before you employ dedicated developers in India, you should think about things like the company’s ratings, feedback from prior testimonials, and examining their customer evaluations. 

An offshore development team can relieve you of bound obligations and hassles, as well as provide you with competent individuals from all over the world and a quick return on investment. As a result of these circumstances, many entrepreneurs are considering employing an offshore development firm to help them build their business quickly. When you work with an offshore dedicated development team, your goal is to accomplish your company’s goals by managing a group of skilled people with a variety of expertise. 

What to Consider When Hiring a Dedicated Development Team 

You may be unsure which duties and responsibilities necessitate the use of an offshore workforce. We’ve put up a list of potential recruits, along with their responsibilities. The following slots are required: – 

Web designers who work on the front end 

The front end of your product is the part where your customers and users interact with the final product. Front-end developers’ work and ingenuity are reflected in the graphical user interface of your website. Frontend developers use HTML, Javascript, and CSS to make your website/web app, or mobile app the initial point of brand representation. 

Back-end programmers 

The back-end is where your business application’s development logic resides. Back-end developers are responsible for the server, application, and database. Backend developers are required to provide a secure and resilient application. 

Developers of mobile applications 

Mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms should be available for every business application. For building mobile apps, you need to engage mobile developers from an offshore specialized development firm that are proficient in a variety of programming languages such as Swift and Kotlin. 

Designers of user interfaces and user experiences (UI/UX) 

The UI and UX design of your app includes the look and feel of your app, how it interacts and reacts, as well as the beautiful typeface and faces on your app displays. Screen designs are created by the creative designers and passed on to the development team. 

Quality assurance experts 

After running multiple human and automated tests, the quality assurance team ensures that your final product is bug-free. When your users visit your app, there should be no glitches. To ensure that your software gets accepted, use QA experts. 

Engineers who work in DevOps 

DevOps engineers choose the best tools and techniques for the job, as well as direct the flow of code from development to production. These are the fundamental jobs that your company will need when employing an offshore development crew. 

Hire Dedicated Development Team to Avoid These Top 10 Mistakes 

You should trust it when someone tells you that managing remote staff, such as your dedicated engineers, is difficult. When entrepreneurs miss the proper technique to hire a specialized development team, they fall victim to scam businesses, middlemen, and inexperienced developers. We’ve compiled a list of the most typical mistakes that startups and new entrepreneurs make when it comes to recruiting devoted team members. These lessons will assist you in making the best decision for your project’s progress. 

1. Choosing a firm without researching the media landscape 

Never hire an offshore dedicated developer without first doing a thorough examination and checking their qualifications. Examine their previous work, such as how many websites and online apps they’ve created and how accurate their delivery is. 

A company’s public review is more trustworthy than its claims on its website. You should examine customer reviews that reference the firm you’re interested in. Find out how many people have visited their official social media profiles and how long the firm has been in business. Another important factor to consider when selecting the finest development team is to use agile methodology. 

The reason for this is that an agile team works more efficiently, produces high-quality goods, and provides you with client pleasure. An Agile team will be adaptable to change, flexible, and inventive. When working with an Agile team, you may acquire your final product in two to four-week iterations by releasing often and sustainably. 

Prioritizing Cost Over Value Prioritizing Cost Over Value Prioritizing 

Several business owners just engage specialized development professionals who work for a cheaper fee. They will pay the price afterward. You will find a plethora of developers for the lowest prices possible, but you must be certain that you want to work with them. 

Do you want a generic website/web app that goes undetected by your users, or do you want to make a difference? 

Rather of constructing a useless application, you should choose a dependable, productive, and useful development team. Furthermore, all of the money you spend on recruiting will come back to you in the form of a return on investment (ROI). Though you will have set a budget for your project, keep in mind that low-cost development may end up costing you more in the long run. So, when hiring a specialized development team for your project, concentrate on the value rather than the price. 

2. Additional Geographical Limitations 

If you’re trying to employ a specialized development team offshore, don’t limit your search to the area around you. In any case, they want to work remotely, regardless of whether they live in a different part of the country than you. You should concentrate on selecting the perfect applicant who will work tirelessly to achieve your objectives and who is familiar with your project. So, no matter what it takes, stick to your goal of creating a terrific app and website. Don’t be limited by geography; instead, look for the best developers. 

3. A desire to work just for a set fee 

Today, there are numerous specialized developers in India that keep their pricing constant for difficult projects, whether they are little or large. It will not be justified, however, since no project can have definite development bounds. When the scope of your project is limited, a fixed fee may be appropriate, but it is not feasible for larger projects. At the end of the day, something always comes up. 

Until the end of time, little alterations, revisions, and changes are all too usual. When it comes to employing a professional development staff, most entrepreneurs choose the time and material approach. Because your project’s variables aren’t static and are always changing. As a result, don’t limit yourself to fixed-cost recruiting. 

4. The Team’s Skills Aren’t Validated 

Entrepreneurs make the mistake of just talking with their sales executives and managers, neglecting to engage with their development team. We recommend that you interact with your offshore development team so that you are aware of their working procedures and they are aware of your project specifications. Rather than only checking the portfolios of your committed team members, connect with them in order to perform effectively. Before handing over your full-fledged project, you may typically keep an eye on their abilities by managing a pilot project. 

5. A lack of necessary technology 

Make sure you recruit a specialized development team that includes individuals who aren’t only technical specialists but also have the unique technological abilities that your project requires. Otherwise, you may not be able to achieve your objectives. You’ll be able to communicate effectively with your outsourced staff about their expertise, talents, and work habits if you have the correct tools. 

6. Inability to offer a clear vision 

When you decide to engage a specialized development team, you are indicating that you want to achieve your company’s objectives. When you hold things and things to yourself, you are restricting your progress. You want to save time by employing brilliant engineers from all around the world so that you can concentrate on your objective. 

And how can your employees do the same if you keep your thoughts to yourself? As a result, if you want to build a profitable product in a shorter amount of time, make sure you’re communicating effectively with your hired staff. Find someone who can help you envision your ideas. Look for firms that provide product workshops and design sprints. In this manner, you can have a prototype ready in five days and test it. 

7. Managing the team via micromanagement 

When hiring a specialized development team, it’s important to remember not to go too weird with team management. You undoubtedly want your project to follow your specifications to the letter, but you must not overrule or over-expect your team. 

When you’re under gunshot pressure, you can’t perform magic or amazement. Micromanagement will cost you money, and it is preferable to avoid it than to compensate for a loss. You may instruct your team to keep track of their job progress on a daily basis and share it with their coworkers. This will increase their productivity while having no negative impact on their job. 

8. Speed is thrilling, but it can also be deadly. 

Do not be enticed by proposals from companies that claim to build a product in a short period of time. It’s a trap you don’t want to fall into. Even more suspicious if you exclusively talk over chats and never meet in person. 

While time is an important aspect of achieving success, you should not rush and make sensible decisions. See who can deliver your project in a reasonable amount of time, and then employ a dedicated development team that is both dependable and practical. 

9. Failure to conduct proper development team interviews 

Finally, don’t base your decision just on the offshore development company’s name and reputation. Just because a firm is renowned and trustworthy doesn’t imply it will meet your needs and comprehend your objectives. 

As a result, you should not be sloppy and do thorough interviews with all of the committed developers you recruit. Now that you’ve seen how you should avoid making the aforementioned blunders when hiring a dedicated development team, you may be wondering where you can find an offshore team. In India, you may hire a dedicated developer. 

How can you make the model of a devoted team work for you? 

We realize that you are both fascinated and concerned about the idea of having a dedicated staff working for you from afar. However, we will explain you in a nutshell how you may realize your ambition. Stand-ups on a regular basis The ideal strategy to keep your offshore team in sync is to have a 5-minute daily meeting when all team members report their work progress and discuss critical problems and points. When you’re ready, set up a conference call where everyone talks about their job and their goals for the day. 

This exercise will keep your whole team on the same page while also keeping you informed about what’s going on. Continue to provide input on the development process. 

Utilize the usage of tools 

The community offers a number of tools that you may use to improve team communication and management. The following are a some of the many popular tools for managing your dedicated development team: 

Create functioning procedures. 

It is your responsibility to guarantee that your team is informed of your project’s working practices. Learn to anticipate what questions your team members may have. 

There should be a strategy in place for your staff to follow, as well as solutions to common queries such as: 

• Who is in charge of what? 

• What is the best way to distribute project files? 

• Who will resolve any concerns that arise? 

You’ll be OK if you stick to this strategy, and your staff will be happy with your work processes as well. 

Please provide comments. 

The only way to effectively lead and manage an offshore development team is to provide frequent feedback. That is how you will achieve the results you want from your team. Do not allow your committed developers to continue working on a project while harboring a nagging worry or question. Allowing someone to feel afraid to ask a question is something you should avoid. Instead, provide them comments on their work on a regular basis. 

Professionalism should be respected. 

The conventional mindset of treating your crew like family is not a smart approach to running a business. Because your in-house staff is always in front of your eyes, you will naturally develop a warm spot for them. However, since the hired specialized development staff is located far away, you should not dismiss their suggestions. 

Maintain an even playing field and appreciate your team’s professionalism. Remember to thank them for all of their efforts and to honor them with honors and incentives as appropriate, just like you would your in-house staff.

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