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Hire a dedicated mobile app developers for Web and Mobile apps

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On our team at Prometteur Solutions, we have a competent, experienced, and seasoned group of software, web, and mobile app developers. As a consequence, hiring dedicated employees from us is the most cost-effective method to have an impact on your causes and businesses. 

Our specialized developers may be hired on an hourly, monthly, or annual basis. Through their talents and insights, our devoted developers have given end-to-end web and mobile app development solutions for start-ups to large-scale enterprises all over the globe. We provide highly competent IT workers, developers, experts, and specialists for hire to companies ranging from start-ups to major enterprises, assisting them in reaching their business goals. 

Benefits if patronising us

Hire web developer 

The security, scalability, and sophisticated features of cutting-edge web development specialists are well-known. 

Hire mobile developer 

Hire mobile app developers from our pool of dedicated professionals to design flagship apps for iOS, Android, and Cross-Platform for your start-ups, mid-sized businesses, and organizations. 

Technical Architects Consultation 

We act as your technical adviser, aiding you in formulating a strategy and discovering the most appropriate technological solutions to address your most urgent market concerns. 

Technology Experts Can Be Onboarded Quickly 

Hiring dedicated onsite developers provides flexibility as and when needed for different specialists and developing technologies, depending on your company’s demands. 

Expert Developers for High-Stakes Situations 

Our staff is always accessible to assist you if you have a major bug, capabilities issues, or need a full rethink of your application. 

For your niche projects, hire developers. 

When dealing with sophisticated technological projects or high-volume tasks, use expert architects for a high-impact solution. 

When Should You Dedicate Developers? 

1. You require urgent software solutions that are beyond your capabilities. 

Immediate development requirements can result in exorbitant prices. However, you may protect your organization from more losses by employing specialized engineers and reducing schedule variation. 

You can even outsource your project to countries with lower labour costs, where the developers are paid on an hourly basis. Furthermore, if you hire dedicated programmers, you will have the flexibility to make changes at any time. 

2. You don’t have enough people with the necessary skills. 

Because the IT industry is continually evolving, it’s not always viable to have an in-house team with the necessary skills and resources to deliver software projects. Dedicated developers are seen at this stage. 

Dedicated developers have the requisite competence to rapidly complete the assignment, as well as industry knowledge and experience in the newest technologies if your firm lacks the talent pool to produce the software you want. 

3. You’re working on an ambiguous project with shifting scope services. 

A longer development scope is one of the most significant obstacles that open firms face. A professional development team can assist you in understanding the nitty-gritty of a project, including its Desired Outcomes, in such situations. 

4. You are unable to make effective use of technology. 

A plethora of cutting-edge technology and products are launched onto the market every day. As a result, staying in this highly competitive atmosphere necessitates using the actual potential of trending technologies in order to enhance your project. As a result, if your in-house team lacks the capacity to stay up with contemporary technology, you may employ specialist developers to help. 

5. You’re having trouble shortening your time to market. 

Completing your project within the anticipated timeline is a source of pride and prestige for your company from the moment you conceive it to the time you deliver it to the market. 

6. Your project is on a shoestring budget. 

You can reduce software programmers if managing a team of in-house developers is proving to be an expensive endeavour for you. Hiring these experts will not leave you with a large hole in your wallet. It will also save you a substantial amount of time and money that you would have spent on the recruiting process otherwise. 

You’ll Get These Advantages If You Hire Dedicated Developers 

No one believes in the efficacy of a service or product until they have firsthand experience with the benefits it delivers. This is why it’s critical for any company owner like you to recognize the obvious advantages of employing a professional development team. Although cost savings are the key reason for engaging specialized employees (70 percent), there are other visible advantages that definitely contribute to the IT outsourcing industry’s rising expansion ($97 billion in the next four years). 

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

In general, this makes excellent use of outsourcing services from certain locations. As a result, one of the indisputable advantages of employing dedicated developers and maintaining a long-term relationship with them is reduced labour expenses. In reality, on top of your team’s compensation, the standard recruiting procedure is a dangerous undertaking that necessitates tossing money down the toilet. In such situations, the specialized staff is certainly beneficial. 

2. Experts with a Wide Range of Skills 

A group of specialists will join up for your software project if you recruit committed engineers. You even have the option of hand-picking people who have the right skill set for the job. Note that we are not implying that you will not be able to find suitable developers in your country, but hiring a remote team will save you a significant amount of money and time. 

3. Lower Risk 

Only a dedicated development team can sometimes recommend the best-fitting software project Services and responsibilities that you may not be fully aware of or comprehend. You may conduct extensive research and read numerous articles in order to develop the best tech stack or project team of dedicated developers capable of identifying and addressing your potential flaws. 

Such a methodical approach ensures a risk-free development process in which your team knows what they’re doing and has clear objectives to meet for your project. 

4. It helps you save time. 

Another great benefit of hiring dedicated developers from reputable firms is the time savings. If you engage a specialized development team, you won’t have to deal with outdated papers and paperwork, nor will you have to worry about your organizational challenges. Simply express your needs to them, and they will handle the rest. 

5. High-Quality Outcomes 

Developers will respond quickly and effectively to your software demands with just surface administration from your end. The main goal is to supply you with world-class solutions and high-quality software. 

As a result, you can be certain that your software project is in capable hands. 

6. Digital Transformation

Managing Dedicated developers can connect you to a whole ecosystem of digital assets and technologies that will help you build your company. Dedicated developers can help you keep up to date and adapt to market expectations in addition to catering to your software requirements. 

7. Highly

You’ll get access to a large team of trained professionals and industry leaders who are experts in their domains and can help you put your ideas into action. 

8. Infrastructure

Through fluid and seamless communication, a full-time in-house team works on Software, Web, and Mobile App Development initiatives, as well as all hardware and software infrastructure. 

9. Communication that is simple and easy to understand, as well as daily reporting 

Your devoted creator will contact you directly and transparently. 

Thanks to daily reporting, you’ll be able to obtain an overview of how the project is progressing without having to communicate on a frequent basis. 

10. Online

There’s no need to be concerned about offline follow-up since you can utilize online tools to track the committed developer’s and project’s development. 

11. On-Demand Selection and a Personal Manager 

You may interview the candidates and employ them as you see fit once you’ve picked the resumes that best meet your company’s demands.

Hire Dedicated Developers on the Best Platforms 

Dedicated developers may be found all around the globe, from Southeast Asia to North America. Each organization has its unique set of skills that may have an impact on your project in a variety of ways. As a result, selecting the ideal one might be a time-consuming and perplexing effort for you. To assist you, we’ve included some of the top places to seek a specialized development team below. Take a look at them: 

Firms that specialize in software outsourcing 

When it comes to hiring professional developers, software businesses that provide remote development services are often the most beneficial. These organizations act as a link between individuals searching for software that is in good hands and those looking for software that isn’t. You may also connect with a variety of software developers and people interested in developing software. Furthermore, developers are more likely to pass all of the screening tests required to demonstrate their expertise, ensuring that your project is included in feedback and reviews platforms such as TopDevelopers, IT Firms, Clutch, GoodFirms, and others, allowing you to compare agencies and hire dedicated developers based on your business needs. 

2. Internet Search Engines 

As an alternative, you might look for specialized resources on Google or any other search engine. Once you get the search results, you can look at the ratings and reviews to get an idea of how well they function and how efficient they are. 

There are also several bidding platforms and job boards where you may advertise your software needs and get appropriate responses. 

3. List of references 

Finally, you may get recommendations from people you know or from firms that have recently hired dedicated developers. Their advice and expertise may be quite useful in determining how to employ and manage devoted engineers. However, think about the sorts of projects they’re working on and see whether the parameters match your needs. 

Recruiting your devoted programmers 

Some important considerations for hiring the finest dedicated engineers for your company. 

Portfolio No. 1 

A company’s portfolio generally comprises all of the details about its prior ventures. As a result, look at the company’s previous projects or clientele to see whether it’s a good match for your project. 

You may also contact the firm’s previous clients to learn about their experiences. 

2. Geographical location 

When it comes to selecting an offshore partner, location is crucial. 

For instance, hiring a dedicated development team from a western company (in Europe or North America) will be more costly than hiring one from Asia or Latin America. 

However, although scheduling meetings and working hours will be very simple with the new system, 

3. Know-how 

A competent firm’s developers must be well-versed in current technologies, platforms, tools, and software development techniques. They should be able to recommend the optimal solution based on your company’s needs. As a result, subject knowledge and technological capability are required to create a successful product. To confirm your choice, go to customer testimonials, case studies, credentials, and so forth. 

4. Safety and security 

Security is perhaps the most frequent worry that every firm has on the same level. So, before you engage specialized personnel, we recommend that you look through the contract many times to verify that you understand everything. Your offshore partner must follow GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policies and fix any system flaws such as data loss and network security. 

5 Major Corporations that Employ Dedicated Developers 

We’ve highlighted five business executives who grasped a fundamental principle — 

Google is number one. 

Despite its scale, Google recognizes that it cannot accomplish everything. It has outsourced non-core tasks including IT and administrative operations, email support for AdWords and other products, development requirements, and so on. 

Alibaba is number two on the list. 

Despite the fact that this firm might save money on resources and production, its teams lack the necessary skills for software projects. As a consequence, they recruit a specialist development team from the local area to work on their websites and provide the best possible results in each location. 

3. Why, When, and How Does Basecamp Hire Dedicated Developers for Accelerated Business Growth? Although Basecamp has assisted other organizations in managing their work and projects, it has also assisted the world in optimizing and improving its goods. 

4. Use Skype 

Skype chose Estonia as the location for dedicated programmers and discovered answers to a variety of concerns, including cost reduction, capacity constraints, and, most crucially, access to a large pool of expertise and talent. Microsoft purchased Skype in 2011 because they were able to retain excellent outsourcing agreements. 

5. Slackness 

In the instance of Slack, they recognized the value of software testing for a product company, but they lacked the resources to complete the job. As a result, they teamed with an outsourcing agency to get the necessary input on what is and is not working. 

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