Hiring dedicated software devs is better than hiring freelance devs

Hiring dedicated software devs is better than hiring freelance devs

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Why Hire Dedicated Developers Rather Than Freelancers? 

Web and mobile app development involve multi-variable and complicated processes. Development directors are in great demand for hiring dedicated developers to carry out diverse tasks. They may either hire freelancers or hire a dedicated team to work on their projects. 

In terms of producing applications, websites, and software solutions, the choice of employing freelancers or engaging specialized developers has become significantly more crucial. For project needs, project timeframes, and budget, among other things, the selection must be carefully evaluated. In this article, we’ll discuss the two models and illustrate why, in the vast majority of cases, a dedicated development team is more useful. 

What is a freelance developer’s definition? 

A freelance software developer is an independent programmer who works on a variety of projects for clients. For the programming assignments that they accept, these specialists write code. Freelancers specify their own requirements for each task, such as working hours and payment rates. Many independent developers work on a variety of projects since they have the freedom to select which ones they want to work on. Smaller organizations who can’t afford to hire dedicated developers or don’t have enough work to justify it often hire freelancers to complete projects for them. 

What does it mean to work as a full-time software developer? 

A full-time software developer is a programmer who works full-time for a software development company to build or maintain software. For their business, these professionals analyze customer requests, generate code, and test products. As technology evolves, many companies are searching for engineers with strong programming skills. Engineers may work for firms in the engineering, manufacturing, banking, insurance, and software publishing industries, for example. 

Freelance vs developers team

Dedicated developers work for employers and often collaborate with other team members, while freelance developers work for themselves and complete projects alone. Despite their differences, the two jobs share a lot of responsibilities, skills requirements, and ongoing training. Some of the most common parallels and contrasts between freelancing and dedicated development jobs are as follows: 


Using different programming languages, both freelance and dedicated developers create computer programs or software that allow users to do certain activities. Dedicated developers may work on a number of ongoing projects for their company to meet production deadlines. In contrast, a freelance developer may be responsible for a number of duties in addition to programming. Freelancers may plan and execute marketing strategies to recruit new clients, negotiate contracts, do administrative work, and manage their cash, for example. 

Employment Opportunities 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dedicated developers’ job chances are predicted to grow by 22% from 2019 to 2029, significantly faster than the average for all occupations. According to the agency, this increase is due to a variety of factors, including the need for new smartphone and tablet apps, the expansion of health insurance software due to new policy enrollments, and planned investment in security software to secure computer networks. This industry development is projected to have an influence on freelance developers, but their capacity to find and accept new contracts is more important. This also means that the practice of hiring dedicated developers by offshore software development firms will also see a significant increase.


The average annual salary for a full-time developer is $50,911. These changes are based on factors such as location and experience. Many companies also provide benefits to their employees, such as health insurance and retirement schemes. Because freelance developers have the freedom to choose their own payment rates, their average salary varies. Independent developers may be able to charge more for their services as their skills and competence grow. 


Many freelance and dedicated developer professions need the same set of abilities, such as programming language competence, database comprehension, and problem-solving ability. A freelance developer may also benefit from increasing their sales and marketing skills in order to demonstrate their credentials to prospective clients. A full-time developer, on the other hand, is more likely to have strong collaboration skills and the ability to work collaboratively with other developers or teams throughout the software development life cycle. 

Working conditions 

As long as they have internet connectivity, a freelance developer may work from any place, even their homes. Some independent developers opt to work in coworking spaces, which are shared offices with services like printers and conference rooms for professionals. Dedicated developers frequently work in offices with other professionals. If a company has a development team, they often meet in the same place to discuss ideas and keep others informed about their progress. Some dedicated developers may be able to work remotely if their company allows it. 


A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related area, such as software engineering, is required by many firms for dedicated developers. While a bachelor’s degree may be advantageous for freelance developers, others prefer to learn to code on their own or obtain a professional certification to gain relevant programming skills. A professional portfolio of projects might help freelance developers without a bachelor’s degree persuade potential clients that they have the skills and qualifications to complete a job quickly. 

Continued education 

Continuous training for freelance and full-time engineers in learning new languages or technologies for software development may be advantageous. Freelance developers keep a keen watch on emerging trends and often self-learn new abilities. Developers who work full-time, on the other hand, have access to ongoing training from their companies. They often perform this training with other team members so that they may ask each other questions and help each other grasp new concepts. 

Benefits of Dedicated Developers Over Freelancers

Expertise Or Proficiency in a Variety of Technologies: 

Most projects today need knowledge of a variety of technologies. A professional developer has handled a diverse customer base from many specializations, thus he is significantly more experienced and tech-savvy than a freelancer. Professional developers, like freelancers, are advertising experts, but they lack the professional mentality that freelancers do. 

Hiring a dedicated developer entails assembling a team of experts with vast experience and skills, such as designers, managers, QA specialists, and developers. Experts in other essential areas, such as marketing, search engine optimization, design, or user experience, are often included among dedicated developers. 

Because freelancers handle numerous projects at the same time, the quality of all projects suffers. They employ various expertise for various tasks, which creates challenges. Dedicated developers, on the other hand, are available as full-time employees. They are entirely focused on your project. A committed team’s skill and experience cannot be matched by a freelancer. 

Development that is iterative: 

You must be agile in order for your product to succeed in the future, which includes updating your product and services in response to present and future needs. Dedicated developers tailor their talents to their customers’ technological requirements. 

They are constantly up to speed on new technology and strive hard to incorporate them into their next project. They are also knowledgeable about current software, technological advancements, and new programming languages. As a result, you’ll always have the most up-to-date software or applications from devoted developers. 

Because they are constantly surrounded by various tasks, freelancers do not have enough time to adapt to new technology. Customers seldom bother to learn more about popular features until they are compelled to do so. 

Stability and Constancy: 

Because they are hired, dedicated developers are always faithful in their work, showing up on time and completing their tasks. If you engage remote developers from an outsourcing firm, that firm will be fully responsible for your project’s management. If the devoted developer quits the assignment for whatever reason, the firm is responsible for completing the project on schedule and without complications. 

Dedicated coders prioritize consistency and consistency, while freelancers prioritize flexibility. Freelance developers often cling to something that causes them to leave their jobs, so you never know when they will return to work. 

Furthermore, since dedicated developers are engaged in your project exclusively, they are always accessible, while freelancers are restricted in their availability due to their many responsibilities. 


It is a game-changer point if you are considering hiring offshore developers. Because you’re dealing with an established organization, your business secrets, data, ideas, and everything else in the project are safer with committed developers. You’ll sign a written agreement requiring the outsourcer to keep your personal information private. 

Furthermore, if you engage a group of freelancers to work on the same project and part of your data is taken, you may not be able to track down the perpetrator. As a result, there’s a chance you’ll end up employing freelancers for your project. 

You will also get frequent updates from dedicated developers on your project, as you will be able to request adjustments in real-time to prevent issues later on. Freelancers never offer updates; instead, they provide fully created software at the conclusion of the project. 

Maintenance and Support Following the Release: 

Clients get maintenance and assistance from dedicated developers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. If you encounter any faults, security concerns, or new features, you may contact them directly to get your problem resolved. Freelancers never offer this kind of assurance. You may be required to pay them anytime you seek assistance. 

On-time delivery of high-quality work: 

Dedicated developers always plan and manage their projects meticulously. While the agency plans project-related tasks and assigns work to people on each job, freelancers struggle with planning, scheduling, and managing their time. As a result, they sometimes meet deadlines, and other times they miss them. 

Even after that, you should revisit the project to ensure that everything is in its proper place. And if any errors are discovered, you must contact them again to have them corrected. Giving the project back and getting it after all issues are resolved is ultimately a waste of time. 

Dedicated developers meet deadlines and complete projects on time. They are the project’s developers, reviewers, and testers. They reduce the likelihood of mistakes and provide you with a fully functional software or application in a timely manner. If cost is not an issue, you should hire offshore remote teams for your project because they never sacrifice quality. 


If you want high-quality work delivered on schedule with the assurance of ongoing maintenance and support, you should hire specialized developers. You may be more certain that the assignment will be performed correctly and on schedule if you hire a professional development team. Freelancers may also provide results, but the chances of getting insurance are slim. They’re also less expensive than specialist developers since they don’t have the overhead fees that a firm has. Working with a seasoned software firm will undoubtedly boost the potential of both startups and existing businesses. And, based on the aforementioned, we may conclude that employing dedicated engineers is preferable to engaging a freelancer.

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