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How Much Does It Cost To Build An App In 2022?

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The cost of developing an app may range from $2,000 and $200,000. This means that the price of designing an app varies a lot. 

Are you curious and want to know why? 

The simplest answer is that mobile app development is influenced by a number of factors; from wireframing through UI/UX design and customization, there are several processes involved.

 So, how can you calculate how much it will cost to develop an app? 

Understanding everything that determines the total expenses of mobile app development is crucial in arriving at how to calculate the cost of mobile app development. When you get this right, you may look at each element separately.

What Factors Affect the Costs of Developing a Mobile App? 

When determining the cost of producing an app, there are three main factors to consider: 

1. Development Platform for Mobile Apps 

When it comes to choosing a platform for your app, there are two key factors to consider. Native apps and cross-platform apps are instances of this. Here’s how they differ and how they affect the cost of developing a mobile app. 

Native Apps Development 

Native apps are mobile apps that run only on a single platform, such as Android or iOS. Because they are built and optimised for a certain platform, they give a high level of performance. Native programmes, on the other hand, are a bit more difficult to work with. If you want to build an app for both Android and iOS, you will need two separate development teams. And it will almost certainly double in price. As a consequence, developing a native mobile app is expensive

Hybrid or cross-platform mobile app development 

These apps are built using a combination of native and non-native technologies, as the name indicates. If you want to launch an app for a larger audience, this is the best solution. In addition, as compared to native apps, the cost of development and maintenance is low. 

2. The Design of Your Mobile App 

When determining how much it costs to construct an app, the next important factor to consider is the design process. It is critical in deciding the ultimate cost while being a required part of the development process. The cost estimate will be restricted if you choose a ready-to-use template, for example. If, on the other hand, you have higher expectations, 

Customizations will need more costs and effort in order to deliver a better user experience. Below are the top three design-related reasons for an increase in mobile app development expenses. 

Interaction with the user 

First and first, your app must be exceptional if you want it to succeed. In a nutshell, user experience relates to how your mobile app works. Colour psychology, button location, and even tracking the user’s eye pattern are all possibilities. 

Is not it true that your goal is to make the app as easy as possible to use for the end-user? 

As a consequence, creating an experience like this requires a detailed understanding of your market, audience, goals, and objectives, among other things. And the cost of establishing an app varies depending on the app’s design, which has an impact on the amount of interaction. 

Designing a User Interface 

The interface design, which is related to experience, has an impact on the cost of producing your programme. The user interface (UI) is the appearance of software to its users. It involves the use of several visual elements. While the level of personalization may be expanded to any degree, the basic concepts remain the same: 

Colours in Typography for Screen Layout Shapes, Elements, and Items 

The components you choose are mostly dictated by your goals. What features do you want in a business app? It might be in the form of data, sales, or engagement. Obviously, the more sophisticated the design, the more money your programme will cost to produce. 


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words: Apple, Twitter, Instagram, Audi, Nike and McDonald’s?

Certainly, their stunning logo designs, above every other thing, grab your attention almost immediately. These well-known businesses have all developed strong brands. They have invested in branding. Spending a lot of money on branding is a fantastic idea if you want to stand out in app development for the industry. 

3. App development for mobile devices Functionality Level 

The cost of building your app is proportional to the complexity of the features. Obviously, the smaller and more straightforward the programme is, the less time and money it will take to develop. So, how many features do you need to launch your product? As the number of features, panels, buttons, and other items in your app grows, so will the complexity and cost of designing it. Let us break it down into three categories: 

In addition, there are certain hidden expenditures that will affect the price of designing an app. 

What are the invisible costs of developing a mobile app? 

Support fees: 

These are the costs of keeping your app up to date, fixing bugs, and making future improvements. It typically accounts for 20% of the total development cost (per year). 

Admin fees: 

You may be charged for the content manager’s salary by certain mobile app development businesses. 

Infrastructural Charges

Payments for your server, CDN, and other comparable services are included in infrastructure charges. 

App development services for mobile devices 

Software as a service (SaaS). 

This will assist if you require your app to go live in a few weeks. The cost of producing an app is also greatly lowered since they are ‘Ready Made’ solutions. 

The average cost of establishing an app utilising a SaaS-based solution is $2,000 to $3,000. However, you will be obliged to pay the mobile app development company a lease fee. This fee, which may range from $100 to $350, is paid monthly. This may seem to you to be both cost-effective and enjoyable. 

Key downsides of SaaS-based solutions. 

You may use them to add your own branding elements like logos, colour schemes, and so on. However, you should be aware that a lot of companies will employ similar solutions. As a consequence, the user interface will be the same for all firms that invested in the same technology. It will be difficult for you to provide an exceptional user experience. You do not stand out in any way, either. 

It is tough to scale and upgrade: 

Industry trends alter on a regular basis, without a question. To keep up with the times, your app must be scalable. In other words, it should be able to absorb the necessary changes quickly and effortlessly. This is where SaaS systems wind up when they fail. 

Custom-Build Apps: The next kind of app solution is one that is built entirely from scratch. If your company’s idea is unique or you have particular business requirements, this is the option for you. It is also worth mentioning that this is going to be a long process. A custom mobile app might take anything from six months to a year to build. 

So, how much will it cost to build your app in this case? The following is the formula: 

The cost of creating an app 

To grasp how this computation works, you must first comprehend the mobile app development team. To carry out any app idea, you will need a well-rounded, skilled team. This would include, in general: 

• Mobile App Backend and Front End Developers 

• Project Director 

• Developer 

• Quality Assurance Professional 

The cost of building an app is determined by the length of time it takes, similar to how the cost of developing an app is determined by the development team’s hourly rate. The total time will now vary based on the industry. To help you comprehend, consider the following examples: 

An eCommerce platform such as Amazon or eBay takes an average of 600 to 900 hours to establish. Similarly, developing an Uber or Lyft-like taxi app may take up to 800 hours. 

On-demand delivery services such as Postmates, Grubhub, and Instacart might take up to 400-500 hours to fulfil. 

To get a sense of the cost, imagine you hire an Asian team to create an app for your eCommerce company. A team’s standard hourly wage will be $20. 

As a result, the bare minimum cost would be $11,600. The cost of designing your programme might surpass $100,000 if you want specific complicated features. Do not fear, there will be a solution in the next step. 

White-label, Customizable Solutions: If a SaaS-based solution is not suited for your company and custom-building is too expensive, look into white-label, customizable solutions. Thankfully, there is a happy medium. 

You may think of them as more customizable ‘Ready-to-use Core Engines.’ To be more exact, these kinds of solutions already have 70-80% of what you want. The remaining 20-30% may be tailored to your company’s specific requirements. the cost of creating an app 

Before inquiring how much it costs to construct an app utilising such a solution, spend a minute reading and understanding why this is the best alternative. 

Time-saving: They can assist you to get your product to market in a couple of weeks since they offer a ready-to-use platform. As a consequence, it will take less time than custom mobile app development, which might take months. 

Budget-Friendly: After that, you will have a one-of-a-kind, customised solution that will not break the bank. Is not that exactly what you are after? White-label solutions may save you a lot of money. No, you will not be paid $100,000 for your idea (like you have to do in the case of a custom-built solution.) 

Flexibility in customising your app: You have total flexibility over how you customise your app. As opposed to a SaaS service, you do not have to deal with a limited set of functions. 

Future-Proof: You not only get greater customization, but you also get better scalability for your future needs. Unlike SaaS systems, they are very robust and scalable. 

How much would develop your app with a white-label solution cost you? The basic solution has a starting price of $5,000. Additionally, the degree of customization you seek will raise the overall cost of designing your product. 

This implies that designing an app for your eCommerce shipping company will set you back between $5,000 and $15,000. By spending such significant money, you will get a cost-effective, unique, and future-proof solution. 

Prometteur Solutions has the right solution for you. For an exact quote, get in touch with our experts as soon as possible.

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