How to set up QA processes from scratch

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Quality assurance in software testing follows all the neccessary processes to guarantee that the software products or services are of the highest possible standard. The main goal or objective of quality assurance is to enhance the software development process by making it more productive and reliable, following the quality standards established for software products. QA Testing is another name often used for quality assurance.

Why is Quality Assurance Growing More Prevalent at the Global Level? 

Quality Assurance is gaining speedy recognition all over the globe as a result of the increasing taste of global demand and consumption of quality products worldwide. As a result, it should be no surprise that both the commercial and governmental sectors are implementing or considering the most effective methods to implement quality assurance to produce high-quality products.

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So why is Quality Assurance becoming more popular?

The impact of trusting others

Any efforts put into branding that don’t successfully express trust are squandered. However, it is a different story to understand what creates trust across all of a company’s consumer groups. You will quickly win over people’s confidence when you provide Quality Assurance Testing Services to enhance your goods’ quality. Trust brings with it a variety of benefits, like loyalty, referrals, and so on.


When customers have faith and trust in the products that they get from you, they are more likely to return to make more purchases as well as to refer your business to others. This is how you earn your customers’ loyalty. Quality Assurance Services helps sell your goods by combining an emotional appeal with trust-based motivation. As a result, when they do business with your company, your customers will enjoy a high degree of convenience and security. In the long term, this helps to sustain customer loyalty.

The purpose of your brands.

Customers need to comprehend the purpose of your brand. They need to understand your company’s “personality” in a clear and particular way. If actual people cannot identify descriptive terms that adequately sum up the totality of what you do, then your branding could be better. Quality Assurance brings purpose to your brands. It is laced with high quality and clarity. Consumers love it!


When it comes to marketing, even the most devoted customers might experience a sense of betrayal if there is a sudden and significant change in the company’s identity. Therefore, you need to constantly make sure that it is regulated and consistent. Your product’s quality will remain stable if you use quality assurance. When it comes to branding and rebranding, this is an excellent asset to have. Additionally, Quality Assurance ensures consistency is maintained throughout all levels of the organization. Its promise binds all the top-down processes and procedures together, ensuring total dependability.

Trust and integrity are prioritized as part of quality assurance

When carried out as planned, it confers a level of reliability and credibility on your firm that is difficult to attain by any other single action. Others will take notice of your claims when you say that your organization produces faultless, customer-focused deliverables and then realistically follow through on those claims.

Emotion Driven Consumers

People are influenced by emotions, which extends to how they choose to handle their financial affairs, and the importance of quality assurance is quickly growing. In addition, people’s purchasing decisions are often very subjective and motivated by their emotions, so what other people say about the quality of various products and services impacts potential buyers’ emotions and may influence their purchases.

Your Brand Needs Quality Assurance to Have Some Backbone

It conveys who you are and what you stand for instead of bombarding them with a laundry list of features and affordances they will soon forget.

Quality Assurance Testing Services always says we’re here for you, we always care, and we will always go above and beyond for your satisfaction. So if you need this for your business, get in touch with Prometteur Solutions, and we will offer you the best.

Differences Between Software Quality Assurance and SQA Testing

Let us attempt to answer the question, “what are the differences between Quality Assurance and Software testing”.

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Software Quality Assurance vs Software Testing Software

  • Quality Assurance focuses on the technical process that assures quality. Software Testing does not. While the purpose of software testing is to identify any issues with a product before it is released to the public,
  • Activities that are connected to the execution of processes, procedures, and standards are included in quality assurance. For example, training audits and software testing have activities relating to examining product authenticity. Take, for instance, the Review and Testing.
  • Quality Assurance focuses more on the processes involved, while Software Testing is more concerned with the end products. This also indicates that the scope of SQA applies to all products the company will test in the future.
  • The boundaries of Software Testing are defined by the nature of the product being evaluated.
  • The preventive approach is used by Quality Assurance, while Software Testing utilizes the corrective process. To put it another way, quality assurance utilizes reactive strategies, while software testing employs proactive procedures.

How We Perform QA testing Services

At Prometteur Solutions, these are the stages that make up our Quality Assurance testing cycle:

  • Plan
  • Do
  • Check
  • Act

The activities outlined above are carried out consistently to guarantee that the procedures used within our company are regularly assessed and any necessary adjustments are made. Let’s take a closer look at each of the phases listed above in our QA testing Process:

We Plan 

Our development company plans and creates the best processes related to goals and identifies the procedures necessary to provide products of the best quality.

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We Do

After planning the testing processes, we get to the testing stage. At this stage, we do the required development and testing of processes and make all the adjustments that need to be made to ensure the success of operations. In all our doings, we employ skills obtained over an extended period.


After the doing part, we check all necessary things that need fixing. For example, our team reviews the monitoring of processes, modification of the procedures, and whether it satisfies the goals established during the planning stage.



Having carried  all the necessary testing instances and issues, our QA testers take the needed steps and acts accordingly. QA is useful in terms of guaranteeing that the product is developed and launched in line with the right protocols. 

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What Industries Use Quality Assurance?

Many different types of businesses may benefit from Quality Assurance Testing Services and need them to provide their customers with the best possible goods and services. It is a well-known fact that implementing Quality Assurance procedures may improve the overall quality of the products and services provided by any company that interacts with customers.

Take into consideration the following industries, which stand to benefit the most from the instillation of people-centered values, brand trust, honesty, and faultless deliverables:


It is time for the deployment of advanced technology for improving and augmenting human existence. Therefore, these technologies must be of the highest possible quality to fulfil their function. The provision of Quality Assurance Testing Services guarantees that we will get and make use of secure, user-friendly, customer-focused, and gratifying technologies.

Government Agencies

With the implementation of quality assurance, providing people with services of the highest possible standard would be easier and, in most cases, likely. With quality assurance, the government can achieve openness, make information easily accessible, provide high-quality educational materials, and provide services focused on people’s needs. In addition, quality assurance may assist the government in lowering its operational expenses, allowing it to save more money and devote more resources to the provision of essential services.


When it comes to ensuring high standards of quality the manufacturing industry is one of the best. Manufacturers form one of the top groups of people who place great importance on quality assurance, thorough testing, effective checks and balances, and overall quality control principles. They understand how crucial QA practices are in delivering end products that meet the highest standards of excellence.


In the non-profit sector,, there is a vital role in bridging the gap between the people and their elected representatives. Trustworthiness is a fundamental principle that underpins the success of non-profit organizations. To fulfill their missions faithfully, they must embrace many concepts associated with quality assurance and quality management, ensuring their services align with the highest standards of trust and reliability.

Other industries that use quality assurance for their products and services include, but not limited to,

  • Health and Beauty
  • Finance
  • Food and Beverages Industry
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What is Quality Assurance?

When it comes to both their products and their services, quality assurance means that a firm has fulfilled its commitment to ensuring the utmost contentment of its clientele.

What is the purpose of Quality Assurance?

To fulfill the promises of providing the desired product or service on schedule and within budget, as well as going above and beyond in any and all transactions and contacts with the customer, is the goal of quality assurance. Quality assurance guarantees that a consumer will have the best experience possible with a firm regardless of the objective.

Is Quality Assurance beyond customer satisfaction?

Quality assurance is more than just meeting expectations. Not only will a firm committed to the highest standards of quality assurance integrate its tenets into the finished product but also every other aspect of its organizational structure and business practices.

Which Industries Can We Use Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance can be used in many industries as long as they meet people’s needs and satisfaction. For example, QA may be used in the healthcare, government, finance, NGOs, Beauty, Hospitality and tourism industries, among many others.

In what Areas of Business Can We Find Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance can be found in the following:

  • Recruitment and Employee Training services
  • Management
  • Customer Service
  • Branding and Marketing services
  • Product Design services
  • Regulations or Compliance services
  • Software Testing services
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