Hyperautomation: The Next Big Thing in Automation

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With the advent of new technologies humans, Institutions, Businesses, production processes, and other areas of life are witnessing scientific innovations that enhance growth, optimise processes and even augment the human life. Today we can say that science and technology are concerned about improving, technologies and finding new ways to do old things with the goal of getting better results. 

The transformation of automation is birthed in this same light, and today we can see, think and talk about Hyperautomation technology. 

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What is Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation is a top automation technology. Businesses worldwide adopt it because of its high level of automation-enhancing benefits. Modern technology enhances business processes in ways that ensure improvement in performance and production. TechRepublic says Hyperautomation is a technology that automates businesses’ automation with different tools synchronised to work in a centralised framework. Similarly, Gartner sees it as an approach in which organisations identify and automate their business processes.

Hyperautomation utilises different modern technologies to optimise business processes using tools and technologies such as machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Problem Solving, Automation, Algorithm, Pattern Recognition, and Neural Networks, with advanced approaches which include identifying, assessing and automating workflow processes. 

When Hyperautomation is adopted and integrated into any business, the goal is usually to optimise their automation processes for all workflows without increasing future complexities. Experts claim that Hyperautomation is a modern technology trend that redefines automation technologies and dictates enhanced ways of attaining company growth since it comes with new automation patterns.

How does Hyperautomation work: What Are the Components of Hyperautomation?

To understand how Hyperautomation works, you need to know its components; Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Orchestration and machine learning and Optimisation and process mining.

Robotic process automation (RPA)

The foundation of the hyperautomation strategy is automation. Automation usually comprises programs and tools that assist tasks. In Hyperautomation, multiple automation tools are brought together to achieve a common goal.

RPA is an excellent automation tool for business processes. 

Orchestration and machine learning

In orchestration and automation bring different technologies together with the goal creating larger frameworks with enhanced automation and improved outcomes. The tools joined together by orchestration are usually considered using different automation steps. This is done to ensure the output of the combination is as expected. 

Orchestration uses a lot of data from machine learning and develops automation procedures that cannot be easily interfered with.

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Process mining and optimisation

The additional and final layer of intelligence that enables optimisation via validations and ongoing learning and aids in better integrating the automation and orchestration processes is called optimisation. It is thus included to guarantee a smooth connection.

It works by observing several processes to spot important data and intricate patterns. Decision-making may be aided by analysis of the digital traces left behind by business operations using orchestration.

Validations and ongoing learning further improve processes for orchestration. This is done to decide which technology and tools need to be implemented and if they should be deployed together or separately.

Hyperautomation: The Next Big Thing in Automation?

The tech world loves extended technologies and tools that make life easier, and Hyperautomation proves to fit into that category; hence will easily take the hype. And since it appeared on Gartner’s list of Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020, the hype has tripled, with more big names adopting it for optimising their automation services.

Hyperautomation differs from the automation we’ve become used to because it combines many different automation technologies and processes and links them together. By integrating machine learning, AI, RPA, robotics and IoT, hyperautomation creates a seamless string of automated tasks, requiring very little human intervention or interpretation.

As a sophisticated technology which utilises science to deliver AI-based outcomes, Hyperautomation is a successful application of advanced technology which makes the real-life impact of modern technology possible for the user.

Gen Z IT experts are already receiving training on hyperautomation and its component technologies, so the future will only mean more automation. For businesses, hyperautomation offers even more efficiency, faster time to market, lower costs and higher margins. While standard automation may have already liberated employees from many time-consuming tasks, hyperautomation will no doubt take this even further. 

Before now, when automation is mentioned, what comes to mind is Robotics automation processes. But we now have to think of something more classy, sophisticated and enhancing whenever we hear the word automation. Hyperautomation combines advanced tech tools to open up new work automation processes, operations and possibilities. The new technology enables us to utilise automation tools combined with AI for automating both low- and high-level tasks. This means that Hyperautomation reduces human inputs, improves productivity and sharpens decision-making for a higher return on investment.

So, is hyper-automation the next big thing in automation? Oh, Yes, it is!

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What Industries Can Use Hyperautomation?

Below are the list of the top industries that should utilise hyperautomation

  • The supply chain
  • Software development
  • Accountancy and Finance
  • Healthcare
  • The Retail Industry

What Are the Benefits of Hyper automation? 

Let us look at some of the top benefits of hyperautomation.

Increases Return on Investment (ROI) 

When hyperautomation is incorporated into company operations, it is far easier to increase profits while simultaneously lowering operating expenses. In addition, combining automation tools and technology increases a firm’s efficiency, revenue, staff productivity, employee morale and the number of happy consumers. 

Accuracy and Rapidity of Response

With hyperautomation you can automate intricate business processes while you still enjoy the benefits of precision and the velocity of business activities. Also, hyper automation utilises other important technologies like, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, deep learning, and natural language processing gives it more power to easily and efficiently automate workflows from start to finish.

Cost savings

When time gets saved, costs to get automatically saved. Hyperautomation technology ensures coordination and smooth deliveries, thereby eliminating the need for spending resources on repeating tasks in different departments. Imagine having a manual performance of redundant tasks that decreases the company’s productivity. How much does low productivity cost companies? Hyperautomation eliminates manual processes that attract extra and unnecessary costs.

Error reduction

Hyperautomation organises all tools into a single platform, which means there will be a significant increase in error reduction because errors reduce when data are coherent.


As the customer base and operating portfolio grow, separate automation may become cumbersome, leading to additional management problems. Hyperautomation allows for the simplification of all business operations, enabling the 

company to grow.


Companies and businesses have a lot of unattended work to do. Rather than spend their precious time doing and repeating tasks, they can have them taken care of by hyperautomation processes. They can leave those tasks for the AI-integrated tool so that they can focus on other tasks. This can also increase the employees resting hours and increase productivity.

Coherence of operation

One of the parts of the automation processes needs to be added coherence in operation. This is one of the things Hyperautomation brings to the table to make a difference. When you utilise its platform, all automation tools are combined into a single platform to execute tasks in coherent forms.

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Time savings and faster turnaround times

In automation processes, time-saving may only sometimes be achievable, especially when overarching processes are missing in a larger work pool. However, Hyperautomation comes with seamless links, linking automation tasks, thereby eliminating all delays in operations. This saves a lot of time and leads to a quick turnaround.


Bringing coherence to automation is one of many impressive aspects of hyperautomation technology. Transparency is one great advantage that it brings to the table. Hyperautomation brings transparency to all the processes and business functionalities. In addition, Hyperautomation tools allow business owners to get updates on security systems and information that be useful in tracing a customer-activities when need be.

Hyperautomation can centralise processes and enhance transparency across the board while logically integrating the business functionalities spread across the organisation. It also sets up security measures and information traceability, ensuring better compliance with relevant regulations.

Decision making

With the employment of hyperautomation, decision-making will be sharper and enhanced. In addition, the technology comes with AI features that can help improve predictions using data and history.

Increased Employee Participation and Motivation

It is possible to expedite a broad spectrum of manually complex business procedures carried out by people by using hyperautomation in commercial settings. It does this by automating a manually performed process that is done in a repeated manner, which simultaneously increases worker productivity. 

Adaptability and Capacity to Scale

Hyperautomation allows businesses to operate on different levels of automation. This has open up more possibilities for businesses to look towards adopting technologies that assist them in becoming more cost-effective while also improving their ability to manage their personnel. 

Program Integration Automation

Hyperautomation helps companies to easily combine different technologies and access different levels of automation. In other words, hyper automation gives companies the ability to combine their various digital technologies smoothly, and this is because businesses now use several degrees of automation at different organisational levels. 

Hyper automation enables the smooth integration of a wide variety of tools across both legacy and business systems. In addition, it makes it possible to provide improved access to the information and data held by the organisation for all of its workers and other stakeholders.

Improves Productivity

One of the most typical applications of hyperautomation in commercial settings is raising the production amount. This is because the automated system makes it simple to outsource low-value, repetitive work to other people and frees up more time for those employees to devote to more essential responsibilities. 

Improves Customers Services Operations

Hyperauutomation is lifting off the pains of doing repetitive tasks through its automation processes. This means the technology is simplifying operations, thereby, plays a significant role in the industry. We can agree that hyper automation allows businesses to focus on other areas of their business and have more works done, more goals accomplished and a better or increased income.

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What is Hyperautomation?

Hyper automation combines Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA) to increase the automation of business operations (production chains, work flows, marketing procedures, etc.).

Is Hyperautomation the future of automation?

Yes, hyperautomation is the future of automation. Especially for large sized businesses.

Does Hyperautomation improve automation processes?

It does, even more than the normal automation processes. It brings coherence and saves time and other benefits to automation processes.

How do I hire Hyperautomation developers?

Kindly contact us so we can help you hire the best hyperautomation developers in India and other locations worldwide.

How long does it take to hire Hyperautomation experts?

Usually, in up to 3 days, you shall have the best developers ready to work on your team.

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