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Welcome to our blog post on resource augmentation.

There is a growing need for businesses to meet their clients’ high-tech requirements in the twenty-first century. This is relevant to maintain a competitive advantage.

This means you must keep up with technological innovation and you’ll need to beef up your tech army to do this. One very excellent way to do this is resource augmentation, a new approach to enhancing your services.

Resource augmentation is a practice that supplements the existing workforce of any company with external resources/talent. It is also an approach for scaling up operations using specialised skills for best results.Ceptes says “Resource Augmentation is a flexible, cost-effective outsourcing strategy.” 

Resource augmentation strategy enhances user experience and customer happiness by utilizing expert development expertise to keep up with online competition and market trends.

Ensure the development team has experienced techies for efficient, cost-effective, and convenient hiring.

What is Resource Augmentation?

Resource augmentation is a cost-effective and flexible outsourcing method. 

Companies use the augmentation-resource augmentation model, hiring IT talent from a third party for global projects, ensuring timely collaboration, and meeting project goals.

New personnel can work in person or remotely as project teams interact with more resources. Aggregation helps organizations save time and money, and they can change the size of the augmented team as needed.

Hiring and maintaining talented IT staff is challenging for businesses.

While you may have a capable in-house team managing ongoing client tasks, many projects may arrive, necessitating the presence of an extra workforce with you on a short or long-term basis to address them.

Companies are now using augmentation resource services to satisfy their stringent project requirements and timelines. 

When Is Resource Augmentation Necessary? 

You already have a team working on the project, but you’d want to add more specialists to serve as your steering wheel for another section.

The company is working on a new tech product or project and needs fresh engineers with skill sets that aren’t conventional in the nation, thus they’re looking to employ from other places. 

Framework for augmentation resource 

  • Know what you need. 
  • Be knowledgeable about the number of people you need to hire. Discuss it with your boss and come up with a definite figure. 
  • Define the perfect candidate’s characteristics, such as expertise, credentials, years of experience, and so on. 
  • Examine and choose 
  • Begin the search after thoroughly studying the prerequisites. 
  • Find and evaluate all qualified applicants who meet your standards via interviews and testing. 
  • New Team Members’ Assimilation 
  • It’s not only about getting a job. You must ensure that you are at ease and can easily fit into the business culture. 
  • Ascertain that all new workers are familiar with the company’s processes, policies, and values. 
  • Consistent encouragement and nurturing 
  • Even after the integration process is over, continue to provide continuing assistance to the new employees. 
  • In order to build good connections with them, you should solicit their opinions. 

Advantages of Resource Augmentation for Personal Growth. 

  • Augmentation resource benefits improve the enlistment process 
  • Recruitment may be tedious, taking months to complete, especially when seeking for people with advanced skills and unusual talents. 
  • With resource augmentation organizations, however, the enrollment period may be reduced from months to weeks to even days. 
  • Augmentation experts have updated databases with a pool of highly experienced tech workers from which to pick. 
  • This raises the likelihood of the augmentation company quickly selecting the right individual. 
  • This will save you a significant amount of time. 
  • The specialized team provider will assist you with the following tasks: 
  • Background checks on candidates 

What Makes Resource Augmentation an Ideal Answer for Long-term Technology Scarcity? 

Development Costs

The most obvious and significant advantage of employing a remote workforce is likely to cost reduction. Recruiting enhanced teams from nations with lower living costs will save you a lot of money since they will seek lower compensation. 

Furthermore, you are fully aware that recruiting in-house personnel will be costly due to employee perks, additional tax charges, and other factors. 

Resource augmentation also reduces expenditures on infrastructure, equipment, and taxes. 

Hiring in-house personnel necessitates a great deal of paperwork and legal obligations. 

In the augmentation-resource augmentation model, on the other hand, the outsourcing firm assumes the role of the employer and handles routine tasks such as payroll, employee benefits, taxes, and so on. 

Overcome Geological Barriers 

Many software firms struggle to get the appropriate resources at the right pricing in their local area. augmentation – resource augmentation is a solution to this issue that allows you to find essential expertise in various areas without having to go out and look for them. 

A high degree of adaptability 

Resource augmentation is not only a beneficial commerce transformation but also provides flexibility to IT companies and start-ups. It does so by allowing them to add extra resources in a couple of days if an unforeseen demand arises. 

Consistent Authority 

Businesses may maintain control over their management through augmentation – resource augmentation. When they outsource projects, an external entity handles all aspects of the project. 

However, even with augmentation – resource augmentation in place, companies retain control over execution and management, as well as the ability to make the ultimate decision. 

Companies often want to expand their operations, but the danger of failure deters them from doing so. 

Staff augmentation provides assistance to businesses. 

Businesses may now use the flexible hiring model to develop their operations on a trial basis without having to commit to a full-size staff. 

As a result, businesses need to evaluate their effectiveness in a variety of sectors. 

Bring in Fresh Concepts 

To maintain its success, a successful and expanding business needs a steady supply of original ideas. 

Resource augmentation encourages businesses to collaborate with a varied group of professionals who have fresh brewing ideas. 

Companies may embrace fresh ideas and concepts to improve their company operations via project-specific employment. 

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a cost-effective and efficient way for businesses to employ specialized expertise to obtain a competitive edge by using a plug-and-play, contract-based strategy. 

Here are some more advantages of staff augmentation that may help your organization establish a strong, diverse business plan to address any talent shortage.

Access to a variety of skill sets

Because high-skilled people are nearly never unemployed, freelancing has become a popular choice.

Because of the increased availability, companies may choose contractors with the right skills for the project, bringing the full power of their experience to the organization. 


Staff augmentation may decrease company expenses and boost profitability by: 

Reduced overhead expenditures (such as benefits and taxes) associated with hiring full-time employees. Contracting labour for limited projects reduces the price of employing year-round personnel. 

Reduced training costs—hiring highly competent individuals improves the quality and speed with which training and development are completed. 

Allowing managers to easily cancel contracts in the case of a budget shortage gives them more flexibility. 

Companies may frequently recruit consultants more rapidly than full-time workers since the hiring process does not often include HR or thorough interviews.

When expanding headcount is restricted, different budgets may be used to hire consultants or temporary workers. expanding the number of employees.

A focused and unbiased workforce:

Because consultants are hired to undertake specific projects and meet firm deadlines, they approach tasks with precision and focus.

Its mission is to guarantee that the client’s projects are completed successfully. 


Staff augmentation allows businesses to quickly adapt. When project deadlines need a bigger workforce, organizations might extend their in-house team by bringing in specialized personnel.

This adaptability enables businesses to react more quickly to market changes and seize development opportunities.

Access assistance without bureaucratic hassles.

Staffing agencies handle payroll, benefits, unemployment, coaching, termination, and performance difficulties so that businesses don’t have to dedicate extra administrative resources.

Project plans, finances, and resources may all be managed by agencies to guarantee that project deadlines and expenditures are met. 

Staff augmentation is now widely acknowledged as a viable staffing option across the world.

This flexible employment arrangement benefits businesses and corporations since it allows them to use the talents of experts with extensive skill sets in a cost-effective and efficient way. 

Staff augmentation also helps the millennial generation

Rather than doing regular occupations, they choose to work on initiatives that need their sphere of knowledge.

As a result, staff augmentation acts as a useful bridge to ensure that firms have a steady supply of talent for specified periods of time. To learn more about our flexible workforce augmentation solutions, contact us now.

Why Is Resource Augmentation so Important To Your Company? 

Staff augmentation allows you to create a flexible workforce that can easily scale up or down based on workload, as well as staff up for new possibilities.

Temporary workers and contractors, for example, may help you fulfil the needs of your company without the price of recruiting full-time staff if you’re experiencing a seasonal boost in sales or need to replace positions caused by attrition. 

What Are Some Other Uses For Staff Augmentation? 

Staff augmentation supports departments such as learning and development and sales enablement, allowing current employees to get assistance in these areas as well.

Leaders may have the best of both worlds: qualified experts who can lead your strategy, design, or development, as well as important personnel, to execute and teach people. 

The Future of Workplace Staff Augmentation 

Staff augmentation is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace, with more companies turning to this strategy to find and retain flexible, scalable employees. But, in terms of staff augmentation, what does the future hold? 

The events of 2020 have left the corporate world in a state of shock. Thousands of employees who lost their employment during the economic slump have resorted to the flexibility of being part of an augmented team.

Simultaneously, organizations are realising the value of a new pair of eyes on critical operations like training and employee engagement. These characteristics, taken together, present a positive picture of the future of staff augmentation.

Some Challenges of Resource Augmentation

Resource augmentation has several benefits. However, it also has several challenges for companies.

Effective Integration

One of the main challenges of resource and staff augmentation is effective integration and collaboration. Sometimes you want to scale your operations with external teams but your internal and external teams maintain communication gaps.

Sometimes, the external teams may feel sidelines or irrelevant on several occasions. This will widen the communication gaps and may affect the overall goal of the augmentation.

Consistent Quality and Standard

Another challenge of resource augmentation solutions is the maintenance of consistency in

quality and standards. Your external staff may have different styles of working or meeting deadlines.

They may be using particular methods or be at certain levels of skills that may be slightly different from your internal teams.

Sometimes, all these dynamics about your external team may not even align with your company’s culture or requirements. This can make the whole process unsuccessful.

Cultural Differences

Furthermore resource and staff augmentation are cultural differences or language barriers. This is one of the most common challenges when working with external resources from different regions or countries.

Establishing clear communication channels will be helpful for successful collaborations.

Cost Management

Lastly is in the area of cost management. Resource augmentation offers flexibility that may not really be favourable to the pockets. This is because some of these external teams can be too expensive to manage.

Also, not every resource augmentation solution turns out to rake in. profits for the business.

How to Address These Resource Augmentation Challenges?

You can address these resource augmentation challenges by hiring resource augmentation service providers. Many of these service providers are experts in hiring external talents.

They will be perfect in helping you navigate the freelancing space and other areas of talent scouting for the best results.

You do not have to do resource augmentation yourself.

6 Tips for Successful Resource Augmentation Solutions

When discussing and considering resource augmentation, you need to consider some important tips. These tips will help you get things right so that you do not throw you’re your investments.

1. Clearly define your resource augmentation objectives

Make sure you have a clear objective before you embark on resource augmentation. Having clear objectives require you to clearly define what you hope to achieve. This will help you to clearly understand the required skill set that your external teams need to come with.

2. Conduct thorough research before embarking on resource augmentation

Research plays an important role as well. You should consider checking on freelance sites, LinkedIn, and other important platforms. Check for revies and thoroughly perform your screening. Begin from reviews and then look at their portfolios to access their works and achievements.

3. Assess resource augmentation compatibility

Assessing compatibility with your team is also very important. The more compatible they are, the easier the workflow and onboarding process will be. Compatibility will also help the new team to settle down really quick in your company. You can check for similarities in values, passion and hobbies.

4. Communicate effectively with augmented resources

Go for team members with effective communication skills. This is very important as it makes a lot of things much easier for everyone. Effective communication also requires you to clearly communicate your goals, the project requirements and deadlines to the new team.

5. Establish strong project management on augmented resources

Resource augmentation solutions may not just work out as expected with implementing strong and effective management. This will help you to effectively manage the challenges and practices that may be negative to your business.

6. Evaluate augmented resource performance

Ensure that you monitor everyone’s performances and keep important records. This is important for effective management of augmented resources.  It will help you know where there are lapses and areas of improvement.

With these tips, your resource augmentation on a path to success. The tips will also help in ensuring productivity and achieving desired outcomes.

Final Thoughts on Resource Augmentation

Prometteur uses Salesforce staffing and outsourcing experience to provide businesses with affordable and adaptable resource augmentation options. For professional guidance and a sample contract on hiring the best development team, get in touch with us.

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