Mobile App Development For Enterprises – A Complete Guide

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The business of Apps claim that “148.2 billion apps and games were downloaded in 2023, a 3.9% increase on the previous year”. What does the number and increase mean? They mean that there is a growing popularity and fast growth of mobile app development.

You are welcome to our guide for mobile app development for business and with this, we will be educating and informing you on aspects of mobile app development. This will include the benefits for enterprises and entrepreneurs as well different costs strategies.

We will also show you real world examples of successful mobile apps and how they help in growing businesses.

We are already excited about taking you on this learning journey and since we can’t wait to begin, let’s go!!!

What Does Mobile App Development Entail?

Mobile app development follows well thought out processes and strategies of building mobile applications for mobile devices such as smart phones.

Mobile devices may come with preinstalled mobile apps, the apps can be installed from any mobile store and can also be accessed via web browsers.

There are some mobile apps that require network connections to work while others can work on offline mode.

Who Should Handle Your Mobile App Development?

Get the best mobile app development team to handle your app development project. This is very critical in building successful apps for your business.

Developing mobile apps follow strategic processes and you need a reliable mobile app development team to pull this off for your business.

You can learn more on how to pick the right mobile app development company here.

How to Build Mobile Application      

An idea can become an app for business and here are the processes to follow;

  • Product development and ideation stage which involves thorough market research. This check for profitability of the project and needs for the project.
  • Creating mobile app development goal(s). This is when relevant questions are asked and they are mostly about the challenges that app will help to solve. It also covers issues related to users of the apps.
  • Have product plan and strategy. This step covers three important areas; the product roadmap, product structure and the product team.
  • Designing the mobile app. Here, you need to focus on UI/UX design processes and ensure to get this right. Users want visually appealing apps which is important for user experience.
  • Programming the mobile app for business. of course, at this stage, you should know all the features and functionalities to include in the app. Developing mobile apps via code programming requires; back-end server, programming languages, mobile app testing and quality assurance, front end developers, back-end developers and APIs.
  • Develop and launch your mobile app. This isn’t only about putting out your mobile app to your users though. It requires marketing and promotional efforts for success. You may also need strong image and brand management, including social media presence.
  • Post-launch maintenance and support also need to be in your strategy. Sometimes, industry trends change and you need new features and functionalities.

Also, of importance is to consider other areas like cross platform, hardware requirements, sizes of screens, payment gateways, etc.

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What are the Benefits of Mobile App Development Services?

Businesses have a lot to gain when they invest in developing mobile applications. It will, therefore, be best if you consider building the best app for your business.

Mobile App Development Benefits for Start-ups

One of the most common questions asked is “is developing mobile application for start-ups necessary?” The answer to this is simply, yes!

Mobile apps for business are helpful tools and they can serve start-ups with many advantages.

For example, start ups are in competition with existing businesses and faced with many challenges. If they do not have effective strategies, they can’t be successful in the industry.

One very good strategy is actually implementing mobile app development solutions and tap into the features and functionalities.

Mobile apps come with tools to help your startup business to be competitive in the industry, stay ahead of trends and offer user centric services and products to your customers.

Here are some important reasons to consider mobile app solutions for your start-up business

Mobile App Development Enhances Customer Engagement

As start up company, you want to build good relationship with your customers and increase their level of loyalty to your business. You can simply deploy mobile application solution to achieve this.

For example, with a mobile app for your business, you can easily create and send push notifications to your customers.  This will help in the strengthening of communication and may even boost the image of your company.

Another way the solutions help is by enhancing customer engagement since they can easily reach you through the app. Being easily accessible to customers is one of the selling point of businesses nowadays and mobile apps helps you to achieve this goal.


Mobile App Development Helps Your Business Stand Out

When you have a mobile app for your start up, and your customer engagement is top notch and customers can easily reach you for support services, you are already miles away from your competitors.

This will boost your brand image and serve as an assuring sign that you care about your customers. Imagine being the first in your neighbourhood to serve your customers with such tools.

This must surely wow everyone and increase the number of sales for your business.


Mobile App Development for Streamlined Business Transactions

Once you begin operating a start up and your customer base is increasing, you must begin to think of how to manage increasing transactions properly.

Now ask yourself these questions; do you want to have your customers waiting for their transactions to be manually processed and confirmed? Do you want your customers to always spend their productive time trying to get to your business location before they can always make purchases?

The answer is no. Even to you, that will bring a lot of inconvenience as you will be spending too much time processing payments. Also, doing all of these manually will lead to mistakes that may damage your business.

You need to consider a mobile app development solution that will handle all of this for you. With the right app solution, you can automate a lot of things, including payment confirmations and issuing of receipts.

Mobile App Development for Faster Sales

Another benefit of developing mobile applications is to enhance your sales and make them faster. since the app has an online payment feature and functionalities, you can easily integrate different payment gateways for customers.

Also, you can use the app to offer different deals on products. This is a good strategy for meeting sales targets. Also, mobile apps enable promotional discounts to customers which boost sales and can bring rewarding attention to the start up.

Reach Out to Potential Customers with Mobile App Development

A lot of people visit the app stores daily. So if your app is published on such platforms, there are possibilities of being installed by new customers who may want to give your business a trial.

However, while this offers your business an amazing opportunity, your app needs to have good or excellent reviews and feedbacks from users. People will not just proceed to download your app; they may want to check out what existing users are saying about your app.

When also integrate with social media, you can easily connect to new customers and convince them about your products and services.

Mobile App Development for Boosting Customer Service

Having active and responsive customer service is one of the most important areas of businesses today. People love it when they deal with customer care units that really cares, and is always there.

This helps in retaining old customers and gaining new ones too since there would be good reviews and feedbacks.

Also, mobile apps are excellent for customer centric business set up with excellent personalisation services. In this case, customers can contact your business at any time.

Mobile App Development for Keeping Track of Customer Activities

One of the goals of mobile app development for business is tracking of customer activities.  This is possible because the collection of user data is much easier with mobile apps and analysing them is automatically done.

For example, mobile apps can track what customers shop for most, their search histories, abandoned carts, and app downloads.

With such data, start-ups like yours can offer better products.

Mobile App Development Gives Your Brand Image a Good Image

Every business has its image and brand. This is how the customer see the business, what they thing when they come across their products. And how they feel while using the brand product.

With mobile apps, the feelings can be positive since good impressions can be achieved. Customers will have the feeling that your start is uses advanced technologies and their confidence in your business will grow.

Also, your customers can easily pass information to customers and they can easily find your locations and contact. In simpler words, mobile apps make your business more accessible to customers which is a plus for your brand and image.

Mobile App Development for Marketing

When it comes to marketing your product and promoting your business, mobile apps play essential roles. Think of the reviews, customer feedback and product descriptions. These are advantages in the marketing aspects of your business.

Mobile App Development Is an Excellent Improvisation Tool

Startups with mobile apps can get real-time data and feedback from their customers, about market trends and competitor analysis. This can be very helpful in improving different important aspects of the business.

Mobile App Development Enable Customer Feedback

We have mentioned this point severally in this section but we will love to reiterate it as a benefit.

Customer feedbacks are important and offer the business an opportunity to see things from customer perspective, understand what people need, require and want for their satisfaction.

Until your start up works with customer feedbacks, it will find success a difficult thing to achieve.

Mobile App Development for Boosting Revenue Generation

If you take a look at the other benefits we have mentioned, you will that each of them help in improving the start up revenue.

importantly, they are very effective for businesses nowadays because mobile devices are everywhere and shopping has moved from the streets to online technologies and devices.

With mobile apps, accessing your preferred start up is easier faster and more convenient than ever. This leads to more sales among other benefits.

Contact us to hire the best mobile app developers for your start up.

What are the Types of App Development Solutions?

To harness the benefits of mobile app development for your business, you will need the right app solution. Aside hiring the best or right mobile app development company for this, you must know the different types of mobile apps.

Let us walk you through the most common types of mobile app development.

Cross-platform App Development

This is somewhat different from native apps and hybrid apps. It is also better than cross platform apps and offers its unique advantages to businesses and start-ups.

Cross platform app development services enable one app product to work on multiple platforms; android and iOS. But that is not all. Cross platform also offers reusability, low cost of development, and wider customer base.

See our extensive blog post on why Flutter is best for cross platform app development

Native App Development

Native apps require you to have separate apps for different platforms. For example, you need an android app and an iOS app for your business. This is usually cost intensive and may not be sustainable in the long run.

Here is the best way to deploy native apps. When you are looking for wider engagement, go for native android app development. When you are looking for revenue generating apps, go for iOS app development.

Take a look at our blog on Android vs iOS app development.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid apps are awesome solutions for businesses. App development companies use technology stacks like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Cordona to build and wrap the app into native apps.

The advantages of hybrid app development type of apps for your business is its cost effectiveness when you compare it to native app development. For example, in hybrid app development, you need to only write the code once and use on multiple platforms.

Once you deploy the apps, users can have a native app like experience.

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Progressive Web Apps

This is another mobile app development type that ranks best after native and cross platform apps. If you want to by-pass the restrictions of play store and app store, this is good for your business.

It can give your business the wide reach that you desire and the following advantages too;

  • Business enhancement
  • Customer engagement and re-engagement
  • A good progressive web design
  • Rich features for business
  • Smooth mobile app like experience for your users
  • Working offline

There are some strategic trends in the mobile app development industry that you need to be abreast of for best results. These trends can help your business in boosting engagement, customer loyalty and user experience in 2024.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI-ML)

In the year 2024 and beyond, businesses need smart apps to get the best results and achievement in their industry. for start ups, such apps will help to penetrate the market and be in competition with the best.

This is why AI-ML are important tools to integrate in your mobile app for business. these are the tools that come with the power of automation, intelligence analytics and predictions for the future.

Utilising them with help you and your business to be ahead of industry trends and competitors. Other things you can achieve with these apps are; image and face recognition, text and image categorisation/classification, speech recognition and predictive analysis and maintenance.

Businesses which have integrated these technologies in their mobile apps work smarter and achieve greater results. They see improved performance in their engagement and sales as well as business growth.

See how AI-ML are impacting businesses.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Modern technologies are changing our world and offering greater convenience. AR and VR are important trends to look out for in 2024.

These technologies are practical in mobile apps for business in different ways. A typical example is in Google maps, using the live view feature. This allows users to see different directions in real world and in real time. This means, users can use your mobile app to get direction to your business location.

Another thing that users may do with these tools is to identify locations when they are lost. They only need to use their mobile device camera and point at street signs, and buildings, and boom, they will get their location.

In gaming app industry, 2024 will be a great year for VR. When connected with mobile apps, smart phones and wearable devices, VR offers exceptional experience.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analysis is yet another important mobile app development trend in 2024. Business needs this tool to be able to predict what is yet to occur but certain. Sometimes, these can be related to downtrends in the business and you will know how to invest or take profits.

Also, predictive analysis can analyse the market using relevant data and predict customer behaviour, needs and recommendations.

The internet of things (IoT)

IoT is powering more connectivity in our world and businesses are reaping so much benefits from the development. The year 2024 will not be an exception as IoT services will integrate to more businesses and mobile app development solutions.

If you think of home security apps, smart cities and smart building apps, smart grid apps, fleet management apps, etc, IoT is playing leading roles.

Learn more about how to hire best IoT technology experts with us.


Although the initial major impact of this trend is in 2023, a lot more will happen in 2024. It will be a viable tool in the hand of mobile app developers who want to create life changing apps in 2024.

Apps that prioritise speed will use it and efficiency will no long be an issue in mobile app development for business.

What does this mean? Powerful connectivity, decrease in latency, boost in traffic capacity and networks. Everything will become faster.

So, in 2024, mobile app development companies and businesses will enjoy business apps with more features and less worry for slow performance.

Mobile app testing will also be faster and there will be quicker time to market.

This can boost user engagement as well as increase in sales.


Mobile App Development Cost in 2024

This blog will be incomplete if we do not touch on mobile app development cost. It will cost you about $25k to over $200k to build a business app in 2024.

Whatever the price you settle with your ideal app development company, certain factors will influence the cost.

These include, the features and functions of the mobile app, the level of complexity, the mobile app development company size and their level of expertise.

The location of the developers and their skill set may also be strong cost influencing factors for app creation.

Check our blog on mobile app development cost or use our app cost calculator.


How Can Prometteur Help you with the Best Mobile Application Development?

We have deep and sharp experience in building different types of apps for businesses and start ups. Our client base are in different parts of the world and their testimonies are proof our excellent app solutions.

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Common FAQs on Mobile App Development

Is it worth it to build a mobile app for your business?

Yes, it is. Mobile apps offer many advantages to your business, especially in increasing engagement, and boosting sales and revenue.

How much does it cost to build an app for a business?

On average, it will cost you about $20k to $300k depending on the features, functionalities, app developers, their locations and the complexities of your app.

Can I make an app for my business?

Get in touch with us now and we will create the best app solution for your business.

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