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On-demand medicine delivery apps.

On-demand apps have started changing the way services are rendered in modern-day businesses. From cabs to foods and even salons, several things are now available at clients’ fingertips. And now, many people have an on-demand Medicine Delivery App Development Solutions to not only order medicines but also have them delivered at their doorstep.

The market for Android and iOS app for medicine delivery is on the rise, and many savvy business people in the medical or healthcare sector have started investing heavily in pharmacy app development in order to provide the best services to healthcare providers as well as consumers.

And so from pharmacists to customers and delivery men, the on-demand medicine delivery app is beneficial for many.

Now, thanks to the concept of on-demand medicine delivery app development, stuffed queues in pharmacies have significantly reduced. The time is slowly changing, and customers have no choice but to wait outside pharmacies to purchase medicines. The on-demand medicine delivery app is truly a game-changer

ger in the healthcare sector.

With just a few taps, customers can quickly order medicines anywhere and at any time. Medications are then delivered to those customers right on their doorsteps within a very short period. Advanced technology has also led to the enablement of online tracking of patient records, electronic prescriptions as well as the automated handling of medicines.

And this has led to the apps’ popularity gradually and progressively in the industry. This is not surprising as Statista has reported that the market of mHealth apps will significantly grow up to $100 billion by 2025.

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Medicine Delivery App Development Solutions

Businesses with on-demand medicine delivery apps as well as investors in pharmacy app development are making a lot of profit and impact in the health sector. Customers are fully taking advantage of these apps without encountering any challenge to get their medicines instantly. The fantastic and interactive features are helping customers to remain connected with their respective healthcare services.

Benefits of Android and iOS App for Medicine Delivery

Instant Delivery 

Customers can get their medication with the instant delivery service of the on-demand Android and iOS app for pharmacies. With a few taps on your smartphone, you can quickly order prescription medicines.

You will no longer have to endure long queues for several hours within hospitals or pharmaceuticals for your medicines. It is also a blessing for many consumers who cannot go out on their own to purchase medication due to ill health.

This also means that even the elderly can buy medicines online via the on-demand medicine delivery app. And seniors who don’t know how to navigate the app can get their relatives to help them out by ordering medicines immediately.


An on-demand medicine delivery app is an efficient way for you to know or understand more about medicines before you make a purchase. The description and appropriate facts of the drugs or medication you are interested in are detailed in the application for the user.

The officinal benefits, side effects as well as ingredients used in manufacturing the medicines are highlighted within the app.


Tracking is a useful feature in an on-demand medicine delivery app that both customers, as well as pharmaceutical stores, can benefit from. Customers can track the medicines they ordered with ease, while pharmaceutical stores can track every order or shipment.

They can also easily keep track of both distributors and salespersons.

Discounts and Offers 

An Android and iOS app for medicine delivery help users to access discounts and attractive offers easily. This is one of the best ways to not only boost online services but also to maintain trust levels with the customers.

The mobile app user can also earn and enjoy loyalty points as well as rewards on every purchase or recommendation.

Connect Customers with Local Pharmacies 

Customers can connect with and buy medicines immediately from medicinal stores in their localities.

Unique Features of On-demand Medicine Delivery App

By now, you already know that the Android and iOS app for medicine delivery is an ingenious way of providing spontaneous services to numerous customers. Instead of waiting for hours in a long queue at a hospital or pharmacy with their written prescriptions, customers can stay at home and get the medicines delivered there.

Here are some of the attractive features that users enjoy:

Impressive Voucher 

The users of the on-demand medicine delivery app can earn lots of vouchers or reward points after making use of the services within. Medicine or healthcare providers can also provide cashback and impressive discounts when users place orders via an on-demand medicine delivery app.

By making use of this mobile application from time to time, users can score considerable savings for online purchases on any purchase.

Doorstep Deliveries 

If there is one way to strengthen the bond between a brand and its customer, it is through the doorstep delivery service.

This is one of the services that app users can enjoy whenever they make use of an Android and iOS app for pharmacy drug delivery.

Healthcare providers can almost instantly deliver any of the listed medicines – within the application – across the country with the help of delivery agents.

Consultation with Specialists 

Customers can consult specialists or healthcare professionals online. Features like online chats, video-conferencing as well a 24/7 helpline can be utilized by app users to stay in touch with healthcare specialists.

In case of emergencies, app users can even chat directly with physicians or pharmacists. You can also chat with or call top healthcare specialists at any time of the day.

Return Policy 

In some cases – which is rare – a problem may arise with the order and users are permitted to return the medicines and even to lodge complaints. The return policy of the mobile delivery app facilitates the users to refund the amount covered by the medication within the next few days.


This is a feature that is present in the mobile app, and its function is to help users by reminding them of the refill order when there is a shortage of a particular type of medicine.

A text or reminder call is sent in advance to the healthcare provider. The app users are at liberty to set the reminder according to their respective preferences every month.

How an On-demand Medicine Delivery App Works for Customers

  • User registration – To use an on-demand medicine delivery app, you need to, first of all, register by imputing a few personal details about yourself.
  • Profile – App users can add some of their basic info which may include your name, residential address, and phone number. Users can also state the medication they use every day due to a particular ailment. They can even specify the name of the physician who placed them on that prescription.
  • Physician’s Description – Users can readily submit the medicines prescribed to them by a healthcare professional or medical doctor.
  • Order Online – Users can quickly go through the available drugs, select the ones they want, and order them immediately.
  • Add to Cart – Customers that use medication every day can add them to cart and order when required.
  • Cancel Order – App users can cancel orders at any time and for any reason.
  • Track Pharmacy Stores – Users can easily track any pharmaceutical store within their locality when they purchase prescribed drugs online.
  • Chat with Nutritionists or Doctors – Users can chat or discuss the prescribed medication they are consuming with various nutritionists and medical doctors.
  • Make Payments – App users can effortlessly make online payments for the orders.

To achieve this, the setup includes:

So users of the platform can

  • Upload Prescription – Have their uploaded prescription digitized by a pharmacist
  • Have easy onboarding – Simplified login system using social media or email
  • A smart search – Make use of this to find medicines by name with auto suggest options and filters
  • Drug Info – Get up to date and useful info about the drug you want to order

How Much Does a Pharmacy App Development Cost?

Calculating or estimating the exact cost of developing one is not an easy task. This is because the development cost depends primarily on various aspects like platform, features, technology, complexity, navigation, and many other dependencies.

And so it is quite safe to estimate that an on-demand medicine delivery app development can cost anything from $10,000 to $12,000.

The market for on-demand medicine delivery apps is continually on the rise, and there is no sign that it will slow down any time soon. Progress reports have even revealed that the market for mHealth apps will grow up to about $100 billion by 2025.

This is a goldmine that businesses in the healthcare and medical sector are readily taking advantage of by investing heavily in on-demand medicine delivery app development. They look forward to applying this innovative technology with the help of mobile application development companies.

All customers need to do is to download the application from the Play Store – for Android users – and the App Store for iOS users. Then install them, register by imputing their basic details and start ordering medication online from the comfort of their homes.

It is believed that this innovative technology will bring an end to long queues in hospitals and local pharmaceutical stores nationwide.

Medicine Delivery App Development Solutions

Pharmacy Panel

  • Register/Login – Safe login sessions with your email and password
  • Dedicated interface – Personalized interactive platform for you
  • Order notification – Receive email alerts and notification on the platform confirming your order
  • Digital prescription – The pharmacist digitizes your prescription for easy access
  • Receive payments – Integrated with payment systems to help you receive payments.
  • Analytics – Analyze the purchase frequency and online visits
  • Push notification – Receive real time notifications as the customer interacts on the platform.
  • Manage stored details -View and make changes to stored customer details

Customer Panel

  • Registration and Login – Safely login using email or social media details
  • Maintain profile – Make changes to profile or edit accordingly
  • Add prescription – Upload prescriptions directly to profile
  • Search medicines – Search for available medicine options with filters
  • Order medicines – Place orders directly from the profile on the platform
  • Pay for orders – Make payments without leaving the platform via safe gateways
  • Order history – Retrieve stored past order details
  • Avail offers and discounts – Get to receive notification on promo offers and price slashes
  • Reminders- Set reminders for medicines

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard – Have an overview of the entire customer profiles
  • Payment gateway – Setup safe and secure payment gateways
  • Real-time analytics – See real time orders and data from customers
  • Tracking system – Keep track of all orders and their delivery time
  • Navigation – Navigate and explore the platform from the Admin panel
  • Track earnings – Keep track of all payment and orders completed
  • Contact customer – Reach out to each customer individually or send updates
  • Support – Offer support to customers to assist them with challenges from the admin panel
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