The Essential Flutter Dev Tools You Should Know

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With good cause, Google’s Flutter cross-platform app development framework is fast becoming a favorite among mobile cross-platform developers. Despite the fact that Flutter is rapidly developing because of Google’s strong backing, it currently lacks a large number of third-party developers’ flutter dev tools. However, there are a lot of excellent Flutter developer tools that aren’t Firebase, and we’ll look at some of the best in this piece.

The Top Flutter Tools


flutter dev tools

Many existing Flutter Dev Tools theme designers are not powerful enough for your design needs. Producing a custom theme for your app can be very time-consuming, even with the best of intentions. And you risk getting it wrong, which could result in poor user experience, functional failures, and low ratings. 

PInache lets you create beautiful themes without the need of writing code. You will save time and money, while also improving your design skills using these handy Flutter dev tools.

PInache is an open-source, browser-based Flutter Dev Tools material theme designer that lets you build attractive, highly configurable themes for your app. You may modify the colors of your components and widgets using this Flutter development tool, then export your theme as a theme.dart file.


Instabug is a platform for in-app bug reporting, crash reporting, surveys, and feature requests that provides real-time contextual information for mobile apps. You may allow your users to report problems they encounter without leaving the app by integrating Instabug’s Flutter SDK into your app. Instabug takes a snapshot that your users may annotate and blur, as well as detailed logs and device information, to help you discover and address issues quicker. Crash reports are also provided, together with all the logs and device information you’ll need to figure out what’s wrong.


The high volumes of online and in-app transactions make the business of payment processing a tricky and risky task. Creating an intuitive and user-friendly experience can be difficult, and failure to do so can result in higher-order abandonment rates.

Flutter’s Square has created the perfect solution for all your payment processing needs! With Square, you can get started with just $0 upfront. Plus, they take care of all the difficulties associated with payment processing for you — from configuring your UI to integrating their Flutter SDK and REST API. Square automatically detects fraud and offers protection for costly chargebacks.

Square is an in-app payment management platform that takes care of all the difficulties associated with payment processing. You may start accepting in-app payments with an easily configurable UI with support for digital wallets and saved cards for rapid checkout using their Flutter Dev Tools SDK. is an open-source analytics platform that prioritizes data security and privacy. The free version of allows you to track the most basic metrics and KPIs that demonstrate how well your app is working, but they also have a premium edition that includes a larger number of metrics and additional capabilities. 

Extra feature flags, A/B testing, and push notification capabilities are available in the premium edition of, which may be hosted on-premise or in the cloud.


Engagement with your customers is a must-have in today’s cutthroat business world. Today, more than ever before, customers are inundated with information from across the internet and from mobile apps. In this cluttered environment, your customers have a hard time finding you and remembering you. This means that if your application doesn’t send them proactively engaging notifications and in-app messages, they’ll forget about you.

Flutter’s Airship is a user engagement tool that lets you send push notifications and in-app messages to your customers. It also includes an in-app inbox which gives you the opportunity to send persistent messages to your app users. 

With Airship, you can keep your customers engaged.

The Airship is a customer engagement tool that helps you to engage and convert your users by sending push-notifications and in-app messaging. It also lets you construct an in-app message center, which includes an in-app inbox where you can send users persistent messages.


As a developer, it’s usually hard to get a clear picture of what’s happening with your app and how your users perceive it. How can we avoid this?

flutter dev tools

It’s terribly frustrating and time-consuming to build an app and then find out that the users don’t like it. Getting reviews or feedback from current or potential customers can be just too expensive and time-consuming and also not enough to get the complete picture. With Flutter’s Amplitude, you can finally get all the insights you need about your app by tracking and monitoring all sorts of data points. This way, you can make informed changes in order to improve your app’s performance keeping in mind the customer perspectives.

Amplitude is a well-known in-app analytics tool that may help you figure out how your app’s users interact with it. It’s currently a popular Flutter dev tools that allow you to track and monitor a wide range of data and connects with many major mobile app development platforms so you can take action depending on your findings.


Not enough user engagement is draining the marketing budget and taking a toll on the business. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need app marketing that empowers your company and increases visibility. Your customers need to stay engaged if they’re going to click on your ads and purchase your products.

Flutter’s WonderPush is the push notification and in-app messaging solution you want if your goal is to increase user engagement and revenue with strong capabilities like segmentation and targeting, geo-targeting, and A/B testing – all for a low price. 

WonderPush is another push notification and in-app messaging solution that you can integrate into your Flutter app to increase user engagement. For a low price, it offers a variety of strong capabilities like segmentation and targeting, geo-targeting, and A/B testing.


App developers face a steep learning curve and many barriers on their way to becoming productive with the frameworks. The development process is all about time and if you don’t have it, you can’t produce anything. There is also the issue of lack of tools and documentation, which not only slows down the developers but also increases the cost of such projects.

Flutter’s Codemagic created a CI/CD solution for Flutter that will help developers save time on their workflows and reduce costs by helping them control more processes from one UI. 

Nevercode’s Codemagic is the company’s first CI/CD solution for Flutter. 

It recognizes your Flutter app quickly and interacts with all of your favorite tools to automate the whole build, test, and release process. With 500 free mac mini construction minutes each month and a pay-as-you-go option for more minutes, Codemagic is also quite inexpensive.


Each app marketing campaign or data source will always tell you different information about your marketing efforts, so it’s hard to tell what is actually working. It’s difficult to measure success and determine which channels are contributing to the bottom line. This results in wasted time, money, and effort. 

However, with Flutter’s AppsFlyer, you can instantly see how your marketing channels are performing across different devices and apps. This helps you measure the effectiveness of any marketing efforts and easily identify which channels are contributing to your bottom line.

AppsFlyer is an attribution solution for mobile marketers that provides valuable insights into the app marketing landscape. It enables companies to track their ads across all paid media, analyze their user base

AppsFlyer is a mobile attribution solution that lets you analyze your user base and attribute app installations to certain marketing efforts. It interacts with over 6000 media partners and lets you see how your marketing channels and campaigns are working across devices and applications in one dashboard.


It is more time-consuming and expensive to perform functional testing of your app on physical devices than it is on the simulator. There are also limited device types available for testing, which can make it difficult to find bugs.

You need more efficient ways of finding bugs in your app before releasing it out into the wild. Flutter’s Sylph provides an efficient way for finding bugs in your app as you develop, as well as a reliable way for testing your apps long before they’re submitted to Apple or Google’s store.

Testing your app on physical devices is now easier with Sylph. Instead of buying an expensive suite of physical devices from Amazon or purchasing from a third-party vendor, you can now

Sylph is an open-source command-line program designed by Maurice McCabe that acts as a wrapper for the Amazon Web Services device farm. In the AWS device farm, Sylph allows you to run Flutter Dev Tools integration and end-to-end tests on hundreds of actual iOS and Android devices at once.


Supernova is a powerful design-to-code tool for iOS, Android, React Native, and, of course, Flutter Dev Tools that turns your Sketch and Adobe XD mobile designs into native front-end code for iOS, Android, React Native, and, of course, Flutter. 

Supernova manages asset generation and deduplication as well as allowing you to update the design and see the code changes in real-time when you import your app design. Supernova is now only available on the Mac platform, but it will soon be available in the cloud.

Other Flutter Development Tools

Flutter UI Libraries 

flutter dev tools

With its background in iOS/macOS UI libraries, Flutter UI helps Flutter developers make cross-platform user interfaces. With a team that’s one of the best Flutter UI apps in existence. 

Flutter Studio 

While there are lots of Flutter Studio tutorials available, this one by Flutter Academy is fantastic for beginners. It goes through the basics of UI design in Flutter and it has a huge list of example apps to work with.

Flutter App Builder 

This is the most mature Flutter Dev Tools app builder at the moment, it doesn’t offer all the features that an actual design tool would. However, it can be used for prototyping UI with a simple drag and drop interface.

Hot Reload

If you have worked with any other of the Flutter frameworks, you have probably worked with Hot Reload. This is a feature that allows you to quickly re-compile Flutter code without having to restart your app. This is a feature that Firebase Studio supports but not all of the Flutter Dev Tools do.

Debugging in Flutter If you are having issues with your Flutter app, one thing that you may want to try is logging into Flutter Dev Tools with your Google account. After logging into your Google account, you can use the Debugger to record your device’s touch events, then restart your app and try again. It can be very useful when your app crashes because it can record a crash, and then use the logs to figure out what caused it.

IDE Plugins

A new plugin is introduced that enables developers to use Flutter Dev Tools to create Android apps with FlashDevelop. The plugins are available for both Windows and macOS. The plugin will be updated with future releases of Flutter and FlashDevelop.

FlashDevelop Flutter Plugin – FlashDevelop is another popular IDE for Android development. Although it’s not as mature as the IDE plugins mentioned above, it does offer a nice Flutter SDK plugin as well.

Visual Studio Code Extension

One of the major advantages to Flutter is that you are able to develop apps that look exactly like native mobile apps. In order to achieve this, Flutter Dev Tools comes with several different widgets and widgets nodes in the Windows, Mac, and Linux builds of the Flutter SDK. 

One of the most common uses for these widgets is editing them in Visual Studio Code, which is a free, cross-platform development environment from Microsoft. It’s one of the first to come preinstalled with Flutter Dev Tools and it gives you full control of your project’s assets. In this way, you can quickly switch between UI designs, from Native to Material Design, using a minimal drop-down list that Visual Studio Code has preconfigured for your app.

Dart Code Completion Tool

To complete your Dart code, the Dart Code Completion Tool provides syntax highlighting, auto-completion, text formatting, and reference/argument highlighting as well as HTML template (via the Static HTML) and input completion. This utility makes you wonder why Dart took so long to support this! It is in fact just one of several enhancements to Dart language support over the years. Dart IDE for Mac, iOS, & Windows. 

With the latest Dart tools, the Dart IDE for Mac, iOS, and Windows has been improved to make the Dart platform more attractive for both developers and data scientists, and that starts with tooling. The Dart IDE now supports Docker images and adds features that speed the initial configuration of the Dart Development Environment.


One of the more popular Flutter Dev Tools is FlutterPad. This is a great interface to both explore and publish your app on both Ionic and Angular using Flutter. You can find this here and install it using npm. 

What to expect: 

  • A great visual experience and really slick animations and transitions. 
  • Fully integrates with Ionic and Angular SDKs. 
  • Free and open source. 
  • Built-in professional, fully-featured Android App Testing Support. 
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