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101 Mobile App Ideas for startups in 2023

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There are over 100 mobile app ideas startups that could change the world in 2023. The way we live and everything else we do in life has been positively influenced by mobile app development software

Mobile App Ideas

Here are different useful Ideas for mobile applications 

App for dating 

People prefer to use apps instead of meeting people face to face. If you are comfortable using dating apps, you can meet new people, get to know them, and move on. These apps are one of the most popular mobile app ideas because they are used by a large number of people. 

Tracking Goals App 

Finding a consistent means to monitor your objectives every day makes them seem more tangible and less abstract, especially if you have been attempting to break the same behaviour for years. These goal-tracking applications are the most popular right now. 

Scanning in 3D using an App 

3D scanning software is a fantastic method to save money on scanning equipment. It allows users to re-create their favourite tangible items. These apps only do scans and do not need the use of any other devices. 3D scanning applications will be in high demand as the popularity of 3D printing grows. 

App for Exam Study 

Using mobile applications is one of the easiest ways to simplify and improve the exam preparation process. Exam Preparation App is a well-liked app idea that serves students as well as educators. 


Navigation App is a smartphone app that provides users with real-time navigating assistance. These applications can help you with things like mode of transportation, traffic worries, travel time to your destination, and more. Navigation mobile app ideas are really useful, especially when app owners integrate extra features that make users’ lives easier. 

Supermarket-specific app 

These apps enable you to evaluate items and make appropriate payments while shopping on your smartphone. 

Food Recommendation App 

Individuals who want to explore new places and are confident in their ability to provide evaluations and suggestions about what they should eat when they do are featured in the food recommendation/examination app. 

App for Finding Parking Spaces 

Finding a parking place in most busy areas is a significant hassle. The software will use real-time GPS, cameras, location, and parking data to find the user a free parking spot whenever he needs it. 

Interior Designing App 

When purchasing furniture or any other type of interior decorating, one of the main concerns is whether the item will fit in your space and where it will look best. These interior design apps can assist you with anything from shopping to colour planning to measuring and organising. 

App for safety and security 

These days, security is a major concern, and many third-party applications have attempted to address it. These programmes provide safe security, almost all of the virus protection you will ever need, and the ability to clean and speed up your device. 

App for Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency has taken over the world. People mine Bitcoin, Doge coins, Etherium, and a variety of other currencies all over the world. Cryptocurrency applications offer paradigm-shifting opportunities to businesses looking for massive scale. 

App for Personal Finance 

You can keep track of your spending, saving, and investing with personal financial applications. They will also keep track of your bill payments and keep you informed about changes in your credit score. A personal finance app is a smartphone or tablet application that may be downloaded to assist you in managing your money. 

App for Taxi Booking 

The Cab Hiring app offers a wonderful user experience for quickly booking a taxi. The concept of taxi applications is simple. A motorcyclist enters and verifies their position at a destination. After that, the app connects the rider with a nearby automobile. 

App for Language Translation 

The important elements of a language translation software include functions that go beyond simple translation, such as the capacity to comprehend a two-way dialogue in real time, which may be quite useful for travellers. 

App for Productivity 

Individual productivity applications, corporate and office apps, and collaborative apps are among the many types of productivity apps accessible. In today’s world, we are confident most of us are utilising other applications to measure our productivity, and it is one of the greatest mobile app ideas for app development. 

To-Do List App 

Using a to-do list application greatly simplifies the procedure and saves time on a large scale. It is also one of the most lucrative mobile app concepts in recent memory. 

App for dating and chatting 

One of the most lucrative and popular app concepts. Today, millennials have taken the lead in revolutionising the dating business and establishing online dating as a legitimate option. In addition, studies believe that income from dating and chat applications will increase in the next few years. 

Auto-Responder App 

Auto Answer applications answer the phone automatically when it rings. When your hands are full, it might be difficult to respond to a large incoming call. This programme is capable of responding automatically. 

Credit Card Management App 

Credit Card Management App is a new app concept that aims to help users manage their credit in all aspects of their lives. Credit card management software can help you get a better understanding of your credit usage without having to sift through stacks of papers and receipts. 

Subscription Management App 

Since we have been at home for so long, we may have taken out subscriptions to a variety of entertainment services. The Subscription Management App alerts you when a service’s pricing increases and assists you in cancelling any services you are not using. It may be a nice app concept. 

App for Magazines 

As most of us are attempting to reduce our reliance on paper, a Magazine App may help you keep up with your reading by distributing magazines around your home. With a single press of a button on your mobile device, you can subscribe to and unsubscribe from publications using the magazine app. 

Apps for News 

You can find out what is going on in the world, the latest headlines, and more with just one click. The news app is accessible from any location and is continually updated with the most up-to-date information. You can select the language and categories based on your preferences. As a consequence, providing a news app is one of the mobile app ideas. 

Apps for Sports Education 

Athletes and sports aficionados will like these apps. These apps will attract the interest of students who are sports enthusiasts. The apps can be used to view a video clip, update outcomes, and link to a live game in a single lesson or a multi-unit programme. 

Scan to Shop 

Over the last few years, these apps have played a significant role in e-commerce. This sort of programme will enable you to search for things you want and locate them in online stores or nearby alternatives so you can buy them right away. 

Mall Navigation App with Maps 

Many malls are opening in the United States, offering a complete entertainment package, including shopping, restaurants, and cafés. The digital maps of all shopping malls are stored in a digital mall navigation software, which can navigate and find them. 

App for Restaurant Reservations 

Guests may make reservations in advance for a table at a certain time using restaurant booking applications. By refining cuisine options by presenting locations on a map, price, and more, you can check your restaurant. Zomato is one example. 

On-Demand Application 

These fantastic mobile apps are designed for consumers that want faster and more accessible access to products and services, resulting in an ideal environment of convenience, quality, and trust. 

App for Crime Alerts 

These apps notify and educate the community about their surroundings by presenting the customer with a crime indicator. The Crime Notification service also provides clear warnings in the case of an occurrence and allows users to provide information through live recordings or conversation. 

Suggestions for Travel App 

For the user, a travel suggestion programme investigates and determines the best locations to visit and things to do in a certain region. It might also feature the capacity to recommend the best restaurants, motels, and other lodgings, as well as site assessments. This app is popular and handy since it provides entire service on travellers’ smartphones. 

Meditation app 

Through a guided programme, a meditation app teaches the essential practises of meditation. The apps lead you through meditation and have been shown in tests to help you enhance your attention span. Furthermore, given our current situation, it is one of the most profitable mobile app ideas. 

App for ordering food 

Food ordering apps are the newest fad in our digital world of quick pleasure. Despite the immense market potential for such applications, food apps remain a highly competitive application field. Users may order their favourite food with only one click. 

Inventory Management Apps 

Whether it is a new business or an established one, every owner recognises the importance of inventory. That is why having a dependable, quick inventory management solution is essential. Inventory monitoring software allows for time savings, improved inventory allocation, an order management system, and more. 

Apps for Donating to Charities 

Many people have been left in need as a consequence of COVID-19’s social isolation and safety restrictions. Giving a gift might be the most effective method to help. In this circumstance, a donation app may assist, and a donor can contribute from anywhere in the globe utilising these mobile applications. 

App Covid-19 Pandemic 

The application should contain regular mailings with the newest news, news items, fact sheets, disease outbreak updates, and public health emergency information. The Covid-19 Pandemic Software is one of the best startup software ideas for staying up to date on global health news. 

Transportation-related app 

Transportation has evolved into a massive industry with a mobile app culture in recent years. The mobile transportation app has proven to be a flexible option for transportation companies looking to expand their customer base and reach. 

App for tracking shipments 

It is one of the most widely utilised smartphone apps. The Cargo Tracker App allows you to keep track of your shipment and verify its deliveries on a regular basis. These may be useful for anything from tracking a single order to tracking several deliveries for a large corporation. I think it is a fantastic concept for a business app. 

GST Return App 

A tax request that keeps track of all of your income, company materials, expenditures, and tax transactions and automatically calculates your tax due for a certain period of time. It would be very helpful to both types of taxpayers. As a result, one of the brilliant mobile app ideas is to create a GST Return App. 

App for Taking Notes 

Users may utilise voice input to create new notes, add and check things from lists, and show reminders using the Note Taking application. It has the potential to become a popular note-taking platform where anybody may take notes, share them with others, and be incredibly useful. 

Conferencing App 

What is there to say about these? To make conference calls, almost every working professional employs such software. In less than a minute, you can establish a conference group and start discussing. Conference applications are now in high demand, making them a very lucrative app concept. 

App for Video Live Tutorials 

This is one of the few times when the expression “anytime, anywhere” is applicable. Such apps make teaching more convenient and strike a solid balance by providing educators with a quick introduction to immersive video courses. As a consequence, this is merely a potentially profitable app concept. 

App for Measurement 

Measuring applications can provide more trustworthy, accurate response time, measurement frequency, and automated readings. They are useful when you do not have your measuring tool with you. 

App for composing 

Composition is a multifaceted activity that encompasses everything from handwriting skills to sentence construction to subject preparation and writing. Writing apps may be beneficial to those who desire to write. They may utilise the app to produce content that can be seen by other users and even enhanced. 

App for Cleaning Services 

Cleaning service apps allow users to identify and hire a person or company to clean their homes, offices, or other areas, saving money and time. There are videos for cleaning, evaluating services, and much more. 

App to Sell Your Old Things 

You may earn some additional money by selling stuff you no longer need. We either keep or throw away goods we do not utilise. In the near future, apps for selling old goods will become a profitable company. 

App for Book Exchange 

These applications offer the book exchange a new twist. They make it possible for local book lovers to swap books with one another. Creating a book-sharing app for a group of readers may bring them together. 

Contacts Management App 

Applications that let you keep track of all of your contacts in one place. These contact management solutions are designed to suit all of the contracting needs of the users. 

App for Email 

You may send, receive, and read emails from your phone or tablet using an Email mobile application. Email programmes have long been a popular way to communicate online, whether for business or personal purposes. 

App for a Loan  Status

This sort of software might act as a conduit between lenders and borrowers. They may access and fulfil their loan-related obligations, as well as monitor the progress of their loan application. To offer consumers trust in the app, do not forget to integrate security and privacy features. 

App for Credit Spending 

It is vital to maintain a real-time track of your expenses. These programmes can figure out how much they will cost the user. In 2020 and beyond, the Credit Spending App will continue to be very popular among locals. It is certainly a sound business model for financial startups. 

App for Graphic Design 

For more freedom and capabilities, graphic artists may choose desktop applications. Mobile graphic design apps are more important than ever before, with more creative people on the road and compelled to go mobile. 

Editing software for photos 

One of the most extensively utilised as well as one of the most popular app ideas. A picture editing software programme for a mobile device is meant to modify photographs. Everyone wants their images to seem excellent before sharing them with their friends and family. As a consequence, the Photo Filter App, which lets you modify photographs, has gained a lot of traction. 

App to Edit Video Filters 

Users can now do a surprising amount of video editing on their phones or tablets, whether it is editing films for social media, changing YouTube videos, or making whole advertisements. In the smartphone app industry, video editing applications have carved out a thriving niche. 

Mobile Selfie App 

The selfie-sharing revolution on the internet has taken centre stage. Selfie applications enable users to post images online while also controlling who has access to them. Without a doubt, Selfie App is a wonderful start-up idea. 

Grocery Delivery through Mobile App 

This app development idea has undoubtedly been around for a long time, but it has never been more popular than it is right now. Consumers may use online grocery delivery applications to have goods delivered to their houses from the local store. 

3D Printing App for Mobile 

Their engineering and design abilities have increased thanks to 3D printing software programmes. 3D printing turns 3D models into genuine models using computer-aided design models that you can touch and use in the real world. 

Thanks to new programmes and capabilities, your options for creating, showing, and altering 3D drawings from your smartphone or tablet are expanding by the day. 

App for Text Messaging 

Maintaining communication with family and friends is critical. It all comes down to being able to communicate with your family from wherever. Text and multimedia messages, as well as images and videos, will be sent to a person or group chat using the Text Messaging App. This is one of the most creative app ideas I have ever seen. 

Video Calling Application 

Since 2020, we have all known that video talks link us to our family, friends, and colleagues, and what better notion for an app to build than a Video Calling App? People are increasingly looking for simple video calling apps that enable them to speak with the people that matter most to them face-to-face. 

App for Film Critics 

On social media, the majority of individuals utilise movie reviews to find their next movie to watch. These apps give information about newly released or debuted films. The user input and reviews are shown in the movie review app. 

App for Promotion 

In-app advertising is a crucial marketing channel for companies and agencies. With extensive data monitoring and user profiling, these advertising tools let users target clients with precise accuracy. 

An App to Assist in the Prevention of Suicide 

Suicide prevention apps can help those who are at risk cope with unsolved difficulties. People have been searching for treatments and programmes to assist them to manage with stress and bad thoughts, which may affect anybody at any age. As a consequence, a business idea based on such an application is a viable option. 

Planning a Party App 

A successful party can be planned and organised. Many factors must be considered during the planning phase, including the guest list, food and beverages, décor, and activities. You can throw a party in no time with the help of these apps. COVID-19 has also prompted many businesses to go online, and party planning services are in high demand. 

Fashion Designing App 

Utilize cutting-edge technology to develop an application that allows users to create new designs that can be viewed as drawings before being cut and sewn. Fashion sketching apps for your phone or tablet can help you create fashion sketches in a short amount of time. 

Mobile App for Jewellery Design 

Mobile phones have long been the preferred method of accessing the internet at all hours of the day and night. As a result, consumers are more likely to purchase different ornaments using smartphone applications rather than going to a jewellery store. 

Work-from-Home Jobs App 

More people are doing their daily responsibilities from home as the popularity of remote work grows. It is also possible that activities take a long time to complete, which has a direct impact on efficiency. 

Freelance Worker’s App 

Today, the majority of people require a platform that connects freelancers with employers looking for workers. In such situations, a mobile app to find freelance jobs is one of the best mobile app concepts. In fact, it is one of the most original mobile app ideas for students and others looking for part-time work to supplement their income. 

App to Connect with Friends 

Connect with Friends Apps allow you to stay in touch with friends and family from the comfort of your own home. These app development ideas are the most profitable app ideas today, as we practise social distancing and consider current safety measures. 

App for Booking Public Transportation 

In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of public transportation booking apps. This could be because users have realised the possibilities and convenience that these apps provide. 

WiFi Finder App 

These applications will automatically assist your phone in locating free WiFi networks without the need for an internet connection; in other words, it will act as a hotspot scanner. This is an example of a new and innovative mobile app concept. 

Mobile App for Food Reviews 

A meal review app displays comments from people who wish to sample different restaurants and can be trusted to offer evaluations and suggestions on what they should order when they get there. After receiving reviews for a particular dish, the app can clear the foodies’ minds. 

Apps for Random Chat 

Every time you join your chat list, a random chat programme will display you, new random individuals. Users can chat with strangers and get to know them. This falls within the area of fresh app concepts. 

Song Recognition Apps 

Apps that can identify music in a matter of seconds. We generally have a song in our heads but can not recall the title; a song identifier app enables users to locate the title of a certain song based on their tone or phrases. Developing such an app is a fantastic idea. 

Mobile App to Add to Wishlist 

Add to Wishlist App facilitates users to add their desires or purpose to accomplish in a Wishlist. Which expands on the facts provided and directs the user toward the desired outcome. This improves efficiency while also bringing the user closer to their goal. 

Alarm App 

There was a time when we kept a lamp, a book, and an old clock on the table beside our beds to wake us up every morning. Everything has changed, and our style of waking up has altered as well. Alarm apps on our mobile phones have replaced alarm clocks. They keep track of the time and assist you in getting out of bed in the morning. 

Food Freshness Checker App with Artificial Intelligence 

Users can scan or click on a picture of their food to have it automatically tested for freshness using predefined mechanisms and criteria. 

Video-hosting application 

Videos have ruled the internet for years, and video marketing is now a requirement for every business. Users can upload live videos or record a live event they attended, and receive payment based on the number of views they receive, similar to YouTube. It is one of the best app development ideas due to its growing popularity. 

App for Mantra Meditation 

Mantra meditation apps can help people stay fit, relaxed, and calm without having to go to a meditation centre. In other words, while sitting in their residences, folks may perform meditation. The growing popularity of meditation applications may be attributed to these benefits. 

Deal Alert App 

Users may choose which categories they wish to get deal notifications from a deal notification app, which will keep you up to date on the newest bargains and offers from your local restaurants, shopping centres, theatres, and more. 

App for Daily Motivation 

As the name indicates, a motivation app reminds you of daily chores and pushes you to perform less willing duties such as exercising, walking, reading, etc. This app motivates users and serves as a tool for completing the task perfectly. 

App for Scheduling Doctor Appointments 

The medical appointment app has also been dubbed the “future of medicine.” It allows physicians, patients, and healthcare firms to utilise basic yet powerful technology devices like smartphones to exchange information, connect, and get counsel from home. 

App for Real-Time Translation 

Individuals who speak different languages may connect and converse with one another using real-time translation mobile applications. The words are spoken over the phone and then translated by the programme into the selected language. These applications may be used for both personal and business purposes. 

App for College Learning 

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, many colleges and educational institutions have gone entirely online. College Learning apps are now one of the most profitable app ideas, focusing solely on providing education through online learning applications. Without a doubt, one of the most profitable app ideas for 2020 is this one. 

Car Maintenance App 

Offline auto services have become quite cumbersome, as customers must drop off and pick up their vehicles at a service facility, which takes a long time. People are more relaxed with the car services app because they can hire experts from online platforms at their leisure and whenever they need them. 

Karaoke Mobile App 

With the help of karaoke apps, even non-singers can become singers. A karaoke app not only allows you to sing along to music, but it also includes several enhancements that make you sound more like your favourite singers. 

Video Editing App 

Whether editing videos for social media, modifying YouTube videos or creating whole advertising, users can now accomplish a surprising amount of video editing on their phones or tablets. Video editing apps have developed a successful niche in the mobile app market. 

App for Language Learning 

The programme may be good for students who want to learn the foundations of a foreign language or anybody who wants to learn the principles of a foreign language. It is an amazing app development concept since it can be utilised by individuals of all ages. 

App for Safety Alerts 

In a world where emergency rescue and relief operations are required, and where difficult circumstances can strike anyone at any time, communication technologies such as social and mobile tools are becoming increasingly important in emergency response and personal safety. In dangerous times, an app with safety alert options can be a lifesaver for many people. 

App to Track Your Health 

Because everyone nowadays wants to be healthy, a health monitoring app is the best mobile app idea for entrepreneurs. It keeps track of your health and arranges your regular health check-ups for you, so you do not have to remember to book appointments manually. 

App to Help You Improve Your Health 

Demand for health apps, which enable consumers to contact with doctors and track their health status, was predicted to increase even before the current situation. The mobile app development sector, like any other industry, has a lot of potentials. 

App for the Goods Exchange Social Network 

Users may use an exchange app to identify other individuals in their region or overseas who are interested in swapping commodities like apparel, electrical equipment, mobile phones, furniture, and so on, and it connects and supports them by creating a social network for those willing to swap. 

App for Smart Reminders 

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we tend to neglect many things, including someone’s a birthday, and it may be your anniversary. You can use smart reminders software to set reminders for any important work or occasion, and they will inform you when the time comes. 

House Renting App 

Real estate has expanded commendable in the previous several years and has adapted to corporate applications. Apps are the ideal option for them since they boost productivity, enhance engagement, and improve client communication. 

Food Donation Mobile App for Restaurant 

This is also one of the best application ideas that you should pursue. A food donation app for restaurants links them to humanitarian groups or individuals wishing to aid the needy and give their leftover food. 

Menstrual Cycle Notifier App 

Due to the widespread use of smartphones, health and wellness apps are becoming more popular among regular women’s app lists. Menstrual Cycle Notifier is the most popular type of app. 

Pregnancy Helper App 

These pregnancy aid apps, which have a greater emphasis on health and wellbeing, provide important information to pregnant women and their families throughout different phases of their pregnancy. 

Mobile App to Sell Old Furniture 

This app development idea has been around for a while, but it is slowly gaining popularity. Apps for selling old furniture allow users to sell their used furniture at their leisure. 

College Application App 

While technological advancements have aided in the enhancement of various aspects of the college experience in colleges and universities, there is still room for new app ideas. A college application app is a popular app concept that allows students to learn about different colleges and continue with the application process. 

Mobile app for Movie Reviews 

The mobile app allows you to operate your business concept in the most efficient manner possible. You have the opportunity to establish your business in an era where mobile app development is linked to every aspect of one’s life.

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