UI/UX Designers: Hybrid Mobile App Development Framework

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The term hybrid mobile app development framework refers to a framework that can create native mobile apps using web technologies. These frameworks allow for better cross-platform compatibility and interoperability. A popular example of this is React Native, which allows developers to use JavaScript to develop an app that works on both Android and iOS devices.

As technology advances at a rapid pace, a plethora of tools and frameworks have already been created to make the development process easier for developers while also giving a distinct user experience. There are three sorts of app development subcategories: online, native, and hybrid mobile app development. The hybrid mobile app framework has seized the majority of the market, and as one of the best frameworks for developing a cross-platform application, it has carved out a niche in the business.

UI/UX design: Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid Mobile App Development

The fields of UI/UX are broad and many people are often unsure of the difference. It can be hard to find professionals that are experts in both areas. UX design is about how people interact with your product while UI focuses on the features and layout of the interface. Unfortunately, not many professionals know about both. This means you either have to spend a huge amount of time or money to figure out who has experience in UI/UX design, or you never get the perfect solution.

UI/UX design is important for user interference, user experience, graphic designs, logo designs, mobile app design, and website design. 

User experience

The general quality of a user’s experience is determined by the user’s thoughts and feelings about the product or service. If a person is satisfied with their experience they will most likely return to the website for more content, spend more time on the site, and give it a higher rating.

We can categorize UI/UX designs to play very important roles in the interaction between users and web apps over the internet and in real-time. It is important because it ultimately impacts customers’ purchase decisions and brand preferences.

graphic design 

Graphic designers are trained to understand the principles of design. They have to have a good sense of color, form, line, texture, and space. They also need to know how to make the design work with the message they are communicating.

Graphic design is becoming more important in our society as it provides an important visual language that is universally recognized. Advertising agencies, mobile apps, and websites now use graphic designers for their clients because they can create compelling ad campaigns quickly and easily that maximize their impact on viewers which will hopefully convince them to buy the product or service advertised.

Website design 

Website design is a process that requires a lot of creativity and technical skill. Designers need to know how to use various UI/UX design programs, as well as understand how colors and fonts work. For most designers, this is a passion; they enjoy the challenge of creating different designs and learning about new trends in the industry.

When it comes to web design, there are lots of factors: usability, content management systems (CMS), web hosting platforms, and more. As such, there are many UI/UX design tools that can help with optimizing website design services; the best among them can cater to UI/UX for hybrid apps

Mobile app designs 

Mobile apps are the new way of marketing for companies. They are an extension of the company and allow customers to access all of their services in one place. Mobile apps can also be used to build a customer retention strategy.

Some mobile app design tips to consider

– Use responsive web design for your website so that your customers can view your website on any device they want. This is especially important if you want customers to be able to access your site when they’re on the go or in an area that has limited internet access.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

– A good rule of thumb for content is that it should be at least 20 percent text and 80 percent images/videos

– How people interact with mobile apps is just as important as how it looks. Make sure the navigation in the mobile app is excellently designed for an excellent user experience.

  • logo designs

Logos are the first thing that people see to identify your business. It is important to invest in a good logo design because it can show how serious you are about your company. There are many different ways to go about designing a logo, but before any decision is made, it is important to understand how logos work and what makes them effective.

Let us look at the top UX/UI hybrid app dev tools

Cordova Apache

Apache Cordova is a hybrid mobile development platform that is free source. It enables the development of cross-platform projects using common web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript rather than the native language of each mobile operating system. It accesses hardware via API and enables the usage of all available features.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Because this framework is part of the Apache Software Foundation, it will remain free to use under any circumstances. This is an excellent option for you especially if:

-You’re a mobile developer who wants to make your app available on numerous platforms without having to rewrite it from scratch for each one.

-You are a web developer looking for a way to market your app in app stores.

-You are a mobile developer who wants to use the device API to combine proprietary components with WebView (custom browser windows).

Apache Cordova can be used for both cross-platform workflow and platform-specific development. This means you can make the project available on a wide range of devices or concentrate on improving performance for a specific section, which may necessitate adjustments to low-level operations. The functional range of this solution can be expanded by community-created plugins. Comprehensive documentation and guidelines cover every topic you’ll need to get started with development.

Overall, it is a professional toolkit that includes everything needed to build a strong application with a wide range of functionalities.


If you want to create a smooth application, Famo.us is the best option. Famous.us, as an open-source JavaScript framework, aids in the construction of complicated yet engaging apps, making it one of the top choices for developers. For the same reason, this is one of the greatest solutions for developers looking to create a hybrid mobile application. The nicest part about using this framework is that it can be used to create desktop web applications. Famo.us framework is one of the most recent hybrid apps on the market. It functions as a framework, allowing for speedier app development.

Framework 7

Framework 7 is far more popular than other frameworks in the same category, such as Ionic and Onsen UI. Framework 7 is currently widely recognized as one of the best frameworks for developing iOS hybrid apps, with a plethora of useful features. Developers enjoy working with this framework since it allows them to incorporate the efficacy of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while creating feature-rich apps.

The icing on the cake is that Framework 7 is similar to native iOS apps in terms of functionality like swipe back, native scrolling, high-performance animation, and so on. The best part of working with Framework 7 is that it includes a variety of ready-to-use UI elements like side panels, modals, and others.

Kendo User Interface

Kendo UI focuses on creating modern HTML UI. Kendo UI incorporates the most recent JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS standards and provides a variety of tools for developing apps to meet specific needs. Along with Bootstrap, it supports jQuery and AngularJS. Kendo UI is a unique framework because it offers both an open-source edition and enterprise features in its commercial package. The Kendo UI is lightweight, allowing developers to focus on application development without sacrificing quality. The nicest part is that it comes with a built-in theme builder.


Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned framework for cross-platform application development in C# for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The concept is straightforward. You create the code in the above-mentioned language, utilizing all of its characteristics, including the SDK platform and native UI development. In terms of appearance and performance, the finished program, according to the creators, is no different from native projects.

The following items are included in the package:

IOS – a C# library that enables access to the iOS SDK; Android – a tool that enables the usage of the Android SDK; Compilers; Xamarin IDE; and VS Plugin.

Angular UI for Mobile

Sencha Touch is extremely similar to Mobile Angular UI. It can be used as a Bootstrap 3 extension, although it is not dependent on Bootstrap or jQuery. Because Mobile Angular UI does not rely on jQuery, all that is required to build an amazing mobile user experience is AngularJS directives. Mobile Angular UI is an HTML framework that also employs Bootstrap3 and AngularJS to create interactive, engaging, and remarkable applications for users.

There are additional benefits for users because Mobile Angular UI has been made available for free and can be used under the MIT license. The source code is easily accessible on Github.

Touch Sencha

Because of the increased development costs, Sencha Touch is the ideal solution for enterprises developing hybrid apps. Because of its low cost, Ionic is an excellent choice for independent developers and freelancers. Sencha Touch includes Ext.JS, which aids in the development of high-performance apps. Sencha Touch is also popular among developers since it allows them to create applications that have a native feel and look. Sencha is an outstanding framework; yet, in order to fully utilize its capability, a developer must devote a considerable amount of effort.


Ionic is more well-known than its competitors because it is available for free, whereas Ionic’s competitors are only available in paid versions. The framework is extremely scalable and was built using clean and simple markups. Ionic also includes an optimized mobile library of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components, which adds to the framework’s robustness. 

The framework’s frequent upgrades keep it up to date for developers to use. Ionic is an open-source framework that includes HTML5. Furthermore, it includes the Front-desk SDK, which enables developers to create beautiful designs and improve the app’s quality.


There are now a variety of hybrid mobile app development solutions available, making this lucrative field even more competitive. It is no longer a luxury available exclusively to the industry’s top companies; it has become a need if you want to advertise your brand or provide certain services to the public. Given that there are numerous good open source solutions available for anyone to utilize freely at their discretion, the competition is fierce.

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