Top Success Factors for Mobile Apps

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This is a comprehensive blog post about the success factors for mobile apps and mobile application features. if that sounds like what you are looking forward to reading, then you are at the right place.

Some business apps are useful, practical, and outright fun to use while some are frustrating, boring, or nearly useless. What makes the difference? Trust me, it is not far from the success factors for mobile apps and mobile application features.

Developing a successful mobile app is a time-consuming and complex procedure. However, you can use various app features for your mobile application and make it easier by doing proper planning and hiring the best mobile app development company. Read on how to pick the right app development agency here.

How you are going to choose the best features for your app? Where do you begin? How do you choose the right mobile app functionalities according to your requirements?

Well!!! In this case, you should develop a list of features and functionalities which you want to include, with bullet points or a step-by-step overview of how users will interact with the more complex functions.

What is a Mobile Application?

A mobile application is a software application designed by either a UI/UIX designer and built by a mobile app developer or a mobile application development company. It runs on small portable computing devices such as tablets and smartphones. 

Mobile applications fall into three categories; hybrid apps, cross-platform and web-based, and native apps. They serve different purposes and come in different designs.

Success Factors for Mobile Apps

Mobile applications have what we may refer to as mobile app features. Mobile app features are what make the mobile app unique, powerful, and able to perform certain tasks.

How To Choose The Features For Your Mobile Application

Here are some tips for you which can help you on how to choose the best features for your mobile application.

Do Some Research and Know What You Want.

Whether you are a developer, a client, or a mobile application development company, it is always essential to have a good idea of the type of mobile application you want. Knowing what you want will make it easier to identify the best features of mobile applications for your business.

Since you understand the problem that you intend to solve with this product and have done excellent research and product definition, you should have a very clear idea of the things you want your product to do.

Do you want a product with e-commerce mobile application features? Or would you prefer other mobile app features? 

The main goal of any mobile app developer is to develop an attractive app or product. You can accomplish this by doing some research on a need of customers and market changes.

Researching customers, technologies, trends, and competitors will help you to decide the direction of your app.

Understand the Purpose:

It is always beneficial to refer to PRD (Product Reference Document) to implement and simplify your ideas.

This document is to guide you through the process of fully defining the purpose of the mobile app project.

By answering questions like Who is the targeted audience? What type of problem can you solve with it? To answer these types of questions product definition can help you.

Pick up the Best Class Features and Set According to Priority:

Always select the features which according to you can play a crucial role in the success of your application.

According to the importance of the features as well as a priority, this is needful. Let’s consider that you have developed some app features and you need to decide which app should be launched first and which are not really as important as earlier ones.

Once you planned these things, the decision becomes easier.

Including Social Sharing Feature:

Nowadays social media is the most powerful and effective key to the success of any business venture.

The inclusion of social sharing icons with your application will certainly give you a good benefit to connecting directly with the targeted users on various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others.

Providing Best UI and Functionality:

User satisfaction is the most important factor for every business. One of the important app features through which you can engage your users is by providing the best user interface and functionality.

So, the app development must a way that be helpful to the user for day-to-day activities.

Always, remember that if you fail to provide simple and proper functionality, the user may uninstall your app from their mobile phone.

Addressing Security Concerns:

Data security is the most important feature of the mobile app. So, protecting the app with secure login functionality and ensuring a proper authentication process for important data is the duty of the best mobile app development company.

Payment Gateways Integration

Payment Gateways are a core e-commerce mobile app feature for receiving online payments. They increase sales and ensure that the proper payments are made, and some may even automatically generate payment receipts for users.

It also ensures that fraud is checked and user information is validated before any purchase is processed.

Success Factors for Mobile Apps

Consult an Expert mobile app developer

You may not have explicit knowledge and idea of how you want your mobile application to be built.

Neither will you know all the mobile app features that should be included in the mobile application you intend to build.

One way to go about this is to seek expert advice from a mobile application development company or mobile application experts. 

Design For Different Network

Mobile app development experts, web gurus, or mobile application development companies should know that not every user uses a 5G or 4G enabled device.

Some use 3G or slower networks, so make sure one of your mobile app features works well across different mobile networks.

Therefore, make sure to test your mobile application on different networks and ensure that it runs well on all of them before launching it into the market. 

Add the Google Indoor Maps feature

Google indoor maps help to provide enjoyable and convenient moments for visitors using their mobile devices. It makes it very easy for visitors to search through the rooms of a building.

The mobile app feature can help visitors quickly locate a store, malls, transits, airports and other relevant locations of interest to them

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the new technologies that augments our lives. It is a mobile app feature that performs wonders in terms of interactivity and customer satisfaction.

AR is a game-changer. It makes it possible for customers and buyers to experience how a product works before proceeding to make a purchase.

With AR’s integration as one of the core features of a mobile application, interactivity, and customer satisfaction will become a reality for users. 

Add The Feedback System

If you want to involve your customers and users in deciding the next step in your business to meet their demands, integrating the feedback system into your mobile application features can do the magic for you.

It is a mobile app feature that collects users’ queries and complaints about what needs to be fixed or what is not going well with them while using your mobile application.

This mobile app feature allows you to easily collect and analyze specific data, which you can use to improve the user experience, products, and services of your business for optimal growth

QR Code Scanner

It is a mobile app feature that saves customers from spending too much time searching for a product they would love to buy.

Its advantage is that when a customer scans the QR code with their mobile device, the customer is directed to the page where the item can be purchased. It also increases interactivity and user experience.

Add Push Notification System

It is an excellent mobile app feature for establishing advanced connectivity bridging communication gaps with your product’s users.

You can use it to send messages and notifications on new content, tasks, bonuses, security threats, successful and failed transactions, and announcements.

A push notification system has become one of the core features of the mobile app used for various communication purposes.

Makes are Some Success Factors for Mobile Apps?

We would like to add some other contributing factors aiding the success of mobile application features. These factors do not work against but complement the application features.

Here at Prometteur, over the years, we realised that some important things must be put in place before we get into integrating the app features. What are these success factors for mobile apps?

User-centric Nature of the App

When building your mobile app, ensure to consider your users. Ask relevant questions about user needs, user behaviours and new trends. Your mobile app should suit the demographics of your users and how they love to engage.

You can also collect user feedback about your application features. This will enable you to understand a lot of things and unlock new opportunities including the number of active users, their locations, and their preferences.

Statistics show that the mobile app experience can improve with insights from user feedback.

Here at Promettuer, we utilise the best tools and methodologies for collecting user feedback to produce the ideal app. In our view and global standards, top-performing mobile app development companies ply the same route for optimal results. Read more about the top app development companies here.

Give Your Mobile App a Slick Design and Feel

Full-service mobile application development companies do not create poor designs. This is because they put a lot of effort into the design and app features.

App designs and their user experience should be slick, aesthetic and refreshing to operate. This contributes a great deal to making a great mobile app.

Mobile Apps Need Strong Unique Selling Points

It is highly expected of the best apps to have their own unique selling points.  These are indeed, what makes them one of the most successful in the marketplace and over time.

Unique selling points are those features and app characteristics that stick in the heads of the users, giving them a good time and making them excited about re-using the app.

For example, when Facebook started, it had all the features that other messengering tools had. This includes direct messages and notifications but they had to invent the like button.

Also, Facebook was able to sell the idea of using the app to connect with older friends and meet new people. It also has the idea of bringing different features together to function in the same app. This gives them their uniqueness for connecting with friends.

Focus on one core feature

Another way to create a great app is to focus on the core mobile application features. These are the features that define the app. With such features in place, everyone knows what your is all about and who are the target users.

These features must not be complicated and should in fact be easy to use. Also, the mobile app’s response time should be fast on a task.

It is best practice to always focus on the main reason the app was created. Make it better and with time, you can always introduce supporting features

Ensure Your Mobile App Solves a Problem

As a mobile app development company, we do not just create an app. We do so with a purpose and the purpose of the app determines the design, the category and the app features.

We have created so many successful apps and we can tell you that the secret is integrating success factors for mobile apps. This is mostly around knowing the problem the mobile app will be solving when it is released.

Read our blog on the important mobile application features


Mobile development companies usually have lists of mobile application templates and themes that they usually use to build mobile apps for businesses.

Using themes and templates makes their work easier and faster since they don’t have to rewrite codes or build new projects from scratch.

The themes and templates come with some of the best mobile app features that are good for different products and services. 

These templates are selected based on the type of problem that the mobile application is expected to solve. If, for example, it is a business that requires an eCommerce mobile application to render and sell its products, the mobile application developing company will select from their library of eCommerce templates and then tweak them to suit the purpose of the products.

Success Factors for Mobile Apps

Having a mobile application list template to choose from makes the work a lot easier. It saves a lot of time for both the customer and the mobile application development company. It is also a perfect way of working smart and not complicated. Some of the best mobile application templates include,

Tinder Clone (iOS and Android)

Tinder is a product of the React Native app template, which is excellent for creating a dating site. The template has some of the best mobile app features for building a dating site. It has functionalities like matchmaking, swipe cards, photo messaging, chatting, like buttons, user profiles, dating profiles, and swipe cards. 

Tinder is a dating application template that is excellent for Android and iOS. With the software available for download on the app store and Google Play Store, It can be downloaded and used by many mobile application companies to quickly build mobile application software for their clients and customers within a short period.

Tinder is also connected to a back-end builder, and this has earned it to be ranked among the best mobile application templates and theme lists in the cloud.

Shopertino (E-commerce application)

E-commerce mobile application features have become very common in mobile apps. It is so because most businesses have moved online, and most customers are always either on social media channels or doing other things on the internet.

As a result, businesses have to move online to catch up with new digital marketing trends to advertise and sell their products. This has led to high demand for businesses and the development of many mobile applications with eCommerce features.

Mobile application development companies cannot meet the high demands for this product if they decide to always build them from scratch, especially when two different product demands share many similarities.

It is only wise for them to use mobile application templates like Shopertino for speedy deliveries. Cupertino is one of the best mobile app templates with an eCommerce mobile app feature. It has a fantastic shopping user interface, is SEO-ready, and enjoys integration with WooCommerce, Shopify, and Firebase. 

 Shopertiono has the following e-commerce mobile app features; Product lists, Apple Pay, Checkout, Order History, Stripe Payment, Shopping Cart, Android Pay, Instant Reorder, etc.

Social Network App (IOS) Argon React Native

Social networks have become a prevalent tool for meeting, and interacting with people within and across borders, and engaging in business transactions.

Mobile app development companies don’t always have to build this product from scratch; instead, they can use the Social Network App to achieve even better results.

The Social Network App is a mobile app template suitable for developing mobile applications with outstanding social media mobile app features. 

It has a fantastic user interface design with incredible interactivity. 

The Social Network App comes with the best mobile app features for building social network mobile applications.  

Real-Time Chat

If you are building a mobile app that requires chat functionality, then the Real Time Chat template is one of the best options in the cloud. With this template, an app developer does not need to spend weeks writing and rewriting codes to develop a product with chat functionality as a mobile app feature. 

The Real-Time Chat template is excellent for building and adding chatting features to mobile applications. It comes with relevant features of mobile application products that are specially created for chatting.

Some of the features are photos, videos, clickable URLs, online status, typing indicator, green status, emojis and gifts, mentions and notifications, video and audio calls, etc. 

Finance Trading App

Features of mobile applications are added to the products based on the purpose the mobile application is created for, and finance and trading apps are unique mobile app features.

The finance app template is used for building mobile applications with various financial features, such as cryptocurrencies, investments, budget managers, stock trading, etc. 

Popular trading platforms like Robinhood and Coinbase use this mobile application template for running their crypto trading businesses, handling transactions, and log-ins amounting to millions of dollars every month. 

Selecting the best features for your mobile application is a planning process that is essential to define the purpose, objective, and success criteria for the product. Therefore, you must focus all your efforts on properly defining the app in detail.

This helps to achieve your business and product goals. Those are some of the best mobile application feature list templates and themes that you can use for your mobile app dev.

If you have any other tips to share, please leave a comment.

FAQS Common Questions on Success Factors for Mobile App

What makes a mobile app successful?

In combination, the successful application features of mobile apps include its users, the finished product and then the market. These three factors work together and can either make or break an app from being successful. They give visibility to the app and widespread adoption across regions and devices.

What is the one important factor responsible for the success of an app in the market?

There are several critical success factors for mobile apps, however, one stands out; the user experience.

The best app developers and mobile application development companies will even refer to it as the backbone of a successful mobile app. User experience is evolving and has recurrently proven to be the most powerful and crucial app feature.

What is the key to successful usage of an app?

There are five answers to this question. They are;

  • User-friendliness
  • Responsiveness
  • Security
  • Value to its users.
  • Consistency

What makes an app an app?

A complete mobile app has what it needs to perform its intended task as well as help a specific business achieve its goal. It follows a design that comes alive after a structured app development process and testing. It must also work on mobile devices via installation.

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