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Braiq is a company with an ecommerce website that focuses on selling trendy and comfortable lingerie design wears. Their products are a perfect fit for different sizes of women of different ages. BRAIQ not only dwells on selling lingerie but also accompanies it with excellent customer services and provides the best underwear for women, giving them great comfort as it gives them that sparkling sexy look.

Braiq features different women's underwear products in their sophisticated designs, made from delicate European fabrics and produced by some of the best in the lingerie industry.

When they approached Prometteur Solutions for the best website solution for their business, we understood their business concerns very well and why they need a robust online presence to drive traffic and convert sales. We carried out external research using our best tools and most experienced ecommerce developers, and then we were able to create the ideal website for Braiq.

We will be doing a case study of the website that we built for Braiq. We want to discuss some of the fantastic features and functionalities while assuring you that we can do just the same for your business or customize it in your unique way and suitably business needs.


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The features of Braiq e-commerce Website

1.Sign in/Log in

Braiq ecommerce website allows new users to navigate but requires that they sign up before purchasing on the website. By signing up, users will need to enter some personal details like their names, email addresses and perhaps subscribe to monthly newsletters (if they like.). Signed-up users on the website platform do not need to enter their login details every time they want to use the ecommerce website.

Braiq company, on the other hand, stores the total number of signed-up customers with their names on their database. So, they can easily monitor the whole number of users who log in to their website, what they shop for, and use that data to make better business decisions in the future.

Every user with a personal account on the Braiq website has a unique dashboard where the monitoring and managing activities on the website are done. For example, signed-up users have a Wishlist for adding a collection of their favourite products that they save and make payments for when they are ready. Or they can add items that are not available into their Wishlist and buy whenever they are available. Users can also go to their dashboard to use the product and price comparison tool, which will help them to make the best decisions on the product they are buying on the Braiq ecommerce website. The checkout option is also available and accessible for everyone signed up on the website.


Braiq is an excellently built ecommerce website, and the cart tool is only one of its standard features. Many ecommerce websites use the cart feature to enhance user experience on their web pages, which is precisely what Braiq has done by including this fantastic shopping tool. As customers shop on their website, they can select and add their preferred product to the cart, which is like a basket for collecting items in stores in real life. But the difference is that the cart on Braiq, like other carts on ecommerce websites, automatically calculates the number of items added and how much they cost, either as single items or as a collection.

So, users and front desk workers of Braiq don't have to worry about calculating the total number of products a customer has added to their cart; neither will they calculate the full price of those products.


Braiq website features the search function. The search function is built and integrated to eliminate the need for customers to go through a page-by-page search for their favourite product on the ecommerce website before making a purchase or adding them to their Wishlist.

There is also the search filter function, which means that customers can filter their searches on the website more explicitly using the actual product category, size, price range, color brand, and availability.

This is fantastic for converting sales and achieving an excellent user experience because customers can hardly get bored from manual search, so there would be minimal abandonment issues.


There is a dedicated shopping area where customers can find all the product listings and displays with their prices. This is excellent because many customers and visitors will instead like to go straight to the shopping pages, rather than allowing themselves to be distracted by other beautiful elements of the ecommerce website.

The shopping page has a well-built structure that keeps the user engaged, the loading speed is breakneck, and it has a high level of interactivity. Also, the page is very responsive, so the user experience while shopping is always excellent.

The shopping page has all the different categories of products that Braiq deals on. These product categories are displayed with their prices and product description in a self-explanatory and convincing format and design.

5.Social Media (Facebook and Instagram)

The only social media tool integrated on the website is only Facebook and Instagram. Users are directly taken to the Braiq official social media channel with a single click on the social icons. Users can ask questions using social media channels.

The social tools are excellent tools for driving traffic to the Braiq ecommerce website, where they are easily converted to sales. They are also crucial for increasing the business's credibility because an ecommerce website with an active social media channel ensures a solid social media presence which is excellent for business growth. Braiq explores this option in the best ways.

6.Blog News

Braiq has a blog. This is where exciting and reader-engaging articles are published for visitors and customers of the website. The articles and other content published on the website educate and inform the readers about different product areas and how the product designs keep up with global fashion trends. Braiq also uses the news section to make the relevant announcement, carry out marketing campaigns and inform their audience about upcoming products.

The blog page is beautifully designed. Scrolling up and down the page is very easy and even enjoyable. This is excellent for a good user experience.

7.Payment Gateway

Braiq has several payment gateways integrated with it for the automatic processing of online payments. Payment gateways are essential for every ecommerce website because it is fast, secure and offers customers so much convenience while shopping online. Braiq has big names like Mastercard, Visa, Twint, and Swissbilling payment processors on the site.

It gives the company some reasonable level of credibility, and customers will have more confidence paying online since they must have used those payment gateways on other sites.

An order management system is integrated into the website, allowing users to place orders and track them from their dashboards.

The payment gateway allows the company to track a users’ transaction records on the website, the type of product purchased to come up with better ways to provide personal services to the customers.

8.UI/UX Design

Braiq ecommerce user interface design is a typical example of a simple yet user-friendly design. Users can easily navigate around the web pages to find the right products using just a few clicks. Users also have the search function to choose from if they want their search results to be more specific.

The UI design is also perfectly optimized for speed loading, interactivity, and excellent layouts. The arrangement of the website components is so organized that users can hardly get lost on the site. Users can also easily see their favorite product displayed on the front page to see the prices and product descriptions. All they need to do is hover on it.

9.Newsletter sign up

Braiq has newsletter signups that users start seeing right from the signup stage and on different locations. It is a page that allows users to subscribe to a monthly newsletter which would enable the subscribers to receive email marketing content about Braiq products and services.

Braiq ecommerce website is another fantastic work, Prometteur Solutions. They are undoubtedly one of the best ecommerce development companies in the world.

So, if you have a similar business idea and need the right ecommerce website, reach out to us now, and we will offer you the best services for your business success.

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Kickstart Your Dream Project With Us

We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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