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CTRL Tool is a software solution designed to effectively steer and manage the creation process of your production tools and fixtures, thereby focusing on critical tools for safe product launch. CTRL Tool is also an economical and cost-effective excellent solution for sourcing, supplier management and procurement businesses.

It offers comprehensive planning, and planning means a streamlined supply chain. In business, projects, suppliers, and customers are constantly changing, and one or two of them may impair the speed of the project. One solution is to initiate the flow at the beginning, to take care of suppliers and customers at the same time.

CTRL-Tool offers just all of these and additionally has a selection of graphical displays to help you plan. It is capable of sending your plan of action to your suppliers, highlighting what will happen within a fixed time, and requesting materials at the same time.


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Benefits of CTRL Tool

CTRL Tool will help you save your time and resources while having the entire production tool setup process managed from the task panel. CTRL Tool is easy to learn and powerful, that a single person can easily handle it in just one click.

The software is often designed with the help of safety-conscious engineers and roboticists. It is compatible with major industries. With the development of good CTRL TOOL software, business and industry operations and industrial processes are optimized for improved performance and delivery. Here are some benefits of CTRL TOOL.

1.Easy to Use & Setup

CTRL Tool is a no-brainer software tool that is just as easy to set up and integrate into your business as it is to configure.

2.Easy to Share & Connect

CTRL Tool is easy to connect with other local tools to automate & manage the production process.

3.Functional & Extensible

The process of ordering a tool online is no longer just finding a tool in a catalogue. With CTRL Tool, you can now determine in advance what items you need, customize your new purchase and manage your orders from your mobile phone. This makes inventory and ordering a tool online very streamlined.

4.Automatic & On-Demand Pricing

No more guessing how much the tool would cost; CTRL Tool automatically generates a price for each tool and fixture, enabling you to estimate future orders with confidence.

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6 Reasons Why You Need CTRL TOOL

Modern production is a series of steps, and a master plan is not the only important element in the project's overall success. Also, keeping track of all the key projects and ongoing events can be quite a challenging task. In this section, we have highlighted some reasons why you need the CTRL Tool.

1.Supplier Management as A Service.

CTRL TOOL allows project control, schedule controlling and risk management on a single platform. By digitizing your purchased parts and supplier management with CTRL-Tool, you get precisely the flexibility you need to react to constantly changing market and competitive situations. With graphic evaluations and target/actual comparisons, CTRL-Tool provides you with the information you need to efficiently achieve your supplier management goals.

2.The CTRL Tool Is A Project Management Tool

Action plans are visualized and effectively monitored. You can use the tool to plan, and the procedures will be done very clearly and economically! Yes, you can effectively use CTRL-Tool to track and visualize all your project activities.

You can easily create order backlogs, and monitor them and generate views for them. You can use CTRL-Tool to track the progress of the project’s time & resources. Also, you can quickly evaluate your projects' productivity and see how well they are progressing and when they are expected to finish.

3.The CTRL Tool Helps You Monitor Your Projects

A well-organized resource display helps you quickly select parts or product options. Then you can easily manage your procurement's actual ordering and execution plans, set quantities and quality requirements.

You can use the advanced report functions to keep track of your projects as they evolve. You can also use the powerful analytics and leverage the power of big data by visualizing insights as to the number of part sets, value quantities and number of suppliers, cross-referenced to quantity requirements, change orders and scheduling. By using CTRL Tool, you would be able to monitor trends and significant events within the process.

4.The CTRL Tool Makes It Possible to Plan Ahead

If you are an efficient decision-maker, you'll need to put many aspects of the project in place. Just like an orchestra conductor, you have to know when to change instruments in your orchestra to achieve the desired result. This is also true of the conductor's role on a project. The plan is more important than the execution. However, planning is time-consuming. You need the time to work out all possible scenarios, which can involve several different suppliers, and your best solution is the CTRL Tool.

Through several simple wizard steps, you can organize all aspects of your project on one platform. All information related to the project will be made available on a single page.

5.The CTRL Tool Helps You with Supplier Management

Conducting supplier management activities as efficiently and effectively as possible becomes an essential factor in every supplier management application service. The results you receive as a result of these activities are very crucial to achieving success.

Your supplier can either help you to meet production targets or generate waste of valuable time. This is where the CTRL-Tool comes in. What makes the CTRL-Tool a unique supplier management system is getting an entire set of tools in one solution.

The visual evaluation tool is a typical example of such a tool. The visual Evaluation tool allows you to analyze your supplier's supplier and product costs to benchmark them with other suppliers and compete for business contracts with your main competitors.

6.The CTRL Tool Lets You Manage Risks

The CTRL tool will help you better manage and analyze your business from integrated supplier risk management to supplier relationship management. With CTRL-Tool, you can have the exact plan of action you need and in real-time.

Why Ctrl Tool is Excellent for Your Business

CTRL Tool establishes transparency by Identifying the real risks involved and the best solutions. It is a tool that also makes all project-relevant information visible. There are several important reasons why you should consider using CTRL Tool for your business. Let us take a look at some of these reasons.

Minimal Administrative Costs

CTRL Tool is a custom-made software designed to meet your business needs. CTRL Tool allows you to have top-notch systems integration with unique business software models that combine proven project management and supplier management technology. It also is a tool that enhances business processes with optimized performances. All these are solutions that ensure greater productivity and cost reduction.

Data Protection on An Industrial Scale

ABy using CTRL Tool, all sales orders for each supplier are automatically handled. Also, existing supplier contracts are modified, contracted and appropriately marked. Furthermore, additional data fields for increased contract volumes and others are processed automatically.

It is also instrumental in controlling and implementing the supply chain and procurement processes.


There are many ways to solve many of your business challenges, but the CTRL-Tool is a fantastic solution; it is an excellent one-stop solution for sourcing, buying, negotiating and reporting. CTRL Tool is a visual tool designed to aid the designer and engineer in developing the product effectively and smoothly. Some tools can help, but this tool is the one that will ultimately be used in designing software and managing different production processes. By using CTRL Tool, you will create products quickly, efficiently and of high quality.


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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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