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Ledlager is a modern eCommerce store for the selling of LED lighting bulbs for both B2B and B2C uses. The website is in operation since 2003. Users can log in to the online store to shop for their best-LED bulbs, make payments online and place their orders.

Ledlager focuses on offering a variety of affordable, high-quality led products accessible to Europe.

Our role was to migrate the website to new platform. They asked us to rebuild their brand identity it includes optimise the design, user experience and increase the conversion with digital marketing.

  • Conducted a UX survey of 19 participants and interviewed three people
  • Created a user persona
  • Made the user journey map
  • Identified improvement and optimisation areas for backend and coding
  • Designed information architecture and created new flow for shopping led online
  • Executed brainstorming to generate ideation
  • Took usability test from five people
  • Redesigned the home page and product page
  • Conducted website analysis for organic SEO
  • Suggested organic and inorganic options for better results in digital marketing


Awesome Pages

Features of Ledlager Online Store For LED

1.Home Page

The Home page lets visitors to login a secure environment, explore the range of LED products available. Products are strategically categorised based on user demand and the type of the products. It help users to identify the products in short timespan. Product categories are displayed in sequence of buying pattern of overall visitors history.

2.Product Page

The product page was designed to convert browsers into buyers. Based on our research we proposed and developed the following features:

  • Custom designed image holders for the LED products
  • Visible product description without taking too much space
  • Dynamic discounting system
  • Notification

3.Order Process

We redefine the shopping process by eliminating unwanted clicks for user. The new process was 30% faster without disturbing the user engagement. Our minimal approach was perfectly implemented to simplify the LED ordering.

4.Shipping Tracking

Here you can track all delivery points of your package from the time it leaves.

We have fully integrated domestic/international logistic partner's APIs. The seamless integration of third party services created next level of transparency with user.


The earlier store has very poor rating system, there was no recommendation for rating to new user. We implemented the reminder on successful order which help client to gain more ratings on all products.

6.Discounts and Loyalty

To increase the overall sale of the web store it was essential to have some network effect. LEDlager is targeting both B2B and B2C customers, we implemented discounts on bulk order and loyalty points on referrals. It resulted into higher cart size and repetitive orders.

7.User Dashboard

Every registered user is immediately given access to a personal dashboard where relevant information about their activities on the store is visible to them. Users can access information like their usernames, orders, deliveries, cancelled orders and modified orders.

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Kickstart Your Dream Project With Us

We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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