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SPA and Sauna store is an online store that sells quality spa and sauna products online. It uses a website as its store and engages with its audience via its online store. The online store was created by Prometteur solutions and it is remarkably built to automate the process of selling, marketing, and providing strong customer support among other functions.


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Features of Spa and Sauna Online Store

The Spa and Sauna online store has some amazing features that make it stand out from its competitors in the marketplace. The website and online store were created by Prometteur Solution, a web dev company and they did a great job on developing and designing the platform. In this case study, we will be looking at the features and functionalities of the online store.

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My Account Dashboard

The Spa and Sauna online store have the signup and login features that allow visitors who are interested in buying some of the amazing products on the online store to sign up and have their account where they can log in to their dashboards. Every logged-in user has a dashboard that allows them to view their shopping carts, their bills, their account, their order history, order tracking, and log in. All these allow the user to have better control over the app, enjoy a secure experience and a great shopping experience.

1.Product Views

There is a view option in the advanced search feature that allows users to change the views. Users can choose between the list view or grid view depending on their preferences. The list view option is more detailed than the grid view option. However, both view options have the easy button that allows the user to add a product to the shopping basket with a single click.

2.Shopping Basket

The Spa and Sauna web store has a shopping basket on the dashboard of every user registered and or logged in on the website. This feature is the same with the cart or other shopping baskets in real-life boutiques and supermarkets but it is more because it accommodates more items and automatically calculates the total quantity and price collected in the shopping basket. So, as a user, you have no business stressing yourself to calculate how much you are paying, or how many products you have in your shopping basket. You can always click to see all the details of your collection in the shopping basket. This is an amazing feature for a refreshing shopping experience in the Spa and Sauna online store.

3.Search Bar

For excellent interactivity on any online store and web app, the search bar is crucial. Search bars ease the stress of opening and closing different pages, scrolling back and forth looking for a particular product. All you need do is to type your product on the search bar and results will be returned within splits of seconds. The online store developers made sure to arrange the products in different categories so the search can be more straightforward if you know what you want.

On the Spa and Sauna web app, the search bar has an advanced search option-the filter, that is intelligently built to aid smart searches. Users can get more precise results after entering the category of spa products, the price range, sizes, and other specifications of the products. For every search result returned during a search, the web app adds related results that may interest the buyer to buy more products. This is a smart strategy for increasing sales.

Just as the products and search are organized in different categories, so is the shopping section. The Spa and Sauna online store is a very organized website to do your spa and sauna shopping because it is very coordinated and follows a simple process. As a user, you can simply navigate to find your products using 3 shopping categories;

  • According to your needs
  • According to your desires
  • According to your budget


Spa and Sauna online store has a beautifully designed contact us page that gives the customer reassurance of their credibility and genuine business goals. It is very helpful for converting new visitors into active customers and subsequently keeping them as loyal customers. People will always repeat their purchases when they trust your brand and the contact us page gives your customers reasons to trust you.

Spa and Sauna contact us page shows that the business is approachable by its customers who are seeking reasons to trust them, it is an assurance that there are real people behind the business name that are piloting the affairs of the business and customers are sure that they are not dealing with a faceless company.

Therefore, on the contact us page of Spa and Sauna, there is the company address in full, telephone with an active line, and the company email. This is a great contact us page.


Spa and Sauna online store has an active blog page where new content about the business is posted for visitors and existing customers. The blog can cover any trending topic in the business or just be created to keep the audience informed on certain information. Generally, though, spa and sauna use the blog to develop the voice of the brand. Blogging allows online stores to have a strong digital voice by sharing their stories with the world. It also attracts traffic because having a blog page increases the pages of your website which is good for Google rankings. And if your blog uses the right keywords in creating content it’s a plus for SEO. Spa and Sauna blog allows the business to explore all these and many more advantages of having a blog page.

6.Frequently Asked Questions Page

There is a well-organized page providing all the answers to the frequently asked questions about the business, products, and services. The FAQ page has different categories of questions and answers-electronics, interviews, deliveries, and everything about the Spa.

FAQ enables Spa and Sauna online stores to handle customer queries. The FAQ contents are excellent for reaching out to the target audience and connecting with them, beginning from answering their questions about the business.

The FAQ of Spa and Sauna does not only address the needs of the customers but increases the level of traffic, site visit time and the website's conversion rates. It also contributes to user experience and the overall search engine ranking of the online store.

7.Social Media Links

The Spa and Sauna online store is further enhanced by the feature of social media links. It is no secret that adding social media links to your online store is excellent for driving traffic and converting sales. Users can easily connect to your social media pages where you can easily organize and manage a niche community. Visitors can easily navigate to your social media channels and share posts of your products and services with their connections.

The Spa and Sauna online store actively has Facebook, Twitter, telegram, LinkedIn, and Vimeo social links on the website. These are channels that allow users to easily connect with the business, interact with the company and get quick responses from the customer support.

Social media is for engaging fully existing customers by creating content that demonstrates the identity of the Spa and Sauna brand intending to increase traffic and sales. It is also a great tool for ensuring accountability and increasing the brand's visibility on Google.

8.Other Links

There are other useful links on the web page of the Spa and Sauna online store. These links lead customers to gain access to some useful information about the business. For example, there are links on legal notice, terms and conditions, spa manuals, privacy policy, request catalog, after-sales services, advice and information, sitemap, recruitment, and how to become a reseller with Spa and Sauna.

All these links provide users with vital information and reassure them of the company's commitment to transparency in their business dealings with customers. These are links that provide adequate and satisfying answers to many questions about the business from customers.

9.User interface

The Spa and Sauna have a smooth user interface that is very easy to navigate through. Users need not be used using any online store to be able to shop on the spa and sauna site. When you log in, you can see the social media links at the top right of the page, the menu nav bar at the top left and the search bar at the top right, just below the social media links.

Below all of these is the section for the display of products and scrolling further down will take the user to the section where there is a real-time statistic collecting the data of satisfied customers, years of experience, service points in France, and the total numbers of Spa models. Other areas are majorly for displaying the products with their price tags. You can easily click and add to your shopping basket.

Surely, the Spa and sauna online store is a fantastic store with amazing design.

If you want something very similar or slightly different, reach out to Prometteur Solutions and our online store experts will attend to you, render free consultation services to you and help you make the best decision on building your online store.

If you require an excellent online store to take care of your business, contact Prometteur solutions now.


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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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