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Kampeky is a company that specialises in the selling of second-hand clothes, used toys and accessories. The business idea was conceived from real-life experience, which inspired the founder with the concept of an eCommerce mobile app where people can go on a live video and show live what they sell. This idea is to quickly convince customers of the quality of the products and find a solution to fast payments and simple exchanges between the buyers and the sellers.

The business founder approached us (Prometteur Solutions) to turn his idea into reality by creating a mobile application solution that will drive the business, and we jumped into research immediately. We focused on approaching the mobile app dev solution like a standard marketplace for sellers and buyers of second-hand products. After our investigation, we hand over the rest of the job to our mobile app dev team. They came up with a KAMPEKY mobile app with a direct video sales feature that also functions as a community social network for buyers and sellers.

The goal was to build a Kampeky mobile app that allows its users to make real-time presentations and advertise their products to customers in the most transparent ways. It had to be a mobile app that enables secure sales with fast payment and improved interactivity between mobile application users.


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The KAMPEKY Features and Functions

Kampeky is a mobile app that makes selling and buying used items easier and very flexible for everyone. A user can log on to the app to sell directly to a community of interested people using a live video option. Sellers should smile to attract their attention. Sellers on the app carry out all their trading activities with so much simplicity accompanied by smiles and the feeling of freedom. Let us look at some of the fantastic features of KAMPTEKY.

1.Two Languages

This is a modern age, and businesses are transcending borders. Many companies deal with customers from different linguistic backgrounds, so they need to position their business to serve those customers in the best possible ways. Kampeky is a mobile application with multilingual features, specifically, the English and French languages for its users.

With this language feature, the mobile app can serve both local and internal customers with some proficiencies in English or French. In other words, all the contents of the Kampeky mobile apps can be accessed in either English or French.

2.UX Design

One of the most intriguing parts of the Kampeky mobile app is its UI/UX design. The app is designed with a mix of simple colours with neat structural works, and a fine display of products is just a wonder. When the users log on to the app, they can easily navigate to different pages of the app with the aid of a clear and well positioned navbar, scroll bar, and other app features.

It’s easy to use the app because everything you need to get started is right there on the home page. All you need to do is scroll down and click on the correct link.

3.iPhone iOS

Karateka is a mobile-first IOS ready mobile application. As of the time of writing this, the Android version has not been released, but soon they will make it available at cross-platform levels of use. The app, which allows users to use the video live recording selling strategy in selling their product, will hit new users when the Android version of the app becomes available in the market. Still, for now, it’s just available for IOS users.

This is still great since there are many users of IOS devices globally, although the Android version will boost the use case of the mobile app.


Every eCommerce mobile app that accepts online payments has a shopping cart as its core feature, and Kampeky mobile app is not excluded. Buyers can access the shopping cart after viewing a video advert of a seller. If they love the product and would like to buy it, they can move the item to their cart and then make the payment using any of the payment gateways on the mobile app.

The cart allows buyers to collect items from different sellers and add them to their cart. This also gives them a break and the total amount of how much they are paying for the items collected in their cart.

However, items added to the cart need to be paid for on time because another buyer may pay, and the item(s) may become unavailable for more purchases. This is because the app is designed so that everyone can show interest in wanting to buy a particular product from a seller, but it is the buyer who pays first that gets to have owned the product.

5.Easy to Use

Generally, Kampeky is an easy-to-use mobile application. Everything about the app is structured in simple designs, and it is a very secure and safe marketplace for buying and selling.

The process of signing up on the app is relatively easy, so sellers and buyers do not have to wait for days to get verified before starting trading. Also, buyers can log in and begin to shop for their favourite products. It's easy to use the mobile application at all levels.

6.Sell Live Video

One of the most unique and outstanding features of the Kampeky app is the sell-by live video feature that its users enjoy. With this feature, users can create a live demonstration or showcase their second-hand products on the app in a live view mode on the customer's end, giving customers a unique and excellent experience before making a buying decision.

The mobile app has a built-in mic, camera, and cart as valuable tools for buyers and sellers. All sellers must create a profile before initiating sales. Buyers can view the seller's profile and the product description on the seller's dashboard during the live video demonstration of the product before buying the product.

All these allow the buyers to make the best decisions and the sellers to quickly find their ideal customers.

7.Easy to Buy

Buying anything on Kampeky is very easy, fast, safe and secure. Buyers can use their credit cards to pay for products through the payment gateways integrated into the app. Payment and confirmation of the payment only take a matter of seconds. Before settling for any product advertised on a live video, buyers can chat with the seller to ask their questions, and if they are satisfied, they can proceed to make payment.

All credit card details entered on the mobile app during product purchase are encrypted, and the mobile application is very safe and secure against hackers and any form of data theft from third party elements.

8.Product Category

Kampeky is a mobile application set to revolutionise digital marketing by providing a new video selling strategy and a seamless online environment for buying and selling second-hand shoes, clothes, accessories, and children's toys. In line with making the app easy to use, there are different categories for the types of products available on the mobile app.

The availability of these product categories allows sellers and buyers easy access and fast finding of their type of market in the mobile app. No need for a page to page search before landing at the right marketplace. A simple click on the type of product you are looking to buy will take you to the right page. For example, sellers and buyers can choose between the men and women category to sell/buy a second-hand product on the mobile app. Also, there is a category for baby fashion and another one for smartphones and computer accessories. All these are the different product categories of the Kampeky mobile application, making it easy to use for everyone.

The mobile app dev company behind the design of this fantastic application is Prometteur Solutions, and our expertise in building dynamic mobile applications is top-notch. We have some of the best mobile app developers in the industry, and we will always provide our customers with the best mobile dev services.

Therefore, if you have a similar business idea for a mobile application, please reach out to us, and we will help you build the mobile app for your business.

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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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