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More than ever, this is the age of technology. We are witnessing a lot of technological advancement in different areas of our lives. As there are lots of developments and improvements, so is crime increasing and one of the effects of crime and natural disaster is homelessness. Homelessness is an economic dislocation whereby people who suffer from the effects of a disaster or crime become homeless.

Just like a man is trying to solve other problems, homelessness has gained much attention, hence developing a homeless tracking app.

A homeless tracking app is a technology used to provide solutions to the challenges and problems of homelessness. It is excellent for reducing the effect of the crisis of homelessness. Homeless people often find themselves in seemingly hopeless situations. Most time lost is taken care of by services rendered by centres for homeless people that they can access.

The existence of services and organizations to help homeless people can be easily accessed by the right people using a shelter app. Shelter apps can create enough information on homeless people and how these people can be helped.

At Prometteurs Solutions, we will provide you with the best homeless tracking app services that will reduce or eliminate homelessness issues. If your city has homeless people seeking good and permanent shelter, you can use technologies like homeless tracking app, homeless donation app and homeless cash app to reduce the problem.


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Why Homeless Tracking App


The homeless tracking app is excellent for finding persons who are displaced in their communities and spread within a geographical area or location. With this app, you can reach out to the homeless in the quickest ways and help to provide them with solutions to their challenges and problems.

Let us look at a deeper look into the features of the homeless tracking app and why they are the best solutions for solving homelessness. These also feature that our team of experts can add to your homeless tracking app – the apps to solve homelessness.

One of the best programming languages for creating a homeless tracking app is React Native. We have several specialists React Native app developers for handling different projects.

Examples of Homeless Tracking App

Let us take a look at some homeless tracking apps and who their target beneficiaries are.

1.Samaritan App

Samaritan app is a homeless tracking app that mainly targets to help people find and render help to unhoused individuals in specific locations. These individuals who are unhoused need to sign in on the Samaritan app to receive donations from people. Businesses can also use the Samaritan app to send help to unhoused people.

However, while most help on the Samaritan app is seemingly for money transfers/donations, people can also donate clothes, food, drugs, etc.

Nonprofit organizations use Samaritan apps for registering homeless people so that they can get help directly if possible. They may also include a general account where people can donate, and the money donated will be equally shared among the registered Samaritans.

2.Shelter App

Shelter app is a homeless tracking app. It is owned and run by Volunteers and a Nonprofit Organization that are keen on providing help to homeless people who are at risk and need to find food, shelter, health services, work, and other valuable services resources for an improved lifestyle.

This excellent homeless tracking app allows people who want to help homeless people log in and provide essential services. They can also create their profiles and get published on the app.

3.Homeless Cash App

Homeless cash app is a homeless tracking app that allows people who do not carry cash to donate money to the homeless. With this app, homeless people can sign up and list out some of their pressing demands like food, shelter, medical care, etc., so that Samaritans can make donations to foot those bills.

It also enables homeless people to find long term support from donors who will be donating money to their account consistently.

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Features of A Homeless Tracking App For Finding And Providing Help to the Homeless

1.Categories of Needed Items

A homeless tracking app should have a category of the essential needed items in an arranged list. Having this list of things makes it easier for Non-Governmental Organizations, Companies and philanthropies to make donations to support the homeless easily.

This feature is familiar with the homeless donation app. Having this as a category in your homeless tracking app is an excellent way to drive traffic to your site and efficiently carry out your social course. All donors love to contribute to a system in the most straightforward ways possible, and many of them like to be faceless; hence they will love this feature in your app.

2.Internet of Things and Real-Time Update

One good advantage of using IoT to enhance technology is that it provides different ways by which the world can be easily connected. As the IoT is excellent for managing additional business-like transportation and deliveries, store management, data collection and analysis, it is also essential to enhance a homeless tracking app.

With the integration of the Internet of Things, users of your homeless tracking app can receive updates about the available facilities around them, offering services to people like them. Thus, making it easier for them to access services like health care, shelters and food.

When IoT is integrated into a homeless tracking app, people can be easily linked to different types of services. Also, communities can receive updates about homeless people around them with what and what their pressing needs are.

3.Map Navigation Tools

We all know that maps are essential in modern app development, especially when creating and using apps like a homeless tracking app that deals with finding people in different world locations

Therefore, map navigation is necessary to add as one of your homeless tracking app features.

Our team of expert homeless tracking app developers will not just add any map navigation tool to your app. Still, it will add a specialized map navigation tool with components like free aid centres, mobile toilets and showers for homeless people, homeless shelter centres, supermarkets offering services to the stray, and several others. Usually, making a homeless tracking app is a project that needs a lot of expertise to create.

Our team of expert developers and project supervisors understand that the services added to the map navigation on the homeless tracking app are not everyday provided service. Still, there is a need to design it to accommodate changes of the frequent occurrence of those services in the near future.

Creating a homeless tracking app is one way to write your name in the sands of time and be remembered for something beneficial to humanity. Also, not many people and organizations explore this type of technology, so you have a chance of playing a leading role with such an app. You can choose to specialize in creating any apps to solve homelessness, e.g., Samaritan app, shelter app, homeless donation app and homeless cash app. All these are different types of stray tracking apps.

We will create you a homeless tracking app that will be a resource that helps people to find and get help.

4.Free Legal Aid Chatbot

Yes, your homeless tracking app can have a chat feature that Artificial Intelligence powers. Having a live messaging feature in your app enhances it to quickly send messages to different parts of the world in the fastest ways.

Our team of experts are continuously updated with the latest AI, AR, and ML technology trends so that we will offer you a homeless tracking app with the best services. Messaging is a feature that enables people to ask relevant questions and find all the correct answers before rendering the appropriate help or assistance to homeless people.

Also noteworthy is that, with a chatbot feature, communication is made easy. Also, people can be easily contacted to ask for help or grant help. This can save a lot of money and resources.

5.Different Shelter Options

Since a homeless tracking app is meant to target homeless people who are the primary users of the product, it is possible for them not to have mobile smartphones. In this case, what do you do?

You need to integrate and use intuitive features in your app. A modern way to do this is to ensure that your home tracking app has an excellent itinerary. This may involve striking partnerships and collaborations with Non-Government Organizations, hospitals, rental schemes, Real Estate Agents, Landlords, Hotel Owners, Shelter homes, and many others. With this feature, homeless people can quickly stop by those places to get help.

Dealing with the challenges of homelessness is never easy for anyone. And finding good help can be very frustrating. But with the use of a homeless tracking app, homeless people do not have to look and search too long.

Our company is always here to help you create the best homeless tracking app for your humanitarian works or social course. You can always reach out to share your idea with us, and we will do our very best to help you improve on your idea and create the best apps to solve homelessness anywhere you want.

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