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Within the medical industry, healthcare services are expensive and time consuming. The average person has to spend hours upon hours researching care providers and trying to find "good" prices that still end up breaking their bank. Even when they eventually find the prices that match their finances, they would have to spend too much time waiting in the queue while trying to access a doctor for treatment.

Also, those that do have the fortune of finding a care provider often leave feeling disappointed over what they've experienced: the lack of customer service or follow through when it comes to what they were promised. Doctor On Demand was created to help address many of the challenges in the Indian health sector when it comes to easy and fast booking of appointments with professional doctors, getting prescribed drugs and getting the required drugs for treatment among other healthcare services.

When they came to us with the idea of a digital solution that will enhance the provision of personalized A-Z healthcare services to people, we jumped on doing a quality research and came up with an online mobile app design with all the right features for personalized health experience which enhances easy access, affordable prices and optimized care for patients.

We committed the design and the requirements for a digital healthcare technology to our healthcare mobile app development team of experts and they jumped into work to build a round the clock healthcare solution for people. After a few days of consistent healthcare mobile app development, the result was the creation of a digital world class solution with an over the edge advantage in Indian’s healthcare system. The name of this online mobile app solution is Doctor On Demand – Online Doctor & Pharmacy application.

This article is a case study of the Doctor On Demand mobile application.


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Features of Doctor On Demand Mobile app

Generally, you can use the Doctor On Demand online doctor for carrying out tests on some common signs and symptoms. These include

  • Common Cold & Cough, Vomiting, Headache & Fever (Physicians)
  • Child Nutrition, Growth & Development (Pediatricians)
  • Irregular Periods, PCOS, Thyroid & Pregnancy (Gynecologists)
  • Hair Loss & Acne (Dermatologists)
  • Gas, Constipation & Acidity (Gastroenterologists)
  • Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Diabetes & Diet (Dietitians)
  • Diabetes (Endocrinologists / Diabetologists)
  • Heart Problems & High Blood Pressure (Cardiologists)
  • Breathing Issues (Pulmonologists)
  • Neurological Disorders (Neurologists)
  • Arthritis (Orthopedists)
  • Cancer (Oncologists)
  • Kidney Health (Urologists & Nephrologists)
  • Dental issues (Dentists)
  • Counselling for Mood Disorders like Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorders, Chronic Stress & Sleep Disorders (Psychiatrists & Psychologists)

Users of the online doctor can also use a promo code for getting and accessing different offers on the app which include lower prices on medicines and some services on the mobile application. Let us look at some other features of the mobile app.

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Features of Doctor On Demand Mobile App

1.Online Booking/Doctor Consultation

Doctor On Demand mobile app allows users to book appointments ang get medical consultation services from expert doctors from the comfort of their homes. With this approach, people can easily get help and attention from the right medical experts without the need for long queues waiting for several hours. Also, people can get diagnosed, have their drugs prescribed and begin treatment without necessarily having any physical contact with a doctor.

Doctor On Demand mobile app eliminates the need for people to travel long distances just to see a doctor. All people need to do is to enter their signs and symptoms on the app from their location and at any time. This will allow an online doctor to use the data entered to diagnose the patient and prescribe the appropriate drugs for treatment.

Online booking feature of the Doctor On Demand mobile app also allows the aged people who are too weak to travel or rather feeling unwell to move around to consult with a doctor from their homes.

Furthermore, the Doctor On Demand mobile app is a health technology that enables people with health issues to maintain anonymity while discussing some private issues which may be very embarrassing to share with their doctors. Anonymity allows them to freely share their problems and get the best medical solutions from expert doctors online. The app allows people to feel very relaxed and discuss their symptoms and other health issues which helps in finding the best solutions for their health challenges.

The online doctor consultation feature is one excellent tool for safe recording and safe keeping of people’s medical history which can be easily accessed and retrieved in the future for use. Sometimes doctors want to have knowledge of previous treatments, showing them would be great and the Doctor On Demand mobile app is one great tool with such features.

However, not all issues can be attended to online but with the Doctor On Demand mobile app, people can easily book appointments with their doctors before going for medical treatments.

2.Get Medicines Delivered

Doctor On Demand online doctor offers much more than just a platform that allows people to book appointments and be attended to by a professional doctor online, it is a pragmatic app with an ordering tools integrated into it to enable the buying, order and fast deliveries of medicines to people at their preferred locations.

All orders placed within the major metropolis in India get delivered within 2 hours. Doctor On Demand runs a large network of pharmacy stores within India, numbering up to 400+ which makes for easy deliveries and customer satisfaction. With such a large network around India, Doctor On Demand mobile app enhances the sale and distribution of medicines, even at the farthest locations of the country. And all of these are done in the fastest time possible.

The mobile app stores the order history of all its customers for reference purposes and the customers and doctors can easily access the data contained in the order history of a patient to know the drugs that have been purchased since the beginning of the treatment. This helps the doctors in deciding on the next step of treatment and prescription for medicines to the patient.

Doctor On Demand online doctors also use the order history data to analyse the most purchased medicines, the most common ailments and how they can enhance their medicine stores to meet up with the customer demands. They can also use those data for personalized services and designing promotional offers to their loyal customers.

3.Diagnostic Tests

Doctor On Demand mobile app allows customers to be able to book or schedule diagnostic tests with a doctor online. The test booking includes blood tests, preventive health check-ups, and full body tests. For more convenience, customers can do this for a home pick up.

The diagnostic test for home pick-ups offered by Doctor On Demand saves customers a lot of time going to the hospital or lab just to test. All they need to do is log on the mobile app and select the test category and a healthcare worker will come and get the samples from where they are. As it saves time it also saves some money, since it allows you to stay at home and have your samples picked up for diagnosis and you do not have to leave your house when you feel too tired and want to rest because you need to get a test.

4.Digitised Health Records

One very good advantage of using Doctor On Demand is that you have an integrated record saving system for all your tests, consultations and medicines. It doesn matter if they are manually taken or fetched digitally, you can always have an updated record on the app. So, you do not need to keep your own records in a diary or walk around with a hospital card. The mobile app does all that for you.

Once you log in the mobile app, you can have access to the record of your health history and online purchases of medicines with a detailed report of your bills. All these are automatically generated by the mobile app.

The Doctor On Demand Health Management

Doctor On Demand is a mobile app that is built with all the right features for helping people in India to live very healthy, easy and normal lifestyles. It has a health kit API integration and some other health and fitness tools that can be used for the capturing of data pertaining to health and physical well-being using some very important parameters.

This means that Doctor On Demand is like a caregiver, yet it is very useful as a tool that can be used by caregivers since it can generate all the useful data that they need to carry out services that enhances a metabolic conditions of people, help them to understand different patterns and to offer the best advice on various care activities.

Doctor On Demand is an excellent tool for collecting user data, analyzing those data and then proffer solutions as regards their health and well-being. The mobile app has high security and guarantees the safety of data, privacy and security for all its users.

So, if you would love to build a similar app for your healthcare services and business, reach out to us Prometteur solutions and we will help you to achieve your business goals with the best digital solution.


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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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