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ITPRO is a ticketing solution for small businesses. It is a startup with innovative ideas offering services that help customers track their packages from purchases to delivery stages. The dream of ITPRO is to be the leading customer ticketing solution for small businesses.

For ITPRO to be the best customer ticketing solution for small businesses, they needed to overcome several challenges in the field, especially regarding providing lasting solutions to the various challenges on the customers' side. To this end, ITPRO started by offering services that help customers place service requests in the most secure ways and track the progress of their service requests and the warranty of the products they purchase.

Before ITPRO became fully operational in the market, customers did not have any dedicated channel to get or even track their requests.

Prometteur Solutions helped to create this fantastic product, which is a customer ticketing solution for small businesses. We carefully listened to the client's needs and requirements for the product they want us to help them create and what issues and challenges the product will be helping them to solve. We started the product after carefully analyzing everything needed to solve the problem of follow-ups after every purchase from the customers' end. The stage for making the best customer ticketing solution for small businesses was set after we were sure that we carried out quality research to understand the challenges and problems of the customers truly.


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What Are the Features Of ITPRO?

1.Sign Up

This feature allows users to register on the app. Every new user is expected to register before being given access to enjoy the services provided by the app. The details that each user needs to fill in when signing up on the app include their names (first names and surnames), email address, gender, mobile numbers, and preferred passwords. There are other sign-up options like Google sign-up and social sign-up. These processes are faster and use the users' already existing accounts with their details on their Gmail accounts or social media accounts.

2.Sign in

The sign-in feature allows users who are already registered on the platform to log in and access different services on the forum. Signing into the app with the correct sign-in details takes just a few seconds.

3.Push Notification

Push notifications are handy for administrators of the app. It is a tool that allows them to send various marketing campaigns to users. It is a feature that serves to meet the needs of the marketing team. On the other hand, users do not need to open their apps to get the messages sent to them via push notification, the app notifies them of the letters, and when they click on it, it displays like a message on their phone screen. With the feature, the admin can automate specific messages like order tracking notifications for the user to get updates on the delivery stages of their orders.

You can also use this feature to manage the timing for sending notifications at different intervals.

4.Orders Management

The orders management feature is used for managing all orders that are being placed on the app. These include delivered orders, pending orders, and canceled orders. Pending orders are orders that have been established by the user but have not been processed by the admin. Delivered orders are orders that have been processed successfully and returned to the demanding location as specified by the ordering customer. In contrast, canceled orders are all orders that have been withdrawn by the customer who initially placed the order. Admin may, however, disable the option of canceling an order on the app

Under the order management feature, the users have a robust order tracking dashboard that they can use to track the movement and delivery of their orders. This tool allows them to know what stage their demands have been processed and the delivery route used to deliver.

5.Completed Services

The feature for completed services is seen and accessed at the backend by the admin. In other words, the details for every completed service on the app will show on the admin's dashboard.

6.Offer Management

Offer management features allow the admin to create different offers for users. These offers are made to attract new users, maintain existing users and boost sales. People like exciting offers. So, this feature is handy. The offer management is one of the features that only admins have access to on the app.

7.Sales Report

Admins use sales reports to get detailed information on all the sales made so far on the app when accessing the dashboard. The details also show which stations or agents have more sales and which has the lowest deals. Knowing these will help you understand where to double efforts to increase your sales.


Admin can access all the active stations from the dashboard. Every station has a station manager, which is also included in the app. So, the admin can easily reach them should the need arise.

9.Ads Management

Ads management feature is a tool for managing different ads on the apps. The admin uses this feature to control ad placement. You can determine which user gets to see certain ads based on their online habits or based on their subscription packages on the apps. In most cases, users on premium packages do not get to see ads on their dashboards and pages while using the app.


From the admin dashboard, the customer features show the total number of customers on the app. It also categorizes them into premium and non-premium customers. With this feature, the admin can quickly tell if there is an increase or reduction in the numbers of customers and those who are paying for premium packages.

11.Google Map

Google map is a feature that is very common for customer tracking software. It is beneficial in showing the customer the delivery route map when the order is active and processed by the company. Research shows that customers love to see and know how their orders are being delivered to them. This feature makes customers happy and quickly gives their trust to the business.

Google allows users to interact with the app easily.

12.Data Collection and Analytics

There are built-in data and analytic tools for collecting and analyzing relevant data that are very useful for the growth and success of the business. This feature contains reports on trends, users’ online behaviors and searches, and other activities like sending and converting documents to different formats. With this, you already know the type of tools needed on your app for a better user experience.

13.Social Media Features

There are billions of people around the world who are on the internet for different reasons. Social media feature allows users to share write-ups, images, and videos of other people on the app easily. When people can share content on different social platforms, more people will be aware of the business and will probably check it out for themselves.

This can generate a lot of traffic to your app and site and create a broader user base. Users like to easily share files with their friends and family on other apps. The share button feature will make it very easy for them.

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ITPRO is Cross-Platform

Although some people will disagree in order to successfully build a mobile app that works on different platforms (Android & IOS). Study shows that you can effectively have and manage large numbers of user base on the app with the right cross-platform apps.


ITPRO App Development Outcome

At the end of the ITPRO project, we were able to solve the problems. The project consisted of 2 applications: one for ITPRO Technicians and the other for the customers. The Customer app allows users to access subscription plans and add service requests to the purchased product providers. The mobile application allows the customer to track their product warranties. After a bit of deliberation, we decided to leave out where there would be a need for follow-up on the user's end. We wrote the program in such a way that any customer can see each step in the app. And we also dedicated enough space for users to purchase products. On the Technician's app, the tech guys will be able to view their appointments and the services they are going to provide to customers. They also have access to a highly dedicated Admin panel for service providers to see and conveniently manage every service request from ITPRO's numerous clients. The ITPRO app was launched on Google Play Store, and the reviews that pour in are astounding. Every user of the ITPRO app has left nothing less than five stars with glowing reviews. If you are looking for a custom solution to your IT issues or developing custom software or mobile applications, feel free to get in touch with our support team.

Contact Prometteur Solutions now for your best customer order tracking app for small businesses. You can also contact us for free consultancy services.


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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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