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The sales and order management platform is software created to enhance sales operations and order management digitalisation, especially by engaging with the industry's ideal vendors. The sales and order management platform helps you to get raw materials at the best costs and provides you with reliable information on how the production processes are done, including the outcome prediction.

Prometteur Solutions has helped several businesses create the best sales and order management platforms to enhance their business processes. One good example of our product is the Metalstreet Sales and Order Management Platform. The sales and order management platform is a perfect solution for manufacturers who deal in commodities like an iron, iron sponge, iron ore, coal, or strap metal and seek ways to automate their sales and management processes. It is a solution that introduces a simple structured data-based approach to selling. It is very flexible with daily market changes. To this end, it continuously collects and analyses relevant market data to drive its decision to arrive at a tradable price suitable for both the seller and the buyers.


Metalstreet sales and order management platform has different categories of commodities, and they include

  • Sponge iron category
  • Iron category
  • Iron Ore category
  • Iron Ore Pellets category
  • Billets category
  • Coal category
  • Scrap metals category


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The Benefits of Metalstreet Sales and Order Management Platform for Sellers and Buyers

1.Price Discovery

It analyses the market using dialling intra changes and arrives at a tradable price for sellers and buyers. It does this through its auction feature whenever demands exceed the supply quantity.

2.Automated Tasks/Paperwork

The Metalstreet sales and order management platform is designed to automate different tasks like notifications, invoice generation, and order confirmations. These computerised tasks eliminate the possibility of price variations that would have been seen in administrative delays if the processes are manually handled.

3.Data and Insights

The platform does an excellent job of collecting and analysing user data across commodities and regions then using the result of the analysis to make better business decisions.

4.Fulfilment Services

Both the seller and the buyer get a sense of fulfilment while and after using the platform. This is so because the platform has some great features and benefits like payment facilitation, logistics, and quantity assurance, leading to client satisfaction.

5.Pricing Option

Buyers can use the platform to view updated pricing from multiple sellers in a particular region. This helps them to compare prices and go for the best.

6.Instant Order Confirmation

The platform does all the paperwork and approvals whenever, and orders that have been placed need confirmation. Then, the platform goes ahead to verify the order and confirms all valid placed orders instantly. It also notifies the buyer immediately about the warranty or the decline of demand.

7.Multiple Buyer Types

Multiple buyer types is a feature that assigns unique roles to different buyers, end users, traders and agents on the platform.

8.Purchase Finance

It allows Metalstreet to partner with NBFCs who are willing to offer credits to the end-users.

How to Find the Perfect Sales and Order Management System?

Use the search function to find the system that will meet all your requirements.

You can select the options you would like to use or the functions you would like to use. Don't forget to make notes of features and functions you cannot live without because once you know what is out there and how it functions, you can narrow your choice to your perfect system.

Use reviews and feedback from other users to know how the system works.

The advantage of using a review website is that you can precisely view the problem you have with the system, and it is possible to solve that problem. The most important part is to make the right choice before you invest in a system.

You can use trial periods to check that the system works for you before you sign up.

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What to Look for In A Good Sales and Order Management System

Having a full-fledged CRM system is a good idea to plan the sales activities for your business. But often it is not enough to know about customers. It is essential to understand when customers buy what.

A customer's profile and history are essential to know when they would buy a product or service. Therefore, you need a sales and order management system to be more responsive to your customers' needs.

A good sales and order management system keeps customer profiles from all the major channels, such as Marketing Sales Human resource. In addition, the sales management system helps set your sales goals and activities for the year.

You can use a CRM to maintain and improve your relationship with customers. The system should provide all the valuable information that helps you in this endeavour.

What Features Should A Good Sales and Order System Have?

  • Market visibility
  • Clear goals
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Profiles
  • Invoicing
  • Account management
  • Order management (Collect orders, schedule orders, direct dispatch multi-format orders deal with customers)
  • Inspect and orders
  • Picking orders Mail order
  • Catalogue management
  • Inventory management
  • Account
  • Management of multiple clients
  • Multiple merchants

What is Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS)?

Industrial Manufacturing is heavily disrupted by software. Today's manufacturing environment is heterogeneous, with multiple machines, parts and labels running on disparate operating systems. These machines and parts need to run very differently to meet strict environmental and regulatory demands. As a result, there is a higher risk of human error, and it is hard to automate manufacturing processes efficiently. Moreover, manufacturing is not a single-vendor enterprise but a constellation of companies with their own individual sets of systems and processes. This challenge to a homogeneous environment triggers a new method of software-driven and software-driven industrial enterprises.

Manufacturing companies have always been outsourcing some of their work to save money. The most notable companies outsourcing Manufacturing include 3M General Motors, Johnson & Johnson Koninklijke Philips Fiat Volkswagen. In the past, many manufacturing companies have been doing this on their own as well. This has resulted in a limited supply of skilled and qualified professionals and caused a shortage in production speed. Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) is providing a new solution for this problem.

The MaaS involves connecting companies who want to outsource Manufacturing with the manufacturing companies who can do the work efficiently and cost-effectively.

Prometteur Solutions created an excellent Maas platform to manufacture different products according to the time and market. The solution is for MetalStreet, and it is called Metalstreet Maas. It allows manufacturers and OEMs to leverage a network of excellent manufacturing services to track different production and deliveries in real-time.

Metalstreet Maas is excellent for the following industries

  • Automobile Industry
  • Heavy and light engineering
  • Electronics systems designs and infrastructure
  • Renewable energy
  • Textile/Apparel manufacturing

Metalstreet Maas covers manufacturing services in precision machining, sheet metal fabrication, structural fabrication, casting, forging, die casting, extrusion, onsite services and raw materials.

What is Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS)?

What Are the Benefits of Manufacturing as A Service (Maas)?

Better control over your production line

Precision manufacturing services (MaaS) are primarily used for small, medium and high-volume production. One of the essential characteristics of this type of service is the precision of the product produced. With the help of this type of service, manufacturers can create products that are as close as possible to the original design.

Also, the services of Manufacturing as a service help improve the design process and your Manufacturing. The following reasons give it a significant advantage over traditional Manufacturing. Proper customisation With Manufacturing as a Service, manufacturers can tailor your product to the client's exact needs.

Contact Prometteur Solutions if you are one of those companies that consider running a successful business by selling stuff. Whether you have a local firm or a global company, the chances are high that you need good sales and order management software to handle both your business and orders.

Prometteur Solutions will build a software solution that helps you in enhancing the quality of your sales and order management process. Let us help you discover a new industry that will revolutionise your business! We have a great lineup of experts that will discuss how this strategy has been changing the manufacturing industry. If you are also considering venturing into Manufacturing as a service (Maas), we have the best expert solutions for you.


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