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Nyota is a mobile application for offering effective and enhanced racing and delivery services to its customers in a simple, fast and enjoyable manner. The mobile app solution provides delivery services powered by its network of partners in collaboration with a well-structured digital and logistics platform. Nyota does receive requests, carry races from partner shops, and deliver them to the locations of the buyers.

Its services relieve people of the need and stress of going to the malls and other stores in different cities to collect the product they need, thereby allowing them time to focus on other aspects of their lives.


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Nyota-How it Works

A client user of the Nyota mobile app can place an order through the mobile application. The order can be for a single race or all races of a series. Once an order is placed, a Nyota app dealer will be notified. It is then up to the dealer to pick up the race package at its warehouse and deliver it to the desired location.

The process of selecting, picking, and delivering the race package is fully automated through the app. Nyota manages all back-end operations associated with racing and deliveries and also gives dealers a dashboard of their inventory and visibility into their daily activities. Dealers have complete control over their list and are also able to set delivery schedules.

We are confident that the NYOTA Mobile App is a great digital solution. We're glad to assist our client in getting a hold of the critical information for features and functionalities needed on the mobile app. These include in-app geolocation, Signup/login, Payment options, Cross-Platform, User Interface and. It is currently available in the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

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Features of Nyota Mobile App

1.In-app Geolocation

Geolocation has to do with identifying the geographical locations of a computer device which may also point to the user's location. It uses the collection of data. Geolocation is a handy tool for order and delivery applications since they usually deal with customers' addresses and geographical areas.

Nyota has in-app geolocation that is integrated as one of the core features of the mobile application. The tool enables users to easily specify the exact location where they want their orders to be delivered, all of which is done with only one click. Users must accept the pop-up in the app, asking for permission to access their location before using the geolocation features.

There is also a delivery route optimization system that allows for the verification and validation of time slots as well as optimizing delivery services. It will enable the staff involved with carrying out delivery services to find the shortest and less time-consuming road to follow to distribute customer purchased projects at the expected time.

2.Payment Options

You will have the choice between mobile money (Airtel and MTN), mobile banking (BGFimobile, Ecobankpay, and LCBpay), or the traditional cash on delivery payment. These customers have the opportunity to pay for services using different options.

The payment options are excellent because sometimes customers may have issues with their banks and will not make payments using their credit cards. Customers can use other payment options like mobile money or cash payment after delivery in such a situation. These are excellent options that give customers a good user experience and satisfaction for their delivery services. Nyota payment options offer flexible options that customers can choose their most preferred choice of payment when making payments through the app.


Nyota mobile application is a cross-platform app that works excellently with both Android and Apple operating systems devices. This accounts for the mobile app’s ability to process the requests of large users from the different operating systems and drive the need of a large number of people.

The cross-platform efficiency of the mobile app can also be attributed to the type of mobile app development tools used by the mobile app dev company to build the product. Nyota mobile application was created with the combination of WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Flutter, and JavaScript development stack.

It is also a product of quality research and was handled by some of the best mobile app developers in the industry. They understand the nook and cranny of building high-performing cross platform mobile apps.

4.Signup / Login

All the users of Nyota are required to register on the app by signing up on their first interaction on the app. Signing up on the app requires users to provide or enter personal data like name, surname, date of birth, address, country, and phone numbers for identification purposes and service enhancement. Users can also use the Facebook signup option to sign up on the app. Using the Facebook signup option requires users to link their existing Facebook accounts, hence granting Nyota access to their personal information as entered in the Facebook accounts.

During the signup stages, the mobile app collects user data and stores them in a database for all users, making login easier and faster for all registered users. This data makes it easier for the mobile app to monitor and analyse the login activities of each user on the mobile app, what product they order for and their ordering preferences to make all the necessary improvements in providing the best services to customers.

5.User Dashboard

After signing up on the Nyota mobile app, the user gives access to a user dashboard where they can manage their personal information, orders, payments, subscriptions, and items in their Wishlist. Therefore, each user can easily track their in-app activities, get a breakdown of all their orders on the app and how much they have spent.

All these give the user a feeling of privacy and security since no one else has access to their personal dashboard information. On the other hand, Nyota gets to know the most active users on the app quickly and can quickly design in-app surveys, send notifications and design personalized services, and offer enhanced customer support to the users.

6.User Interface Design

Nyota has a well-built user interface design that entices the users and keeps them engaged. The user interface has a high level of interactivity, and the layout is just excellent. The app has a chat feature that allows the user to interact with the team. It also has a product display feature that clearly shows the product and services available on the mobile app.

Also, navigating to a different part of the mobile app and finally paying for your orders is relatively easy and fast. It is one racing and order delivery mobile application that gives users a refreshing user experience.

Nyota-Customer Benefits


Customers can contact Nyota through the mobile app, open a ticket, update an address, get directions and receive details. Besides, they can also obtain details of the time and place of the race, the cost price, and other offers in the mobile app.

Ease of payment

Nyota mobile app makes payment easy. It explores different means of payment such as cash on delivery, credit or debit cards, and mobile airtime transfer.

Do you want a fast racing and ordering mobile application for your business? Will your customers be paying cash after delivery, or do you want them to pay with mobile credits or even via credit cards and cash transfer? Prometteur Solutions can enable you to give your customers the opportunity to form a range of convenient and flexible options using a powerful mobile app for your business.

This is a digital age, and your business needs the best digital solutions that will be used to collect data, which will be used for value creation, asset tracking systems, and customer satisfaction. We will build your business with a mobile app that will enable it to quickly reach a point of acceptability for customers and the industry to make more sales and profit maximization.

Prometteur Solutions can design you the best mobile app for your business. You can begin the next step for your business transformation by contacting us now, and we will help you create the best digital solution for your business.


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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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