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E-commerce stores have overwhelmingly become an integral part of modern business, but competition is fierce. For any business to stand out from the crowd, it is essential to have a solid online presence that can attract potential customers to your shop. The niche market for enamel cookware is also highly saturated, so finding a way to make your online store stand out from competitors is highly essential for your business success.

Riess website stands out for the different categories of products and services on the online store and its unique functionalities that provide vital customer service. Besides the vast selection of enamel cookware offered to customers through the website, the website is built to provide responsive service and quick delivery times at affordable prices.

After listening to Riess during consultation for a web app, it became essential to us to provide them with a website that guarantees a great experience to offer the best product.

Therefore, we have built a website for Riess, where customers will be able to find the perfect enamel cookware for you at the best prices. The website is also an excellent platform that educates the niche customers on the different types of cookware they can get and how to take care of them. This includes clear images of products and their descriptions and other information that are helpful to users of the Riess product.

They had a session with the Prometteur Solutions dev team and gave full details of the project and what they wanted to achieve. We took all their concerns and ideas to come up with a fantastic website solution for their business. Let us take a look at some of the beautiful features and functionalities of the Riess website.


Awesome Pages

The Feature and Functionalities of the Riess Website

1.Search Bar

The search bar is significant on web pages. It is a tool that searches for web page results very easily, fast, and straightforward for visitors. Search bars are intelligently built to return search results within a brief timeframe, most times within splits of seconds. With a search bar, any user on a web page can enter the product and services that s/he will like to check, either make a purchase, add to cart, or read up some vital info on.

Prometteur Solutions added the search bar to the Riess website to allow users to search and comfortably find their preferred product and services easily. This, of course, means that there is no need for the users to go through every page of the website while looking for a product. All they have to do is enter their keywords on the search bar, and the right results will be returned to them very quickly.

2.Social Media

Integrating social media tools on your website is one of the best features that your website should have. The website with these tools tends to perform better because online users and other audiences will easily connect with the brand. Many businesses even use these tools as their marketing tools and a medium for sharing relevant ideas, promotions and other events related to their business.

While building an excellent website, Prometteur Solutions integrated some of the best social media tools on the site. These tools include Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram. From our research, these are the best tools for driving the business online through social media, and they also enhanced the power of the website in boosting the sales of the business. Today, the company has active social channels attached to its website to efficiently manage its niche audience, share content, drive traffic, and carry out other customer support activities.


The website is built with the use of simple colours. The choice and mix of colours make it more enticing and engaging to users. Riess is not one of those web apps out there with dull colours. The UIX is done with a background dominated by white colours and then all the write up coloured in blue.

This combination gives the website a pleasing look that helps keep the users engaged and ensures that they do not quickly get bored while using the site. Also, the colours are in line with the design of the company's logo, so it's a website with colours that represent the company in total, which is excellent for the branding.

4.User Interface

The user interface (UI) of a website includes its visual design, interactive design, and information architecture. In other words, the UI accounts for the way users will feel, based on the looks and the functionalities of the site. It is an essential aspect of web development.

The user interface design UX of Riess is typical of a top-class UX design built for all the right reasons, especially in driving the goal of the business. The visual design follows a simple yet stunning style that gives the UI a good shape. The fonts, the colours, and other UIX elements are just in place to deliver a solid and great impression to visitors.

The interactivity of the website is another beautiful aspect of the UI that cannot be overlooked. It is built to be very responsive, which goes a long way in enhancing its productivity. And lastly, Riess' whole information architecture is top-notch. Users can easily find the information and product that they need about the business on the website. The effects on the website are organised in different categories to allow very smooth access to the site's contents.

In essence, Riess has a user interface that clarifies the brand's vision to its users by providing easy access to information in combination with a seamless user experience. It also enhances site navigation, and customer satisfaction since services like customer support are quickly rendered.

When you have such a user interface for your website, be sure that you can quickly drive traffic and convert sales since site usability will be high.

5.Multiple Languages

It is indeed beneficial for the website to make its content ready to translate into different languages. This allows users from different linguistic backgrounds to access the content and easily interact with the web pages in the most optimised ways.

Riess is a site ready to translate content into different languages. The dev team uses this to make this site culturally sensitive in order to reach a larger audience. It is excellent as it is a marketing tool because it will help to increase traffic and will even make it easier to build a larger audience.

Aside from the increase in traffic, the multi language feature of the website allows Riess to be very competitive in the marketplace. And this is because their competitors are probably taking advantage of websites with multi language language features to keep in touch or even outperform them. Riess uses the multi language feature to bridge keep up with the market demand.

Riess is an e-commerce store that deals with global customers, and there is no better way of reaching out to a worldwide audience than designing your website to accommodate people from different places in the world.


Flutter dev experts built Riess with reliable experience in the e-commerce industry. Flutter is a great dev tool for building enhanced cross-platform web apps and e-commerce websites for business. It gives web apps exceptional performance with high-level interactivity and speed loading time. This is what you get from using the Riess e-commerce website. Plus, the user experience is fantastic and very consistent too. Riess works very well on both IOS and Android operating systems.


Using the navbar on the Riess website gives a refreshing feeling. It is built to allow easy navigation on the web pages, thereby increasing the time spent on the web pages by the users. Google loves this because they collect the data for the time users spend on web pages and use the results for ranking on search engines. So, Riess gives its users a good user experience.

The navbar makes users quickly go from one page to another while searching for products. This is done effortlessly by the user. The categories on the website are also self-explanatory, making it very easy for users to navigate through the site pages.

8.Development Stack

Lastly, the dev team used a high-level dev tool to build the Riess e-commerce online store. These development stacks include PHP, WordPress, MySQL, Firebase and Stripe. These are some of the best dev tools in the industry, and they are used to build great websites capable of handling a large user base with a high level of interactivity and a guaranteed good user experience. They are also excellent for excellent frontend and backend elements of any site.

If you have a similar idea and a need for an e-commerce website, feel free to reach out to Prometteur Solutions, and we will help you develop your business idea and build you the best e-commerce store for your business.

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Kickstart Your Dream Project With Us

We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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