Riess is an e-commerce website that deals with enamel cookware. They advocate using enamel cookware for healthy eating and want to reach as many customers as possible. To achieve this, they needed a strong online presence that will help them display their products for potential customers to see.

They wanted to have a gallery that will help categorize the different products based on the design and purpose of use. It was therefore important to have a theme that will support bigger images that will render properly both on mobile and web.

They also wanted to educate their customers on the different types of cookware they can get and how to take good care of them. This was to include large images along with videos and content to serve as a guide. They had a session with our team and gave full details of the project and what they wanted to achieve.

The Project Execution

The website development went into full swing and the latest technology was adopted to give the client the best. The website theme featured a clean design that enabled clear and crisp images of the product. It also had a gallery and a category for each product series to showcase the array of products. The theme used was also responsive and the design was made to fit the screen of mobile devices. The colors used maintained the brand colors giving the brand a unique look.

The website is also translation ready to cater for multiple languages. This makes it possible for the brand to reach a diverse customer base and cross the language barrier. A search feature was also incorporated to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. Other software used by our team of experienced developers for the execution include MySQL for the database management, Flutter to make it adaptable for Android or IOS, PHP and Firebase for added functionality just to name a few.

The Result

Riess project was completed to produce a clean and highly interactive website for the brand. With a rich gallery of products and special selections, customers would find it easy to explore the website to shop for the enamel piece(s) of their choice.

The website also has a rich media that consists of high-quality images and videos that will educate customers. This means that customers can have a real feel of what the product looks like before they decide to buy.

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