Hubtosport is a sports app that connects different people from various locations but is interested in group sporting activities together. The sports app, which can showcase other sports activities, allows its users to see different sports that are taking place in different locations. However, the Hubtosport app returns results and displays all these sporting activities to its users based on their search queries. Sporting activities that can be viewed on sports apps include hockey, badminton, cricket, tennis, basketball, and swimming.


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What is Hubtosport?

Hubtosport is a sporting app that is excellent for sport-loving people who are enthusiastic about fitness activities and need to join active sport and fitness groups within their areas of residence. The sport and fitness app eliminates loneliness during exercises by allowing people with similar exercise goals or interests to stay motivated and keep exercising to keep fit. Hubtosport app also enables people to connect with like-minded exercise-loving people all over the world using their devices.

Hubtosport is an exceptional sports app. The developers came up with a high-level interactive product using IONIC. This approach is to enable the sport app to work on different platforms – Android and IOS. Being a cross-platform app allows the app to have a large user base and manage a broad audience efficiently.


Hubtosport has a smooth layout that encourages user-friendly features. For example, it has a search integration that can be used to carry out searches for different sporting activities and events within their locations. When a search is done on a specific sporting event, the app shows the user the available spots yet to be filled on each search group.

There is also an admin dashboard that functions to show the total number of people who have enrolled for different events to participate in the activities. The dashboard also indicates their locations. A GPS tracker enhances the app to verify and show live areas of all the sporting events to the users. This feature ensures clarity of location and safety to users.

Users and admin get to view all the past events and activities that have been successfully hosted with their respective reviews, ratings, and views.

This means that the app also has a feature that allows you to leave a review and rate the sports activity attended. This is excellent for valuable feedback to the organizers of the event and to encourage other sport and exercise enthusiasts to participate in such activities in order to stay fit.

The hubtosport app is easy to use and has a smooth user interface enjoyed by the users. It has all it takes to handle users from different platforms and bring sports enthusiasts together to achieve a common goal. Hubtosport is the best solution for people who need to join sports-related groups.

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Features of Sports App and Their Uses

1.Bookmark Feature

Bookmarking features allow you to bookmark your favorite content on the app for faster and easier access anytime, any day. You don’t want to be going through thousands of content searching for one content that you will want to read all over again. Most users will get frustrated and abandon the search.

So, having the bookmark feature is excellent for saving content. One of the goals of creating the best sports app is to provide a very easy to navigate, giving the user the best experience. Prometteur Solutions have a team of expert app developers that know how to make this happen.

2.Push Notifications

The best apps have the feature of push notification as one of the basic features of the app. We believe that your sports app should also have this feature as its importance to content sharing and reminding your users about upcoming events cannot be overemphasized. With push notifications, the admin can send emails to users reminding them about an action that they need to take or an upcoming event that they need to be aware of.

This is a feature that is used on sports apps to provide value-added services to users. Many people are busy looking for their daily bread and dealing with family issues and other emotional stuff that may make them forget so many things that they intend to do. It will be very friendly and helpful to remind them periodically or keep them updated on progress made so far. This will help them to prepare better in a timely way.

Prometteur Solutions' dev team has built several apps with the best push notification features and functions. We will design the easiest to use push notification feature for seamless administrative use and content sharing via email, app, and social media platforms.

3.User Friendly

One of the most effective ways to ensure good reviews is to design your app with the best user interface for the sake of your users. Suppose you know how to use layouts, images, videos, audios, navbar, and many other features and functionalities added on the sport app. In that case, your user experience will be excellent.

Great user experience results in excellent client reviews and good feedback, which may be what your app needs to outperform your competitors in the market. At Prometteur Solutions, we know what users look out for in every app. We know how to meet their requirements and give them an app with the best loading speed, interactivity, and layouts. Whatever makes for an excellent user experience, we ensure to use it in creating your sports app. We also include data collection tools and analytics that monitor users’ behaviors and collect vital information, which will help improve the app's services.

4.Search Functionality

Users should be able to search for content and events easily. Their search must return accurate results. The search can be enhanced with filters such as dates, categories, locations, and other filter elements for intelligent inquiries. Also, the search feature should allow users to enter specific keywords for content search.

The intelligent search feature and functionality are fantastic if rightly explored. Prometteurs Solutions have the best dev team that adds all the best features, including intelligent search features that return the most accurate results in the fastest ways.

5.Group Chat Feature

Chat features allow members of a platform to interact by liking, sharing, and commenting on shared content. It's a great way to engage users and keep the forum lively. Nobody wants to be on a platform with too many dull moments and one person always dominating discussions.

People should be allowed to network and connect. Share information and knowledge about events and how they feel from sporting events that are either upcoming or already passed. If your spot exercise app has the chat feature, make sure it's the best chat feature enjoyable for users.

Prometteur Solutions app development team has mastered the art of creating applications with the best chat features for users to connect by engaging on posts and comments.


Some developers only create an app for Android users or only IOS users, limiting the number of users on the app. There are many android users and many IOS users; it's best to create apps that work on both platforms for a more extensive user base.

A cross-platform app allows more users to use your app for different services that meet their needs. Many people wish to use sporting and exercise apps to stay fit, and they will be happy to do this from either their android devices or from their IOS devices.

Prometteur Solutions have excellent experience in creating cross-platform apps. Our apps can handle a large user base with a high level of interactivity.

7.Fun Games

Your exercise app can include fun and game features for your users to enjoy. Some games are very educational. You can add games that educate users on exercise and sport in general since your users will be within the sport and exercise niche. This is a fantastic feature, and users will be happy to use your sports app.

Many exercise apps have either already added games and fun quizzes to their apps or are planning to do so; therefore, if your competitors are on this line, you should also follow up with others to stay competitive.

8.Live Streaming

Live streaming is a feature that allows users to join and watch events happening in real-time from their mobile apps. If your users can stream live sport and exercise events, they will spend more time on your app.

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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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