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Glas Gasperlmair is a company with a deep knowledge of the glass and plastic industry. Their work is both structural and decorative, and functional. Glass manufacturers – Glas Gasperlmair is a leading manufacturer of LVGs for high-value glass applications. All of their glass projects are completed in-house. They provide an unrivalled service, equipment as well as complete glass processing. More than half of the company's production comprises custom design, conceptual consultation and technical assistance. They have great expertise in glass cutting, injection moulding and fine crafts.

The glass products range from LVGs and insulating glass to high gloss product lines and specialized glass parts, including the glass used in the building materials and other applications. This protection against the elements has many industrial uses, such as exterior glass, windows, and hoods. As it does not carry the same negative impact as heavy metals and harmful substances, glass is a wise choice for designers of buildings and structures. Glass supplies safe surfaces transparent to the eye and frost-free even on hot summer days. The advantages of glass are its positive material impact and its durability, which can be tailored to the application.

However, they needed a solid online presence which we helped to establish by listening to their many concerns and goals through an online platform for their business. We were able to come up with a high performing e-commerce website;

In this case study, we shall be taken through the different features and functionalities of the website and reveal those things that make the website special.


Awesome Pages

The Amazing Website Features

1.Create Account

Shopglas allows users to create a user account and manage their profiles on the website. Many such users are companies, so the account signup and login features will enable them to control their information security. Users create an account by providing some information that the company uses to connect and engage with them on different levels.

This also helps the business to build a good level of trust between the company and the users, which is a great way to account for transparency about user information collected and stored on the database.

With many customers and users visiting the website to access the products, admin access becomes necessary in managing different roles. Shopglas has this feature. The admin has a dashboard that makes role management very easy and quite enjoyable.

The Shoplog in detail is also excellent in helping the company keep a soundtrack of who just signed up, who logged in, what activities are being done on the site, and other essential customer behaviours.

The login feature also allows for enhanced customer support because it has the customers' names, devices they use, and transaction history. In order words, customers can get personalized support from the company.

We recommend that if your business deals with companies or enterprise customers, the login feature should be used.

2.Search Function

To enhance user experience using easy navigation of pages, the search bar function is added to the Shopglass website. There are several categories of the product and many pages on the website, but with the search function, users can easily find their preferred products on the website in the easiest and fastest ways.

It helps provide an escape route for users who are stuck in their navigation on the pages while clicking around. Users can quickly type out a product category or a keyword in the search function, and a result will be returned with the best answers.

The search function allows users to last longer on the site since many websites tend to abandon a webpage when their search becomes challenging to achieve. Also, user experience is enhanced because many users visiting the site are already used to the search function on other sites. So, it is always pleasing for them to find it on the Shopglass website.

For the company, they have the opportunity to study the most searched product category/product on the Shopglass website, and they can use the information to enhance their services.

Therefore, what the search function does for the Shopglass website is really fantastic and very helpful in growing their business. It serves as an internal search engine ranking tool that helps the company understand the most searched product category on the website.


Shopglas has a product category feature that easily allows customers to easily find their ideal glass products on the site. It is a feature that provides clarity to web pages users since it will enable them to access a grouped product under specific categories instead of navigating through pages with mixed outcomes.

Shopglas' product category page plays a very critical role in the number of sales on the website because it allows visitors the easy option to choose and keep moving until they place an order. In other words, the feature makes visitors quickly decide to move on to the next page on the site, painlessly and.

The development team made sure that the product category page is evident to the users in a way that stands out to be easily recognizable. They are also designed to point users straight to the pages where products are displayed.

Prometteur Solutions web development services give every page a deep purpose that contributes to the business's success. They achieved this by ensuring that each page is designed with the customers at heart and the product category page is like a road map that leads to sales.

4.Contact Us

Shopglass website is further enhanced with a solid contact us page that gives the brand image a high level of credibility. The contact us page is built to explore the real power of an about us page.

When a user visits the website, they may spend some time searching for products, but if they want to do a background check of the company, the contact us page is right there at the top, and in one click, they will have all the information and contact details of the company.

These details include a contact address of the company's physical office, a direct phone line, and an email address. These are essential in businesses because they tell the user that they are dealing with real humans, and there is a live team behind the website and the company.

So even investors and advertisers can quickly get in touch with Shot Glass to discuss how they can help to drive the business success.

5.UI Design

The user interface (UI/UX) of Shopglass offers a good level of convenience to users. It is one of the site's best features, and with that, they can rub shoulders with their competitors in the marketplace for an excellent user experience.

The user interface can accommodate a large influx of traffic on the site without any glitch or slow loading speed experienced by the users. It is designed to attract users and keep them engaged in the swiftness and beauty of the web pages. It goes a long way in determining how well the users interact with different elements of the website.

The colour combination of the site is excellent. The buttons and navbar are well built and strategically positioned, and the provision for a search bar helps users navigate their way easily around the website.

The dev team did achieve an excellent UI design for Shopglass to design an easy-to-use navigation menu, which is like a label for different parts of the web pages. They also used a simple design, which has fancy layouts, and good enough to encourage visitors to stay longer on the website on every visit.

Also, the typographic text styles are good enough to add to the branding and image management of the business.

6.Social Media (YouTube and Facebook)

Shopglass has Facebook and youtube social media channels integrated into the web app for easy connectivity and management of their niche audience. So, if you are a visitor, who is more comfortable with these social channels, and you decide to reach out to the customer support through social media, all s/he needs to do is to click to get redirected to the social media page.

7.Web dev tool

In building the Shopglass website, Prometteur Solutions used the best combination of web dev tools like Flutter, Firebase, WordPress, PHP, and MySQL to create a viable website product for cross-platform. The website works very well on IOS and Android devices and can accommodate a large user base.

So, if you need a similar web app solution for your business, contact Prometteur Solutions, and we will discuss your business, the best solutions and help you implement them accordingly.

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Kickstart Your Dream Project With Us

We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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