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Networking and event-sharing apps are becoming very popular as more people are beginning to see the need for their use and how they can use them to share their events with their friends and loved ones easily. With an event app, you can easily open the doors of your event to the people you know, your network, and people on social media channels.


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What Can You Share on Event Sharing Apps?

Events such as parties, weddings, graduations ceremonies, conferences, meetings, and many others are excellent examples of the events that can be shared on the event sharing app. For everyone registered on an event-sharing app, the individual gets exclusive access to different information on social events and many parties. It’s a good technology because it gives good details and notification about upcoming events before time, giving interested persons enough time to include the event on their to-do lists and also confirm the safety of locations of the events. After their confirmations, they can signify interest to attend and proceed to register for the event.

Prometteur Solutions Ltd has excellent experience creating world-class event-sharing apps. Their team of event-sharing app developers has the right expertise, motivation, and passion for making you the best app for sharing events with your friends.


A Quick Look At The Bloosh APP

One of the best event-sharing products credited to Prometteur Solutions is the Bloosh App. The Bloosh App is an event-sharing app where every member with access gets valuable information about upcoming events and their respective locations from the event organizers and promoters. Bloosh App was created to meet the need and requirements for a networking platform where users can find freedom. The app has a high level of interactivity. It is designed so that users' profiles are always displayed, showing their participation in events and how much they have earned from the organization and sharing different events.

Essentially, the Bloosh app serves to make networking and connecting with people more fun, exciting and very easy.

The Bloosh app was created using different app development tools, namely, IONIC, Firebase, PHP, B and MySQL. It has some excellent features that make it easy to use. And since it works like the usual social media channels that we are used to, it is user-friendly.

Users can create their events and become Bloosh hosts. This is a feature that allows you to organize events and receive payments in that regard quickly—no worries about security issues. The app development company, Prometteur Solutions has vast experience in creating apps with high security. So, the Bloosh apps have increased security, and all the host and event organizers are verified on the app.

Another great feature of the Bloosh app is Join Events. This is a feature that allows you to join events worldwide. Once you sign up on the app and become a member of the Bloosh community, you can find and access different information on events in various places of the world. Furthermore, there is another fantastic feature that allows you to become an affiliate member. This feature is a perfect tool of the Bloosh app that helps individuals and their companies organize events that meet best practices and professionalism.

There is a feature for the admin to see and regulate the activities on the app when necessary. In other words, the admin can log in and be able to see all the users and their profiles on the admin dashboard. The admin dashboard comprises some essential details such as the total number of users online, the whole number of verified users, and each user's details. Admins also get a detailed report of the total number of events added on the app, the total number of invoices, how much an event planner or organizers have earned, and other transactions they may have carried out on the Bloosh App.

Prometteur Solutions Ltd created the Bloosh App with the use of the IONIC platform. The experts used this approach to give users easy access, smooth usability, and an event-sharing app that works on Android and IOS since cross-platform apps have broader coverage in the marketplace. Plus, cross-platform apps tend to contend with other competitive products offering similar services.

Prometteur Solutions app developers designed and created the Bloosh app to have a lightweight and high interactivity. And allow users who have verified the power to organize, host, and share their events. The app can accommodate large numbers of users doing different activities on the app simultaneously without lagging or slowing down in deep.

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What Are Other Features That Can Be Added to Event Sharing Apps?

There are many other features that Prometteur Solutions can add when creating the best event-sharing app for you. Our event sharing and planning app development services are designed to help you have your dreams' bespoke app. One that meets your needs, requirements and gives your user a worthy experience. Let us look at some of these features.

1.Content Management System (CMS)

We can add a mobile content management system to the admin dashboard to enhance the admin roles and content management tasks in the easiest ways. This tool enhances the admin's control of the app and the information being shared with users. CMS gives admin the power to write, edit and post content on the app. They can also send push notifications, and they as well view all the reports for downloading on the app. Many other useful tools can also be added to the content management system for more administrative roles on the app.

2.Customer Booking and Bookmarking

We can design and add a customer booking and bookmark feature whereby customers can set and add custom schedules to different events on the app. Customers can use this tool to save various events happening in other locations according to their importance to the customer.

Also, these customers or users can save their favourite posts, images, videos and other content on the app for easy access at a later period.

3.Live Polling and Audience Response System

We can also add a tool that allows event planners and organizers to set up polls for their events or design surveys to get quick feedback and make relevant improvements to their services. People love it when app features and functionalities are interactive. They tend to engage in such activities easily and respond fast. We will design the live polling and audience response system so that accurate time information can be easily gotten from users.

4.Mobile Chat Features

We can add the mobile chat features to your event planning app to enhance communication and networking. The mobile app chat features are excellent for event organizers who want their users to connect during conferences, discussions and trade shows.

Within this feature, we can add social media features whereby the social handles and other social media information of your users can be easily searched by people who wish to connect with them or follow up with their social media activities outside the app.

5.PDF Document Viewer

PDF document viewer will enhance the presentations and viewing of documents on the app should such needs arise. Users can view different documents and presentation slides on the app without having to leave the app. They will have the option to either use the landscape or portrait viewing option for their convenience.

We can go extra with this by adding email sharing options and printing support tools for smartphone and iPad users.

6.Notepad Feature

With a notepad tool, users will be able to attend events and take down notes when necessary. This will be very comfortable for them since they won’t have to navigate out of the app to drop notes. The notes can be deleted whenever they feel like it and can be sent to their emails if they prefer to share or save them.

7.Community Forum

Maybe you want to have a community in your app. We can help you achieve that in the best and easiest ways. A community forum tool will be added to automatically add every member who signs up for an event on your app to become a member of your community. Their emails will be added to your email campaign list during registration, and you can send them engaging contents and notifications on new and upcoming events on your app.

If you utilize this tool very well, it will be a great way to enhance user engagement on your app.

Prometteur Solutions use the latest technology to develop apps that can compete with their peers in the industry. If you want to have an app like Bloosh App created for you, then talk to us at Prometteur by booking a FREE consultation today. Our highly experienced App developers will work with you to create unique and feature-rich apps for your business.

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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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