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There are many advantages of using the Kampus university management app to manage your kampus activity and study management. Kampus Management App is a fantastic app, but only if you know how It Works and Why You Should Download It.


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What is a Kampus Management App?

Kampus is one of the best intelligent University management apps available on the Google Play Store. Suppose you are planning to study at a university in the next few years. In that case, it is highly recommended that you use this powerful yet professional University Management App, created and maintained by university people. It does all the things a university management app should do.


Kampus management app is an application built to help students to handle college management activities. It provides access to relevant information for every student. For example, a student can quickly check the timetable for lectures, exercises and tests. They need to install this application, add and search for the classes when they want to keep up with their schedules.

It also provides you with the detailed syllabus of a course. Students can also find out the contact numbers and email ids of necessary college authorities like academic and counselling departments. All this is in a very easy to use graphical user interface. The application also helps a student to avail discount vouchers for online registration, refuting fee. Most users' review of the Kampus app shows that; it is one of the best choices out there.

You can say that it is indeed the perfect app for your Kampus life. You have to know how to use it.

Why is the App Essential? Since universities are becoming the one-stop-shop where students will search for everything related to university study. The higher you rise in your academic career, the better your chances of having a good job.

Why Should I Use Kampus?

It is highly recommended for students to use the Kampus University management App because it helps students manage their work. They can apply for courses, take admission online, plan the trips, and make a job application. Kampus makes the process easy for students because they don't have to bother their parents to register in the university. They do it all on their own. Download the following video to learn the tips and tricks to use Kampus app. Kampus is also a user-friendly app for managing students and college management. The user-friendly interface makes the life of students a lot easier and hassles accessible.


Benefits of Using Kampus: You can use the app's web version, but the mobile app is the best.

The Kampus management app is also excellent for students, graduates and management staff. In essence, it is good and can be used by everyone. The KAMPUS App allows you to use your education account on and off-campus without paying anything extra. You only have to pay when you want to add or create a class. Students who wish to save and share their classroom activities (i.e. class registration, notes, exam info, etc.) For university students or graduates who need to access the information anytime and anywhere (most university administrators use this tool for instant information access, and some students check out class schedules on campus.

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How Does Kampus App Work?

So, what's inside the app? Many features will help you manage your university, check your grades, confirm your appointment time, and many more valuable things in the app. HOW DOES KAMPUS WORK? The app is different from other management systems because it uses your phone's native mobile OS to do most of your work in the app. Also, you can make as many groups and groups as you want in the app. The app is way too customizable and straightforward for you to manage your office activities easily.

Features of Kampus Management App

Kampus management app helps the student to survive campus life and study challenges. It is an intelligent app built to cater to many aspects of student academic needs and leverage technology to make life easier on campus. Let us take a look at some of the cool features of the Kampus management app.

1.Time Schedule

Students can use the app to schedule their course hours and exams. Students can also manage their timetables more efficiently. You can use it to check on upcoming tests and assignments. Student notifications: Get call notifications right on your phone. You can set a daily time for receiving information on important dates.

2.Pay Kampus

Pay Kampus is a feature that allows students to easily make all necessary and due payments using the app. The app is integrated with payment gateways that generate invoices after automatically processing payments.

3.Quick Access

No need for users to have usernames and access codes to gain access to the app. It, however, requires an initial registration, after which no more entering details to gain access to the app.


The app has a chat feature that allows interactivity between the students, lecturers and researchers.


The app has mapping and teaching features on different educational institutions that are recognized. The Kampus app also allows for possible remote registration.

6.University Code

You can set your university code on your phone. The code will make your phone ring and show it as a blue light when you unlock it.

7.Project management

You can manage tasks from anywhere and at any time. You can create and manage tasks for all kinds of projects in an efficient way. In addition, students can be members of the campus community where they can get extra help and contribute to student activities.

8.Digital Library

The Kampus app has a digital library that allows users to easily access electronic books and handouts remotely. These electronic books are categorized, distinguished and can be downloaded from the app.

9.Campus News

The technology-based platform connects you with all the latest news in your courses and campus. It gives you access to the portal to manage your assignments, checkmark, submit the assignments, access the community forum where you can discuss challenges, events or any issues around campus. It helps you to focus on your studies. Learning Plans The learning plan feature allows students to set their academic priorities and track their educational goals. Assignment Help Assignment help is an excellent tool that helps the student stay on track of assignments and courses and check his progress.


The app serves as a platform where users can denounce destructive behaviours that should never be tolerated on campus. Bad behaviours like rape, racism, injustices, cultism, drug abuse, gender violence, and many other cases of impunity should have no place in the institution.

11.Sources and Opportunities

There are valid links in the app that directs users to use academic resources and job opportunities that match their qualifications.

12.Campus Life

The app is built to help the student live on campus life in college and meet academics and college life demands in general. It provides a comprehensive interactive menu with critical apps like fitness, health, entertainment, and communication to make the app more meaningful. Safety & Security The app includes privacy and safety features and a GPS tracker on its name. The app also has a panic button on campus to notify the students about an emergency or unsafe situation. It also provides safety alerts on their physical safety. Lectures & Tutorials The app helps them manage their academic timetable and deliver their lectures and tutorials on time. It also records the attendance of professors and provides feedback on time.

13.Academic Support

This is a digital library, research resource, and resource management application. It can help a student organize and prioritize the different resources that he may require and use it to see which resources he can use during the session, which others may not need. He can even share different types of resources across different tabs and subtabs. There are educational resources available, like workbooks, quizzes, textbooks, study guides, research materials and lots more which a student can easily access through this application. Academic help desk Kampus helps a student access information about the academic help desk. He can get in touch with the help desk personnel in his college or university to get the information he might require for academic queries.


Any innovative idea can have a significant impact on society. With the implementation of a few easy to implement changes, technology is undoubtedly positively affecting society-even in education. Moreover, it can help low-income families, who in the past did not have access to technology. In the recent past, computers, laptops, and the internet have helped several families improve their living standards. Nevertheless, It is not the technology alone, and it is also human knowledge that made the development of modern technology possible.

In this post, we have shared the top reasons you need to have a good University management app in your university.

If you need to get this type of app with customized features to suit your needs, kindly reach out to Prometteur Solutions.


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