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KAMPUS is an academic/educative/mobile learning application. It is designed to facilitate teachers, students, institutions and users can have access to information in real-time.

About Kampus

Prometteur Solutions was assigned the project of building this academic mobile application. The goal is to ensure the mobile app is available on both Google Play Store and App Store. To achieve this there was a need to use a flexible framework for the project in question. The app also needed to be seamless, intuitive and come with many useful features that teachers, students and institutions alike. Ease of use and versatility were top priorities for the project.


The Project Execution

Our mobile app development team had full instructions about the structure of the KAMPUS mobile app. The KAMPUS mobile app must be developed such that it requires no usernames or even access codes. After a new user registers on the platform, they should have easy access to the app without worrying about access components.

The KAMPUS mobile app should be usable even when offline. This means that even if users are not connected to the internet, they should be able to consult every single data they previously received.

And when a user eventually connects to the internet, they won’t have missed anything as all published information will be downloaded and the app updated accordingly. Our mobile app development team worked hard for several days and nights, creating one feature after the other And also ensuring that all these features work seamlessly together without overcrowding the user-interface of the mobile application.

After a few weeks, the robust KAMPUS mobile application was completed. The Quality Assurance section of our organization ran the mobile app through several tests. They ensured the KAMPUS mobile app works intuitively on any IOS and Android devices like smartphones and tablets And every feature required to make the KAMPUS mobile app an all-round, robust, and high-performing mobile application was confirmed.

The Results

The KAMPUS mobile app was a phenomenal success when it hit the App Store and Google Play Store. All the features mentioned in the previous section were included in the academic mobile application. In addition to the special features, the KAMPUS mobile app is well integrated with telecommunications technology. Any information a user receives via the app also comes with an email and SMS.

This means that any user who makes use of an old digital phone will be apprised of any updates via SMS. This makes information very accessible to all. Users of the KAMPUS mobile app can also view the results of sessions – or deliberations – and daily work via SMS and USSD Queries. The KAMPUS mobile application has what is known as 'Digital Valves', which grants real-time access to every information that users need. That means you don't have to travel to the institute or university for updates.

Paying academic fees via the KAMPUS mobile application is a breeze. Users have access to multiple payment platforms and can pay academic fees remotely and in real-time. Users can also view information such as payment balance etc. KAMPUS mobile app also comes with a digital library with numerous and categorized electronic books. Users also have access to the Digital Syllabus as well as scientific publications. They can consult and also download the syllabus at their disposal by the teachers even while they respect the copyright. Are you looking for a team of IT experts to handle your academic mobile app development project for you? Do not hesitate to contact us at Prometteur Solutions and let's get started today. Our team of experts is ever ready to execute and make it happen for you.

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Kampus manage your school as you want, Starting from admissions to attendance and exams to result cards with standard access to teacher, student and parent for all necessary facilities.

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