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Prometteur Solutions have built one of the best Kids apps in the market. In other to achieve this,

“We moved our database to firebase and used inbuilt filters to make it easy to access all the data. A highly interactive app for the kid's entertainment industry. Parents can now easily find interesting activities to engage their kids during the weekends. They also get to book ahead and beat the rush. Users also see detailed information about each activity as well as the rating from other users before they book.”

The Kid Activities app came up to help parents who are struggling to keep their kids busy. The app aims to reach many parents and give them and their children access to different activities that they can use to engage their kids during the weekends. It was built by Prometteur Solutions and targeted children from ages 3-13.

Another demand for the app is a lightweight feature, yet capable of handling large numbers of users at a time. Other factors include security, easy payment options, and easy booking of activities.

Kids Activities App took us 4 months to build, with the expertise of 5 team members highly experienced in using the Flutter development platform. The app is a booking app and can be placed under the entertainment industry.


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Why We Built The App

We want parents to keep their kids occupied without overscheduling them with activities.

We want to help parents to spend time with their kids and give them a unique learning experience. We have a lot of smart and talented moms/dads out there. We want to tap them and build a product we love. The app is the perfect playground for children to play with all the exciting activities that can be done anytime, anywhere.

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How The App Can Help Parents?

Parents can create their own activity schedules for the upcoming weekends and share them with their loved ones. Prometteur offers a rich catalogue of over 400+ child-focused activities and 100+ popular games that cover a wide range of topics to simplify the activity scheduling process.

The Features Of The App

Using the kids activities app is straightforward. The first step to using it is to onboard. Onboarding means going through some features and functionalities of the app without signing up and logging in. Onboarding is more like taking a look at the app for future use.

1.Sign Up

There is a sign-up page for every new user on the Kid Activity App. This page is usually the first natural step of having access to and using the app. The sign-up page allows users to enter their emails and their preferred passwords before logging in to the app.

2.Sign In

After the sign-up stage, the user can log in using the registered email and password previously used in opening a Kid Activity account. There is a sign-in option whereby users can use their Facebook pages rather than their names and emails. This makes it very easy and fast to access.

3.Forget Password

The forget password option allows registered users who do not remember their login details to request confirmation emails sent to them with a password reset link, enabling them to gain access to their registered account.

4.Appointment Booking

Kids activities app allows users to book an appointment on various activities. The booking process is straightforward and requires effortless clicks and steps by the user.


The kids' admin dashboard has an admin dashboard with which s/he monitors all log in, content sharing, notification, and other vital activities on the app. Every user also has a dashboard that has several features.


The Kid Activities App gives you the option to search for activities with kids in your area or nearby through the help of an internet connection and a search bar. The results are returned within seconds as the app is optimized for speed and is lightweight by design. The use and incorporation of filters by the dev team enhances the accuracy of all searches on the Kids Activities app.

A range of activities is organized with their respective dates and time. To order more action, you can get a slight discount. It is definitely a handy tool to help parents manage their kids' time and activities without asking their children and parents to help.

Kid Activities app organizes activities based on the activities of the seasons. You can search for activities and activities of particular events like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc. The app has a user-friendly interface and an easy to use search function. Well, the most helpful feature of the app is its summary page.

There is a section for activity information to get all the information about upcoming activities and reviews about previous activities.

There is also a section within the dashboard where users can access their promotional offers from the Kids Activities App Admin. Promotional offers help provide value-added services to users, especially loyal customers.

The dashboard also features the "my events" section. This is a section where users access the track records of the history of different attended events on the app. It is like a file containing all the vital information of events.

My notifications are another fantastic feature in the dashboard. It allows every user to effectively manage their notifications in the most organized ways. Notifications may include upcoming events, promotional offers, upgrades, new products, services, and other exciting packages on the Kids Activities App.

Just after the many notifications button is my calendar button. It is a feature that allows users to check the appropriate date for activities and events and book appointments accordingly.

The Kids Activities app has excellent security designed to protect users' data, privacy, and security concerns while using the app.


You can set your university code on your phone. The code will make your phone ring and show it as a blue light when you unlock it.

7.Project management

Kid Activities App is a cross-platform application that works on both iOS and Android mobile device versions. This is one of the reasons why the dev team chose Flutter as the app development platform.

8.App Layout

Kids activity app has a finely built layout. The layout is clean and easy for the kids to use. In fact, each user can easily describe the location and the activities that other kids are invited to join.

If you are a vendor, you can also use the app. All you need do is sign up and start uploading the activities that you have in your store.

For improved security and credibility, the app has a GPS tracker at every vendor's location, which helps tag their exact locations and provides excellent guidance to different users.

9.The Future Of The App

The promo has two features that will improve the popularity of the app. The first one is a free voucher system. As soon as a new user creates an account, s/he will get a free voucher worth Rs 50 for her next session. This will help them to try out different activities and improve their experience.

The second feature is a 'Quiz' mode that will allow users to test their knowledge. If they do well, then they will get rewarded with more vouchers. This model is currently available only for Android.

Prometteur Solutions is targeting to reach one million users in the next three months. The app's free version is aimed at kids 3-6 years old, while the app with full access for older kids can be used to track their parents' presence.

Prometteur Solutions has excellent experience in building the best apps for kids, parents, families and other people interested in using technology to augment different aspects of their lives. We can build apps with exciting and interactive games, colouring activities, music, educational activities, etc., for kids. We highly recommend these apps. But as every technology has a hidden cost, we need to take care of its side effects and risks. Delivering the best apps for kids does have a learning process, and some may prove harmful. But we, Prometteur Solutions, have mastered the art and science of excellent deliveries by helping our clients to sharpen their ideas and finally creating the apps of their dreams.

If you would like to have an app created for you in the entertainment niche, then reach out and let's discuss your particular needs. Is your project still in the idea phase? Don't worry; our app developers will work with you to bring it to life. Book a FREE consultation now to get started with Prometteur!


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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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