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Are you thinking of a convenient way to find yourself or a friend of yours a suitable partner? You can always do that with a matrimony app.

Matrimony app is a mobile app that helps you to shoulder the responsibility of finding your better half. Matrimonial apps are excellent and reliable. They are excellent tools for people seeking new ways to look for or reconceptualize the marriage concept.

Mobile apps built with features and designs to offer matrimony services are known for making the dreams of matrimony a sweet reality for clients and users.

As for the cost of building a matrimony app, it definitely won't cost you so much of your money, time, and energy. You can reach out to us, tell us what you want, and we will deliver the best matrimony app for you.

Do you have doubts and questions about the matrimony app and matrimony services? Have a look at this study case for a minute.

We understand that it is not always an easy search to find that person meant to share your dreams, hopes, home, and world with you. However, our matrimony services follow a process that leads to the design and creation of a matrimony app technology that eliminates all the complicated processes of finding your perfect match.

The best matrimony app for your search provides you with all the necessary and needed information about your potential match. This information, which is in detail, becomes available at your fingertips for easy decision making.

Don’t worry, and the matrimony app is straightforward to install. Even registration processes on the best matrimonial site in India 2020 are as easy as ABC. No wonder, in India, millions of weddings have been made possible due to the use and application of matrimony app or matrimony services.


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The Ideal Features of a Good Matrimony App


When we build you the best matrimony app or provide the best matrimony services with the use of technology, we focus on giving you the best features that a perfect matrimony app should have to meet the demands of clients and users.

We believe that a successful matrimony app must have the right features of an ideal matrimony app. These features are usually a combination of primary and advanced features. They must ensure the safety of users while also offering convenience and reliability as they connect with people with ease.

Matrimony app features are divided into user and admin. Let us take a look at some of these features.

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Matrimony App Features


Since the matrimony app operates as a community forum but is designed for finding the right partner for you, every user should have a username during registration. Users may choose to either use their real name names or a random username for identification. This, of course, will depend on how the admin wants it.


The matrimony app must have a login feature. Logins should be designed to be done seamlessly. One of the best logins on the matrimony app is to allow users to log in with one click.

3.Profile Verification

The matrimony app is meant for people looking for serious partners in their lives-people who can complement them and become their husbands or wives. Therefore, there should be a verification process for every registered member. During the verification process, the admin considers the age, subscription plans, goals, and other user characteristics before approving or declining the request to become an active user of the app.

4.Partner Preferences

The matrimony app should allow users to specify their preferences for their ideal partners. For example, a man looking for a wife can choose the age range, skin color, body size, height, and several other specifications of the type of woman he is looking for.


One great feature of the matrimony app is that it allows users to upload their images and pictures so that their suitors will make the best decisions. A matrimony app should not be a place for blind dates; everyone should have at least a clue of the image of the person they are interested in before finally meeting them.

6.Contact Phone Number/Email Address

Matrimony sites with phone numbers are excellent for easy connections. Using a matrimony app should stop showing you potential partners and suitors via preferences and images. It should also allow you to visit the profile of someone who matches your search and get their phone numbers or email addresses if you so wish to have those details.

7.Personal Details

The matrimony app should allow users to share their details and decide who may or may not have access to them. Giving your users this choice of privacy enhances the potentials of your matrimony services.

8.Profile Management

The matrimony app should have a profile management feature that allows users to manage their profiles and make relevant changes whenever they want. However, admins have the power to determine what users can change after the initial profile set up and what they cannot change. Sometimes, restricting specific changes can control and reduce fraudulent activities on your matrimony app.

9.GPS Integration

Matrimony app can have GPS features that users can use to share their exact locations with their suitors. This is often needed when two people have reached a certain level in their relationship and may like to have a physical date.

10.Blocking Users

Sometimes things may go wrong between two people who are trying to build something on your matrimony app. One or both of them may agree to call it all off and block each other forever from communicating with each other on the platform. It will be nice if your matrimony app can offer such an option.

11.Notification Alert

Let everyone set a notification alert so that they can be getting alerts in their emails or directly on the matrimony app whenever need be. This will help them not miss out on something or keep someone waiting for too long before answering them on the dm.

12.Payment Gateway

Payment gateways are essential in providing matrimony services to clients. It allows users who want to get premium packages to make payment subscriptions from their phones' comfort easily. Also, users will have different payment processing options like PayPal, Skrill, Interswitch, and many others for their convenience.

13.Success Stories

If your users can write a review or share their testimonials about their success stories on your matrimony app, it will be good publicity for you. People like reviews, and they use customer reviews to decide on which services to use.

14.In-App Camera

In-App Camera is a feature that allows clients to use their mobile phone cameras to interact with their potential partners. They can decide to take live pictures and upload or share or may even prefer having video calls. In the app, camera features enhance your matrimony app services to your users.

15.Save Favorites

This feature allows users to save their favorite potential suitors from having a list of suitors that match their requirements. That way, they can easily find them and engage with them.


Chatting is one feature that you cannot discard from a good matrimony app. People should be able to chat with each other, especially when they meet each other's requirements. By chatting, they get to achieve many other things, including finally getting married to each other.

What are the best Matrimonial Sites In India 2020?

In a bid to give you the best matrimonial site in India 2020, we have come up with the following lists. Some of them are paid, while some are free matrimonial sites with contact numbers.

1.Bharat Matrimony

Bharat Matrimony stands out among other matrimony sites in India because of the trust that clients have in the platform. Because they have used their matrimony services to build a trustworthy platform, many people use the web app to look for their preferred match.

Bharat Matrimony is regarded as the best matrimonial site in India 2020, where people quickly and conveniently find their best suitors. Even the founder and owner of the matrimony app found his wife through the same platform.

2.Jeevansathi Matrimony

This matrimony app is ranked among the best matrimonial sites in India 2020 as it has grown to be a common choice for people looking for reliable platforms where they can find their life partners.

Jeevansathi has some of the best features and functionalities that allow for the best matrimony services to be accessed by my people. Many people depend on technology for matchmaking services.

3.Vivaah is a matrimony website that offers free packages and services for anyone interested in finding a suitor. It gained popularity and broke into the limelight in the Indian market in 2002 and has been doing well since then.

They have an excellent customer care support system for attending to users at the time of their needs. Vivaah also has a user interface with a high level of interactivity and many other advanced features that ranks it as one of the best matrimonial sites in India 2020.

Love makes life more exciting and worth living, and finding the right partner will give you all those refreshing moments of life.

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