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Dating app development services are increasingly receiving attention from people all over the world. This has led to a significant increase in the number of mobile dating apps on the internet for smartphone users who use dating apps and other sites to look for their ideal relationship partner for love, dating or romance.

Mobile dating apps offer convenience while helping people create connections and build relationships with other people through the internet.

Experts claim that while another medium of meeting new people for friendship exists elsewhere, most prefer using mobile dating apps to find a suitable partner to use other means. Maybe because all that it takes is to download mobile dating apps, install them and start using them immediately after choosing the preferences of your ideal partner.

Mobile dating apps allow you to send a connection request to different profiles that you may be engaging in, and then you can choose who to begin your dating journey with. It is as easy as that. Of course, different statistics point to the direction which indicates that the request and use of mobile dating apps for building love, dating or romantic relationships is on the rise, hence a good investment.

Mobile dating apps development offers the best services to users based on the features and functionalities of the dating app. Yes! Good features and functionalities are the two things that distinguish one mobile dating app from the other, especially now that there are so many mobile dating apps in the app stores today.

Therefore, to have a successful mobile dating app, you have to make sure that your app has some unique and enticing features, good enough to attract new users to your dating site.


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Some of the Best Features that your Mobile Dating Apps should have

1.Facial Recognition Lookalikes Search

For you to have one of the best dating apps for relationships, facial recognition search for lookalikes will be a fantastic feature to add to your app. You can discuss this with your mobile app development company, and they should make this work for you.

Facial recognition search for lookalikes is an AI-enhanced tool that allows people to search on your mobile dating app to find people and partners who like some other people they may admire or even someone they want but cannot have. It could be a random person, a celebrity or anyone else.

This tool works by allowing the user to upload the image of someone that he/she admires on the mobile dating apps, and the app will display pictures of their lookalikes with links to their profiles on the app. Such a feature certainly makes your mobile dating apps unique.

2.In-App AI-Powered Video Calls

You can have a mobile dating app with an In-App camera powered by artificial intelligence for video calls. This is good and will contribute to your mobile dating apps' ranking as one of the best dating apps for relationships.

The role of artificial intelligence for the mobile dating apps video call is to identify some factors in your partner that would help you make decisions that match your preferences and meet your demands.


Mobile dating apps with gamification are some of the best in the marketplace. Your users will not just log in and figure things out themselves but will also find fun as they search and connect with the partners they desire to have.

Mobile dating apps with this feature can engage their users more with fun and entertaining games that users play and score some points. A typical example of this is a mobile dating app where your users (those with similarities) can engage in fun games like guessing some stuff about each other.

4.Recommendation of Profiles

Giving your users unique and more useful mobile dating apps goes beyond optimizing the usual features that they are used to on other dating sites. You need to bring something extra and new to the table with your product.

With the application of artificial intelligence, your mobile dating apps can analyze your user's profiles, likes and dislikes and recommend other people's profiles to them. The recommended profiles are those of other users who match their preferences and maybe the user's choice of partner.

Recommendation of profiles powered by artificial intelligence technology on your mobile dating apps can be the game-changer. It will be among the main contributing factors in your site's ranking as the best dating apps for relationships.

In doing this, the use of behaviour analysis will come to play. Artificial intelligence can study and analyze a user's behaviour on sites and mobile dating apps and then use the data to make the best recommendations to them and other users.

It means that users can easily find other users with similar likes, dislikes, and many other characteristics that may attract them to each other in real life before connecting and building a relationship through mobile dating apps.

5.Search Filters for Advanced Searches

Sometimes users want to be more specific in their searches to get the best results on mobile dating apps. So, one of the features included during the initial stages of dating app development is the advanced search.

People looking for serious partners or serious relationships tend to love using filters for advanced searches on mobile dating apps. Such people usually include specific ages, skin colours, body sizes, religion, gender and other things in their investigations. The best dating apps for relationships must have such features.

6.Profile Verification

Mobile dating apps are not platforms that people visit and jump out from. People log in as visitors then become users who depend on the platform to match them with their preferred partner. As they go through different stages of their registrations and searches, they give out vital information about themselves which they may not like to disclose to other people outside the platform.

Mobile app development for dating apps should focus on providing security to users. People should not be scared to connect with others, even if they have initial experiences of harassment. The best dating apps for relationships build a safe platform for all users who trust them to secure their private data and information.

Users can be subjected to profile verification stages which may be similar to that of knowing your customer. Also, users can use their social media channels to log in to the mobile dating apps at least to have more information about them.

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Is There A Free Dating App in India?

Online dating is an increasing trend in India. Many Indians use mobile dating apps to find, connect and establish relationships with their life partners. Now that the world is on lockdown, online dating is becoming a more common way of joining.


Tinder is a free dating app in India that has a high level of popularity. A mobile dating app enhances a fast connection with a potential partner that matches your preferences. It allows users to sign up on the platform for free. These users can also create profiles using their pictures and a few sentences that explain some of their likes and preferences and then allow the mobile dating app to handle the rest.

Tinder shows you people who are single around you and allows you to connect with them by swiping to the right quickly. If those around you also swipe right, then you all can connect. Its pro version has many more amazing features.

Overall, Tinder is safe, secure and gives you the best services that any excellent mobile dating apps should offer you. You cannot have a Tinder experience and say it is not one of the best free dating apps 2020


OkCupid is one of the best free dating apps 2020 with great features. It has many users, which makes it a great platform to connect and find a potential life partner. The tools and functionalities are pretty easy to use, and the dev team has a culture of always looking for ways to improve the mobile dating app. It has search and connects categories for people like travellers, beard-men and Kinky Nerds, among others.

OkCupid is one of the best free dating apps 2020. Its messaging tools, quizzes, and social media integration enhance the user experience. It has a premium package that comes with more incredible features that give users a wonderful experience.


Bumble is a free dating app in India that helps people make friends in areas close to them and connect with people of the other sex. It gives you about 24 hours to make sense of a connection before it disappears. This connection deadline goes for same-sex relationships, romance and friendships.

Bumble is one of the mobile dating apps in India that allows you to find and connect with someone you intend to turn to as your best friend. It also has a separate section where you can make business connections. It has a very cheap premium version.

Bumble has a video feature in place and an in-app game. It is indeed one of the best mobile dating apps in India.

Several other goods and reliable free mobile dating apps in India will help you meet your relationship goals.

If you are considering creating dating sites or mobile dating apps, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you make this a reality.


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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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