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Getting an adequate breakfast before work can sometimes be an annoying chore. You can either make something at home or try to find a place to go, but both ways are time-consuming and often result in too much sugar, carbs, fat, or cholesterol. All these and many more problems in the food delivery industry is what the Mon petit dej à dom mobile application tries to solve. The Mon petit dej à domimobile app service is a solution that provides you with the perfect entree for your breakfast and connects you to your neighbourhood bakeries that offer excellent, fresh pastries, waffles, bagels, and more.

You can place your order in the morning and have it delivered right to your office, home, or any location of your choice at your preferred time of the day! The mobile application was finely built by Prometteur Solutions to save people the hassle of spending time on breakfast, saving them extra time to do other essential things. The mobile app, which works on Android operating system devices, can be accessed in either English or French.

In this case study, we shall be looking at the fantastic features of the Mon petit dej à dom mobile application solution and why it is a tremendous app for delivery services.


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Features of Mon petit dej à dom

1.User Interface Design

Breakfast at dom has a fantastic user interface design that enhances the user experience. The user interface design is top-notch, and users do not have to experience layout, slow loading and layout shifts. Since the mobile app aims at enhancing breakfast ordering and deliveries to customers at home or in their offices, it would have been a flop of a web design without an exemplary user interface design.

The mobile app has an enticing design that comes without any malfunctions encountered by users. The colouring and other element design elements are also excellent picks that contribute to keeping the audience engaged and converting them to buyers. One of the delicious ways it does this is to maintain a beautiful yet straightforward signup screen.

2.Easy Signup

Just as other excellent mobile applications, mon petit dej à dom welcome new visitors with high quality yet easy to use signup/login page. The best mobile app developers understand that filling up signup forms to access a site can be frustrating and time-wasting, so they needed to focus on building the best signup for mon petcompany.

Mon petit dej à dom has a straightforward sign-in/login form to allow users better and faster functions. This is an excellent way of attracting visitors and using the app because the sign-in and login pages are the only gateways by which users access the mobile app, so they shouldn't be elements causing hindrances to the users.

Another thing to note about the sign up/login feature is that they were built to fit smaller screens because it is a mobile app for mobile devices that may have issues with typing and filling their passwords. Therefore, users can sign up using either their Facebook or Google account. Using the alternative sign up options only requires a few clicks, and users may not need to type any passwords as they are automatically filled in most cases.

Overall assessment of the sign up/login features of mon petit dej à dommobile application shows that the mobile app dev company that built it are masters of providing digital business solutions. You can tell by the intelligent design of the gateway page so that users don't need to search for alternative login options as everything is self-explanatory and easy to use.

3.Google Map

Google maps is an essential tool for enhancing the services of delivery companies, so it is only average that every standard business company offering such services integrate Google Maps on their website or mobile app. Mon petit dej à dom mobile application solution has the Google Maps feature, and it is fantastic how it works on the app.

After users sign up and log in on the mobile app, a popup is requested to turn on their location to get their actual address using the Google Maps tool. With such a feature, delivery agents do not need to ask for the exact location of customers who place their deliveries using the app because they can easily access it from the mobile app. Google map saves everyone a lot of time and hassle of address verification before deliveries.

Mon petit dej à dom mobile app displays the google map inside the app's home page, intending to allow customers easy access to using the app by dragging a red-coloured pin and pinning it at their exact location on the map. When the customer does this, mon petit dej à dom receives details of the order, including the address for delivery.

Also, anytime an order is placed using google Maps to enter the address, mon petit dej à dom gets notified of the order. It can always print out a copy of the delivery address details displayed by Google Maps to the delivery agents.

4.My Profile

After signing up on mon petit dej à domapp, the user is given access to a personal user profile where personal information is managed. In my profile section, users can edit their names, phone numbers, email address and update their passwords. It allows users to easily manage that information and make corrections in the case of any mistake during the signup or if a user has done a change of name after signing up. Editing and updating all these personal information does not require any documentation or legal papers from users and can be done instantly by the user. This contributes to making the app very easy to use.

Mon petit dej à dom user profile page is built with so much clarity and simplicity for users to access and manage their personal information on the app easily. It is also a tool that gives the admin access to valuable data of users. Data like email, names and phone numbers can be used for sending out promotional and marketing emails. Also, it gives the company enough data on the numbers of registered users on the app, the most active users and their login sessions on the app.

However, the user profiles are not accessible by other users of the app except for the delivery guys, who will be able to view the profile in a non-editable mode.

5.My Orders

Mon petit dej à dom has my order page for every user, allowing users to access and manage the track history of their order on the mobile app. This is great because users can view everything they have ordered since they signed up on the app, and they can also see how much they spent on their orders.

Mon petit dej à dom will also have some valuable data on the user order history, which will provide enhanced personalized services like customer support services that the user will appreciate. My orders also provide data on the most ordered kind of breakfast and their location of deliveries, informing the marketing team on what to focus on delivering and the areas to improve on in their services.

My orders page is significant for users' convenience since they have direct access to every information regarding their orders, so there is no need to contact the support team for those details. Again, it makes using the app very easy and with excellent user experience.

Other importance of the order page of mon petit dej à dom mobile app solution includes but is not limited to flexibility, efficiency, faster and accurate inventory information by users.

6.Address Book

An address book page allows users to enter either office address or their home address depending on where they would want their orders delivered. It makes it easier since users don't always have to enter their addresses for orders. The address book page can constantly be revisited and edited by the user.


Favourite is a page where the users of mon petit dej à dom mobile app add their favourite and most patronized bakeries to access them faster.


The promotion page is where all promotional offers are posted for the user to see. It makes marketing and promotional content sharing easier for the company and makes it easier for users to access.

Mon petit dej à domis a mobile application for enhancing the offering of breakfast orders to customers to either their homes or their offices. Prometteur Solutions handled the mobile app design.

So if you have a similar business and need the best ordering mobile app solution for enhanced services deliveries to customers, kindly contact us, and we will help you meet your goal.


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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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