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Learning a new skill or acquiring a professional qualification is no longer just an aspiration; It is something that needs to be done to keep up with the fast-paced world we live in. The problem with current education systems is that they are too expensive, too time-consuming, and often fall short of engaging their students and motivating them to work hard to achieve their goals. With the TeachMe mobile application, you can quickly get the knowledge and training you need when you want it, at your own pace, whenever you want it. With the TeachMe mobile app's extensive range of courses, you can now spend less time and money on your professional development and focus on what matters - your success!

So, TeachMe has always been a great learning app, but it’s not up to par with the users' standards. Users are looking for an app that not only delivers any course they want for free or paid, but one that offers high-performing quality. They need an app that can do more than offer them a quick lesson. This is why they came to us for an improved version of the TeachMe mobile application, and we built the best solution. You'll be able to download and watch any course you want for free or pick from our paid offerings. This is an unbeatable combination of features and design, available now in a new and improved TeachMe app. Traditional methods like lessons and classes are often costly and time-consuming.

The TeachMe mobile platform offers courses in different languages, which can be taken on the go and your schedule. You can download any system for offline use as well. With this platform, India's dream of becoming a superpower in online learning can finally be realized!

In this article, we will be looking at the TeachMe use cases and why this mobile app solution for e-learning is a fantastic product from Prometteur.

The app automatically matches users to nearby classes based on their geographical locations.


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Features of TeachMe Mobile App

1.Sign up/Login

Users of the TeachMe app get onboarded after they sign up using the app. It is a cross-platform app that works very smoothly on both Android and iOS devices to accommodate many users from different geographical locations at the same time. During the signup, users submit some personal data like their names, email address and their locations.

The process is fast and easy. After sign up is done, users can log in using their emails and password as entered during the signup stages through a seamless process and within splits of seconds.

This feature gives users a form of security on the app. Knowing that not everyone gets on the app without submitting personal details gives a feeling and confidence that the TeachMe app is a serious platform for serious people.

2.User Profile

Upon first sign up, the user is automatically taken to the profile set-up page where some details are required. Users who aim to sell their online courses to students with the TeachMe app can enter their classes' names and descriptions of the course. In this case, the user who may be a teacher is also required to enter a phone number, and the option to add an address is also available. This makes lots of sense because the teacher needs to have a complete profile and a reachable contact address that is also verifiable. This means that not just anyone gets on the mobile app to create a lesson without submitting some form of verifiable data.

The user profile is also beneficial to the admin of the TeachMe mobile app because, from the admin dashboard, there is a detailed report about the total number of students and the actual number of teacher profiles on the mobile app. This means that they can quickly get such statistics without cracking their heads.

The admin will also have access to other data like which courses have the best ratings, the most students and most payments. Also, they can have the details for the courses that aren't doing well. And those that the student may have tagged to be a scam. With all these, they can make the best decisions.

3.Manage Students

Teachers can manage their students from their dashboards. This provides comfort and serves as an efficient management tool for the teachers because of the simplicity and easy to use nature of the student management design of the mobile app.

Reviews about the TeachMe app has so far shown that teachers love this feature a lot, and some of them even attribute the success of their classes to the simplicity of the design for managing their students.

4.Create Lesson

The mobile app also makes it very easy for the teachers to create their lessons on the platform. There is a step by step process on the app, and one leads to the other as the teachers enter the required information for each step. Creating a lesson requires the teacher to enter some basic information like the name of the class, make a description of the study, specify the lesson category and enter the price for the lesson if it is going to be a paid lesson.

The lesson description gives visitors a clue of what the lesson will entail and will answer some of the students' questions before they conclude enrolling for the online courses being offered. Also, the lesson category shows the categorization of the lesson into the appropriate sector or field of knowledge. For example, a lesson can be categorized under infrastructural development or Information technology, among others.

5.Reset Password

All mobile application users, including the teachers and the students, can easily reset their passwords whenever the need arises. Doing this only takes a few clicks on the mobile app, and it is all done.

6.Share on Social Media

This tool works in incredible ways on the mobile app. It is integrated with the TeachMe app to allow teachers or lesson creators to easily share their lessons and other relevant content with a social media community. It is essentially an excellent marketing tool because you can create a lesson and easily share it with users on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms. Some potential students would most likely show interest in your course after going through your content.

The share to media tool is also helpful to students who wish to share their course contents with their peers and sponsors to keep them aware or invite them to join the classes. The students, therefore, readily share it with friends and family.

7.Review Feature

This feature allows students to review any course they are either enrolled on or had finished learning from. It is a fantastic feature because it gives the teachers great insights into what their students think about their courses and areas of improvement. So, essentially, this is an avenue for solid feedback from the students.

The rating system allows users to use the five-star rating index to rate a course and make valuable comments about their feedback. It is also good in the visibility of the study, and when a course maintains a five-star rating, it will always attract more and more students to enrol.


Messaging is one top-notch feature of the TeachMe mobile application. This feature of the mobile app allows users to send and receive messages thereby, allowing the exchange of ideas, discussions and sharing of helpful information on the mobile app. In essence, because of the messaging feature on the mobile app, it is more than just a platform for learning but a community for building and growing your network.

9.Easy Support

Users can easily access the support department via the mobile app when the need be. All they need do is click on the support page, and they will be required to fill a form which would be sent to the support desk for the quickest response.

Overall, navigating through different pages of the TeachMe mobile app is an enjoyable thing to do. There are no issues of slow loading, page breaks, dull font and boring designs. The mobile app is just an excellent design by the academic mobile app development expert, Prometteur.

If you need a similar online learning mobile app for your training business, feel free to contact Prometteur, and we will help you design the best online solution for your dream training platform.


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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.
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