Zinarya is a luxury modern jewelry design company that specializes in crafting beautiful pieces using 3D printing to craft out complex designs.

About Zinarya


Having a website that will display the beauty of their product was crucial and it had to be responsive to capture potential buyers who would likely be browsing their website from a mobile device. They needed bold pictures detailing each jewelry piece to make it appealing to the potential customer.

The Project Execution

We built the website using a theme that enhanced the image of each jewelry piece and had the image display boldly to showcase the intricacies of each design. Zinarya needed to also have a gallery that will highlight all their pieces in on place and for this a page. Other features added include a chat bot, a shopping cart and wish list to make buyers experience seamless.

The Result

A stunning website with neat layout and luxurious look that is attractive to customers. Each page built to display detailed information and a storefront that any luxury brand owner will be proud of. The product pages are categorized to make navigation easy for the customer as well. A collection of technology stack was used to achieved the desired results with a team of exceptional developers.


Technology stack

Have a look at the technology stack we used to create a responsive and engaging web solution!