Zinarya has created a wealth of new designs in the first few years of operation, and they want people to be able to see, appreciate and buy these beautiful pieces in all their glory when browsing online. They want to create a modern online platform with an aesthetic design that will capture potential buyers browsing from all types of devices and browser backgrounds. The online website should allow every buyer easy access to their store and make their purchase with just a few clicks.

Yes! Zinarya needed a website design that would be easy for customers to engage with, increase sales, and provide a beautiful media platform for demonstrating their jewellery. They contacted us that It was time to update their website design and get the benefits of increased engagement, higher conversion rates, and the ability to showcase their product and designs in their full glory.

Our team of experts built them a site that will cater to their needs and even more with our design services. We used the best web development stack after conducting quality research about their business, and we could only think of the best web solution for their business. To this end, we came up with a fantastic product, Zinarya, which is one of the best in the marketplace. In this article, we shall be looking at some of the features and functionalities of the product and how they combine to make it a fantastic solution for the business as built by Prometteur Solutions.


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Features of Zinarya Online Store

1.Website Theme

Zinarya website was created using a modern website theme that enhances images, navigation hence boosting customer engagement and user experience. Since it is a jewellery store that sells 3D printed designs, this theme is perfect for the website. For example, the website theme accommodates a product gallery that highlights the products in the finest of styles and makes it easier for shoppers to view and place their orders using a few clicks.

Using a modern theme in building the website makes it user friendly as it is very responsive and exclusively designed to showcase the kind of products on the web-store. As soon as anyone visits the website, you are welcomed with beauty and smoothness from a clean design interface.

Furthermore, the theme gives the website cross-platform support, which is a great advantage because the users use different computer gadgets and browsers to access the web app. This makes it very impressive for all users. The website fonts and other documentation styles are built in an eCommerce format or fashion which is excellent for user engagement. This means that users will not get bored over how specific product descriptions are styled or the choice of font colours. They are all perfectly done by web app designers.

2.Chat Bot

Zinarya web store is enhanced by a chatbot that serves as a business assistant and instant customer support to visitors. The significant part of this tool is that it works 24hours a day and seven days a week. So the issue of keeping esteemed customers waiting for replies in minor matters is eliminated as the chatbot takes care of them in a modest way.

Most visitors who shop online are already used to this customer support tool, so it is only a plus for Zinarya to have it actively on the online store. This shows that the website is positioned to help the business stay competitive in an unfriendly market.

The chatbot on Zinarya is AI-driven and can answer some basic or straightforward questions, which can be categorized as customer support. The chatbot can be set up with a menu of questions and answers that are very relevant to the business's most frequently asked questions. Customers can also have an advanced conversation with the chatbot and get solutions to their problems. If a customer asks a question which the chatbot cannot answer, the customer is redirected to a live customer care representative through an email for a quick response.

3.Wish List

A wish list is another feature of the Zinarya online store, making the experience refreshing for visitors. Visitors use it to collect their favourite jewellery products and store them in their accounts without making instant payments. Again, this is an online feature for web stores that have become very common and enjoyed by users of eCommerce web stores, so it's a great tool for user experience on the Zinarya web app.

Essentially, what a wish list does for the Zinarya web store is help reduce shopping cart abandonment issues by users by helping to fulfil sales to customers that have shown interest in any product on the web store. By this, customers are quickly reminded about a product that they did not purchase. Still, they would love to have it to buy the product when they eventually have the means instead of just forgetting it.

Reviews and research show that mobile users love to use wish lists, so adding it as a feature for Zinarya is one way of ensuring an excellent eCommerce experience for buyers. The wish list also serves storehouses for out of stock products.

It means that customers can still purchase jewellery pieces on the Zinarya web app even when those products are out of stock. A wish list allows the customer to track the status of a product, and they can quickly tell when out of stock jewellery becomes available for purchase so they can go ahead and make payments.

This feature is also applicable to items that go on sale. For example, the Zinarya web app can inform its site users when jewellery in wish lists are featured at lower prices. This is an excellent method for re-engaging customers who exhibited both interest and hesitation to purchase.

It is an excellent tool for marketing because after restocking and updating the web store, Zinarya admin does not need to send notifications or emails to interested customers to announce the available products they initially showed interest in; the wish list handles that efficiently.

But that is not all about this tool for Zinarya online store. The wish list collection of products can be shared with friends and family outside the web app, making it easier to attract more customers and make more sales.

4.Product Pages

Zinarya is a stunning website with an excellent product design page layout, making shopping and user experience quite enjoyable. The website's product pages have these luxurious looks that are sweet enough to keep a visitor for more extended periods and tempt them to make a purchase.

Each product displayed on the product pages is of high image qualities with visible fonts. There is also pricing for each product, so customers do not have to look too hard for the prices of the products. The product page is also designed to make navigation easier for visitors. If you take a good look at the technology stack for building Zinarya, you see why this is a fantastic website.

5.Shopping Cart

Adding a shopping cart to an online store has become very common, and Zinarya is not excluded. The web app has a shopping cart that allows users to collect various products that they would love to buy. The primary purpose of the shopping cart in the Zinarya web app is to enable customers to easily select their preferred products with the right specs even when the users are much.

This feature gives Zinarya credibility because it drives an excellent user experience by providing exceptional shopping support. It also aids the company to make more sales and gain an increase in revenue.

Furthermore, Zinarya can get an organized record of sales and most shopped products, which they can use to improve sales and customer satisfaction. By this, we can say that the shopping cart also aids or optimizes efficient customer management to offer convenience.

Zinarya’s shopping cart is integrated into the online store to allow customers to easily track their collected products, wish lists, and inventory tracking. Using a shopping cart to make payments on any online store is very easy and always enjoyable for users. Many users are already used to this feature, so adding it to Zinarya helps keep it up to standard in the market.

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